Everyone Say “Welcome Hollie!”

Posted: May 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hi Becca’s Blogging Besties! Man-If I had a cool name like that I would start off all my
posts in a similar fashion.

Anywho-as many of you guys know, Becca is busy with prep stage for
her big competition (and being awesome outside the blogesphere duh). So I thought I would
steal a piece of her blog for the day being.


Most of you know me but I’m <strong>Hollie lolzthatswimandrun. As much as Becca works out
lifting weights and cardio, I swim and run. I’m an avid member of both my colleges cross
country and swim team. Good thing we don’t have indoor and outdoor track or I’d have


I often get a lot of questions of how I prepare for a big road race or what I eat beforehand. I can
honestly guarantee you, I have read way more than I need to about eating well for running and
swimming and what to do the night before a big race and what not to do blah blah blah. It
doesn’t really help much though and I found just testing the waters with different things has worked for me and I’ve found a pretty set routine.

Here are some things that I don’t do:

I don’t normally take the day of completely from working out. It doesn’t work well for my
body because I’m generally very stiff after the day after a rest day. I do, however, do something light
involving cross training. If I have a big meet-I run. If I have a big road race-I swim. Isn’t that easy

I don’t eat my body weight in carbs the night before. I like to eat the morning before the
race ie about 36 hours before, a hugh jass plate of pancakes

I don’t drink alcohol to begin with, but I certainly wouldn’t do that the night before a race


At the race:

I like to gather my thoughts and tell myself how awesome I am. You think I’m joking but I
personally make sure that I tell myself that I’m super awesome. Sometimes I really don’t feel like racing at all and if I can manage to pump myself up it makes all the difference.

I always have two pieces of bread with peanut butter for short races and a bagel for long races. It works for me, and I’m not saying it is the most delicious thing I have ever had but I mean neither are powergels and those get you through races.

During the race a lot of thoughts run through my mind, you can read about some of the exact ones here if that is your jive. I try and stay focused and make it through. If you lose focus in a run, and tell yourself you will finish and you will do well.

A big thing I tell myself to get through races is (just if you want), I spend an hour reading blogs erryday this is just another hour of my life well spent.

Becuase reading blogs in a formal dress is acceptable

At zee end:

After the race, I eat normally a protein bar. Another of my addictions, sometimes I wait for awards,
sometimes I do not and then I head home to refuel again with some protein pancakes.

As with anything you do, always remember that your competitions should be fun. Not fun in the sense
of OMG a shoe sale, but fun in the sense of the reward for your training is much higher than the amount of pain for a single race/practice.


Question for you:

1. How do you prepare for your mode of competition?

  1. cookinghealthyforme says:

    Such discipline & strength…I’m in awe

  2. allieksmith says:

    Nice guest blog bestie 🙂

    I like the picture with the hugh jass pancake hahaha!

    To prep for races I usually eat the same thing for breakfast that I eat everyday and it never upsets my belly 😀

  3. As a non-racer this is all new to me. How does eating a ton of pancakes 36 hours before the race help? Does your body store some of that energy?

  4. Loving the guest blogger! Great to see how others train for their big days!

  5. lifttorun says:

    Loved this post because Hollie is amazing.

    I just eat for races and make sure I am well prepared physically.

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