Questions Answered and an Overshare

Posted: May 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last Friday in my wonderful flashback Friday style recap of the 2010 IDFA Montreal Classic I had a few questions I wanted to answer… but figured making a second post to answer them and clear some competing questions you have up would be a good way to just… get it all in.

So without further ado! Your questions… my answers. Simple.

I love getting a glimpse into your life, your discipline, and this figure competition world. And I’m fascinated to learn that you glue your bikini on. Plus, the tanning is craziness, for real. Is that just for the day?


Do you go tanning or do you just wear a spray on tan?

I do not go tanning. Some people do like the base tan, I however do not like skin cancer as much as I love a tan… so when I wake up showday I am pasty white.

oct 7 front

That’s the day before a show…

Then after two coats of Jan Tana Ultra One show tan I look like an oompah loompah… or an extra on Jersey Shore.

Classic 035

Wow I really liked reading about your show and sixth place is great! Loved the picture with your hands so much whiter hehe. I had always wondered how the suits never moved or rode up gluing is smart but sounds painful!

The suit glue doesn’t hurt (although peeling the suit off at the end of the day isn’t fun. Basically it’s the same glue old people use to hold up socks and such (who knew right?!) Mine is in a little tube with a roller ball and you just slide it on and press the suit down.

… Unfortunately it doesn’t always stick the BEST to the top as it does to the suit bottom as you can see from the line of glue on my underboob. CLASSY


p.s. I just found out about the no deodorant thing! It’s totally wigging me out! I have a b.o. paranoia that causes me to re apply deodorant before and after workouts. I can’t imagine being au natural for 4 days. Can you hobo bath?

It really depends on what brand of tan and WHEN you tan as to showering. Becuase I use Ultra 1 I only tan the day of my show, so I shower right up until then, but the last week I only use Jan Tana Scrub and lotion, dove unscented soap and no deodorant show day.

…. Which is why the first shower is EPIC.

(I really can’t stress enough how much you will enjoy this shower if you ever compete)

Are you competing alone again, or do you know others who will be there this time? Any family that will come?

I know more people in the industry now from competing/shows/message boards/etc so I WILL know more people backstage this time around. I will not have family/friends in the audience though which is sad, but I think I’m less nervous on stage that way! lol

eastern 004

So that’s that! all the questions about silly little show day things!

I guess I could throw in one little bit of *BONUS* information… which is apparently privileged info since I’ve had to explain it to other competitors in the bathroom on show day before…

On show day to avoid ah… splashing? … on your tan which would make it run you pee in a cup.

Yup. A little paper dixie cup.


How’s that for an overshare?!

… anyone have an odd tidbits to share about the sport you love or compete in?!

  1. Pam says:

    That is so fascinating! Oh, the lengths we’ll go :). You look awesome!

  2. Wanna hear something weird? I used to do, and currently coach, synchronized swimming. We keep our hair back with thick knox gelatin. Yeah.

  3. I have to put vasoline under my arms near my rib cage because I get mad chaffing there. Why I don’t know ha.

    I will never tan either. Skin cancer is not okay.

  4. hahaha I remember being in the bathroom at a restaurant/bar the night before a show Max & I went to just *watch* and there were a bunch of girls competing for the first time who were all FREAKING OUT because they’d just peed *not* in dixie cups and had white speckles everywhere. It was kind of funny, but I also felt really bad haha.

  5. SERIOUSLY! peeing in a cup? really? lol

    and no deodorant? THANK YOU for all the tips i had no idea….NO IDEA at all…You’re absolutely right that shower will be epic haha.

  6. baby powder instead of deodorant = winning!

  7. I hate deodorant. Girl, in that first pic, you have muscles I have never seen before. Amayz.

  8. cookinghealthyforme says:

    A fascinating glimpse…thanks for sharing!

  9. allieksmith says:

    Hahah you get to pee in a dixie cup?! CLASSY 🙂 LOL.. you do so much hard work it is worth it! Glad you are against tanning.. me too 😉

  10. I am going to have a friend spray me. Just convinced her that seeing me naked won’t be so bad :p. Plus being brown skin means I may only have to do one coat! If you need help or a place to crash I live downtown ottawa. Xoxo

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