What Did I Do?!?

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Ive done it now… Like for real


… Excuse my Canadian winter white glow, post workout/cardio stank and “got caught in the rain hair frizz” I’ve got going on here.

Focus on the paper people!!

Entry forms for the IDFA national capital classic July 16th were posted this week online.

Early entry fees in effect until Saturday.

Saving 15$ on a show I KNOW I’m going to be on stage at?!

Hells yes! That’s two post show mimosas at brunch July 17th thank you very much!


…. Or a pint of Ben and jerrys and some cookies for the bus ride back to Montreal.

Either way, shit just got real… For reals.

Seven weeks til natural provincials, eight weeks til Ottawa and offseason.

If that’s not cardio motivation for the day I don’t know what is!

Do you have any shows/races/events coming up?!? Let’s hear about them!!

  1. Nice! Congrats! Do you use self tanner when you do shows?
    I just signed up for my first 15k yesterday. It’s not for another 4 months but it was only $27 and it’s in town which is a big time deal. Score!

  2. Woooohoo! This is awesome!! (And I think you look great!! You’ve got such a peaches-and-cream complexion!)

    No shows for me for a while 🙂 Gotta gain gain gain first — I want to compete in women’s bbing and I’d most likely come in at the very BOTTOM of heavyweight…and we all know that’s not a good place to be O_O gotta pack on some more muscle 😉

  3. allieksmith says:

    WOOO! It is getting REAL girl! Can’t wait! 🙂 You are almost there!

  4. I’m so excited for you Becca! 8 weeks is going to fly by!

  5. Congrats!! goodluck in your training!!

  6. This is so cool. You’re the only person I’ve ever known who did figure competitions. Can’t wait to join you (virtually of course) at the event!

  7. Lisa says:

    YAY so exciting! It’s so funny once you get that turned in, there’s no turning back now =)

    I’m still contemplating competing this fall. We’ll see!

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