This Is My Own Doing

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

I know a lot of you may not understand what I’m about to say, but hear me out before you tell me I’m crazy.

Back when I started prep I was given two options for cardio.

  • 40 minutes of easy steady state in the morning (while training separately at night)
  • 20 minutes of high intensity interval cardio post workout

I chose the 40 minute option. It’s less stress on my joints, I ENJOY getting up early and getting cardio done and over with and really, I know me. Leaving cardio until after my workout at night?

yeah no, my motivation would be seriously lacking.

So since January Monday to Friday I get up at 4:54am and am out the door by 5:20am to get my morning cardio done and over with.

(FYI: I also do cardio on Sunday, but I DO choose to do 20 minutes intervals post workout instead of going to the gym twice.)

After my 2.2lb weight loss last week I was expecting to have slightly less stellar results this week, it generally is the way my body works.

Of course I was right and had a meager 0.2lb drop. Yes, still a drop but it got me thinking and wondering if I could be doing more.

Monday morning rolled around and like every Monday morning for the last year and a half I shot an email off to Joe with my excel sheets and how I’m feeling. All the warm fuzzy stuff ya know? I then asked if there was something MORE I could be doing to speed things up and keep it moving along.

… you know… like post workout cardio in the evenings on top of morning cardio?

He said it was an idea… BUT… he would only suggest maximum 10 minutes hard post training.

Ten… minutes?

Um. okay.

That sounds totally easy and do able. It’s SOMETHING to keep me happy and moving along, but it’s not a huge increase by any means.

Still doing less than an hour of cardio 5 days a week and 20 minutes the 6th day? Yeah, for prep that’s not considered a lot in most circles.

Hell, my first two preps last year (January til July) I did 20 minutes of intervals post workout in the mornings and then 40 minutes every evening.

(…. which resulted in a, “I want to do a third show, but will slit my wrists if I have to continue with double cardio email” sent to Joe.. but i digress)

So all in all, not a huge change, but I’m excited for a change anyway. Joe mentioned a number he’d like to see by Saturday and I’m game to hit it. It would be a major mental boost for me at 7 weeks out and yeah… that’s about that!

So onwards and upwards! 7 1/2 weeks til showtime! WHAAAAAAAA!

First entry form is being faxed off this week for IDFA. Early bird prices are now in effect until the 21st and ya’ll know how cheap I am, if I can save 15$ I will save 15$!

It’s getting real! woooooooooooooo!

What do you prefer? morning cardio? night cardio? Steady state? intervals?

  1. I’m a later afternoon person when it comes to cardio..tons of office energy to burn. My go-to is usually steady state, but I feel better after I do intervals.

  2. I enjoy getting my cardio done in the morning and all workouts done by 4pm. Of course, today that isn’t happening but it’s whateves. I hope you see awesome results from this girl. 🙂

  3. allieksmith says:

    I will do cardio any time haha I don’t even care when it is. Once my brother and I went on a late night run and it was super fun 🙂

    I hope everything works out for ya with switching up and adding in new things!!

  4. none of the above.

    haha jk.

    hmmm…intervals most of the tiem.

    sometimes steady state is nice.

    and afternoon or evening cardio is best for me.

  5. Kari Keenan says:

    I’ve always done double sessions of cardio for prep, sometimes up to 2 hrs/day if that’s what it took. I don’t mind morning cardio cuz it wakes me up, and I’ve always done post-WO cardio too, so I guess I don’t really have an opinion. 😛

  6. lifttorun says:

    I prefer morning cardio, but I can’t when I have school so I wait until three. I don’t mind though. As long as I get moving, I’m good.

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