IDFA Montreal Classic, 2010

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It’s a Flashback Friday kind of day don’t you think?

It seems fitting that I flashback to last July, my second figure competition which was the IDFA Montreal Classic.


Being my second show I wish I could say I knew what to expect but ummm… Yeah no. My first show was SUCH a blur, being in Toronto, traveling, having no clue what was going on made it hard to really be able to absorb everything and really prepare me for the second show.

A HUGE change for me anyway was the backstage area. At the Toronto venue it was spacious, well lit, lots of chairs, very relaxed.

Backstage at the venue in Montreal?


Classic 026

I sat on the floor.

In a dimly lit corner.

It was definitely unexpected to walk into a TINY backstage room, shared between men and women, no chairs, no lighting, no real space to get ready.

Thankfully I showed up pretty much ready to go, but alas, it was July 10th and a heat wave. I’m talking 100 degrees + and I took the metro there. I had some fixing up of my makeup and tan to do.

Classic 023

How do you like my white hands?! Pretty fantastic eh???

This little bathroom was my lifesaver.

But really, totally getting ahead of myself.

With Joe there is the usual show day ritual. I get up, I eat if it’s on my plan, have some water and shower. After drying my hair I slip into sweats, grab my water and hit the road for a 15 minute walk.

Classic 017

Yes, I had labeled everything. Excessively. Wake up water to go?

After my walk it’s the usual… obsessively check myself out in the mirror thing

Classic 014

While you know who observes…

Classic 018

After tanning, packing the few last minute items and tossing the prepped food in the cooler to go I headed off to the venue.

Classic 037

Lots of randomness

Classic 032

Including THAT gem… oh how I was hoping I’d get told to eat that!

(FYI: I didn’t… I did however have a bite after the show on the metro home. Meh, wasn’t what I was hoping it would be)

After cramming to get ready backstage it was time… glued my suit on (oh how fun it is to have a bikini glued to your booty and boobs) and lined up to hit the stage for prejudging.




Honestly this flies by. Like SO FAST. With only eight women in my class there’s not much calling out and rearranging that can be done.

But yeah, it hurts regardless. All that holding and tightening. There isn’t anything relaxed about it!

Then the fun began… I slipped on my sweats and a tshirt and had NO Idea what to do in the four hour break until finals.


If I went outside I would melt. Literally. No car, not REALLY knowing anyone well enough to tag along, I had zero options.

Classic 008

So I set up shop in the hallway.

… and amused myself with my phone and random photos.

Classic 005

(kind of missing that haircut actually… hmmm… ANYWAY!)

Eventually it was time to head backstage and suit up for the evening show

Classic 001

… my face wasn’t actually that light, it’s the poor lighting backstage that did that. eek!

The evening show wasn’t bad, it did seem to fly. A quick callout, our t-walks and bam it was over.






I do admit I felt MUCH more relaxed and in control than I did at my first show. While I didn’t know exactly what to expect, I had a much better idea.

Okay, and it helped there was MUCH fewer competitors. The Toronto shows are huge… The others? Big, but not excessively big.

At this point I thought I was D-O-N-E for the year.

I came 6th… so close to a trophy, but just missing out. Regardless I was SO happy with the package I brought compared to my first show, especially since I went through a VERY rough breakup, a trip home and a camping trip in the eight weeks between shows.

It was probably the prep I was proudest of (aside from my current one) because oh how well I kept everything together.

I got home and showered. The feeling of that first shower and being able to use scented products and lotions and deodorant is SO nice.

Cheat meal time. It was hot, it was summer.. I had no idea what i wanted so I decided to go bare faced in my sweats to the grocery store. I decided to splurge and walked a bit further to the strip of restaurants by my house and settled into the patio of my favorite pizza place.

First on my request list?

Classic 021

How romantic! A candle and everything.

This was quite honestly the best beer I’ve ever had in my life. I kid you not.

Do you know how HARD a breakup is sober?!?

Then of course…

Classic 036

I’m really not a HUGE fan of this place’s ceasar salads but whatever, it tasted AMAZING.

But the best part?

Classic 028

My Quebecois pizza. Pepperoni, bacon and a TON of cheese.

It was heaven.

Sadly no dessert was consumed… but don’t worry, the next day I hit the old port for Ben and Jerry’s. I almost cried when she told me they had no waffle cones or waffle bowls…. but she made up for it by giving me sprinkles!

Classic 007

… and caramel sauce. NOM NOM!

Sometimes it’s the little things that make your post show!

And that’s that folks. Show numbero 2! Hope you enjoyed!

Happy Friday everyone!

  1. Chelsea says:

    Love this post!!!

  2. I haven’t been able to read blogs in a WEEK so I have some serious catching up to do, but I loved this! I love getting a glimpse into your life, your discipline, and this figure competition world. And I’m fascinated to learn that you glue your bikini on. Plus, the tanning is craziness, for real. Is that just for the day?

  3. allieksmith says:

    Yay! It was really cool to hear about your 2nd show.. you look great in all the pictures and placing 6th is AMAZING!

    The pizza… *drool*! YUUUM

  4. lifttorun says:

    Do you go tanning or do you just wear a spray on tan?

  5. You look fabulous! Hopefully this july you’ll have that trophy in hand :). And now we know each other so time to kill in between haha

  6. Tenecia says:

    I think the shower after the show is what I look forward to more than food…lol!!


  7. Ah that is so cool. You look fabulous as always and I think we will be reading about some serious prize winning come this July girl! Rock it! I love that purple suit so much.

  8. indecisiveathlete says:

    Wow I really liked reading about your show and sixth place is great! Loved the picture with your hands so much whiter hehe. I had always wondered how the suits never moved or rode up gluing is smart but sounds painful!

  9. I love love love your suit, it’s the perfect colour for you!

    p.s. I just found out about the no deodorant thing! It’s totally wigging me out! I have a b.o. paranoia that causes me to re apply deodorant before and after workouts. I can’t imagine being au natural for 4 days. Can you hobo bath?

  10. AntosDoesLife says:

    I love your hair! I wish I could pull something that short off!

    I love the explanation of the whole thing…I never knew how those things really went! That’s awesome too that you got 6th! 🙂

  11. Lisa says:

    I loved this post! I do have to agree with T though, post shower, awesome. I had ten minutes to get ready to go out to dinner after my last show and took that time to hop in the shower. It felt SO good!! I can’t wait for this show and hearing all about it! Are you competing alone again, or do you know others who will be there this time? Any family that will come?

  12. Way to go! 🙂 I would never be brave enough to do what you do–so I applaud the 6th place and would call it victorious!

    I’m sorry that the last few weeks have been rough…today is a new day…thank goodness! 🙂

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