Turning a Negative to a Positive

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last night… Yeah.

Fantastic night?

…Feeling my sarcasm?

I won’t even get into work, that’s a whole other rant right there

I left at a very decent time, it was far from sunny but it wasn’t raining. The way the weather has been lately I will take that!

… Only I stepped out the door and the rain began. Wonderful.

Ignoring the weather I power walked to my bus stop not wanting to miss the one about to arrive. Luckily I made it and once on the bus I clicked on the app for my bank on my phone to pay two bills.

… Um where is all my money? Did I already pay those bills? Have I lost my mind? There should be quite a bit more than is currently in my account.

Clicking on that account I see nope, didn’t pay those bills. Looking through debits nothing major.

Oh… I wasn’t paid though! What?! Omg!

… Did I mention all yesterday I thought it was Thursday? Aka pay day?

Yeah, I didn’t get paid because it wasn’t payday. Way to go becca. once I figured that out, I paid my bills and wandered underground into the metro

Train comes… I actually get a seat for once. We go one stop. Lights go out, train off. Announcement made.

… Yup, smoke in tunnel. It’s down. Indefinitely. So much for that preworkout drink I just had.

Pulled up a game on my phone and sat… For awhile.

Eventually I made it downtown. Oh look, this train is delayed too. Fantastic.

Make it to popeyes. Ummm what do you mean banana myofusion may be backordered?! Ok, free samples will keep me from crying.

Why does heavy lat pulldowns suck to get down? Oh… Because I’m using more than my body weight now. Hmm.. Maybe this day isn’t awful?

But still, the funk was there. I was in one helluva and was afraid someone would talk to me and well, that I’d snap.

After my workout I pulled my hair into my mini pony and… Hit the treadmill. Ten minutes. 4.2 power walk at 9% incline.

To answer yesterday’s question, you can get surprisingly sweaty in ten minutes.

And that ten minutes of endorphins took the negative to a positive.


Is it just me or does cardio and getting your booty moving perk everyone up?

(excuse the lack of pictures.. For some reason I’m having upload issues! Lame!)

  1. Liz says:

    Cardio does perk me up! And gets my mind off of things. The past few days I’ve been lifting in the morning, but I have a phone interview today and I made sure to still get up at 5am (even though I’m lifting tonight instead) and hit the treadmill to ease my mind 🙂 Good start to my day and definitely helping me remain calm!

  2. I’m glad your day got better…YAY. Running and doing cardio always makes me feel ten times better.

  3. Lisa says:

    YES! Cardio definitely perks me up. Love doing HIIT, I feel like a beast =) I hate those days, way to use the gym to get your frustrations out.

  4. lifttorun says:

    Any form of exercise helps your mood.

  5. allieksmith says:

    Aww I felt so bad about all the stuff that happened to you 😦
    Buuuut so glad you could turn it all into a positive on the treadmill 😀
    Go Becca!!!

  6. I feel your pain when it comes to pay day. I get paid on Wednesdays and I thought yesterday was pay day…nope its NEXT week…

    On top of it I woke this am being unable to move my neck!
    NOT COOL….Totally had to miss my HIIT workout….but…getting a massage later this afternoon….and im hoping that they will work the kink out long enough for me to get to the gym and sneak in a quick workout

    I think it has to do with the crappy weather…once there is sun in the skies….this will all be over 🙂

  7. Honestly, I have no problem with the workouts; the problem is, I have terribly good appetite…….

  8. Sheesh there must be something in the air for craptastic days huh?

    Cardio is a huge mood booster which I’ve needed lately. I’m looking forward to some tonight!

  9. Pam says:

    That’s awesome that even a short workout turned around your mood! I have to remind myself that endorphins always help when I’m in a bad mood and don’t feel like working out. Glad you got something done!

  10. Nice job turning it around! Seems like it’s rainy and everyone is in a bad mood these days. I’m gonna try getting my cardio on and see if I feel better.

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