Six Weeks Out Progress

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ahhh.. it’s that time of the week again.

Progress update time.

Am I making it?

Am I sucking out big time?

Well… the scale sucks. I was down a bit this week, but was feeling pretty soft and puffy Saturday morning. (… the joy of being a chick). The fact that even WITH this bloaty crap I was still down a bit made me happy though.

That rarely to never happens. I’m usually up, sometimes a pound or more.

So hopefully with the new addition to my cardio workouts…


… and the debloating that should occur this week I will see a badass drop by Saturday.

Like Hollie (PS: If you miss it, check out how she preps for a run!)commented a few days ago… the reason I’m so nervous/freaking out/mentally crazy is I realize how much I’m putting into this and how badly I want to improve. I liked that.

But ummm… is it just me or am I getting ahead of myself here.

Current progress was the point of this post. oops. Silly me.

I’m FEELING leaner, and seeing changes in the mirror which is huge. I actually feel like for once I see definition in my upper body, even if it’s only for a passing second.

I know it really doesn’t help I’m whiter than my pure white pantone color standard right now.

Something that some people here may find really gross, but I found seriously cool… Yesterday I was chopping my veggies. I was just home from the gym and running around carrying way too many heavy bags of groceries far too far. With my excessive water drinking habits and the full of carbs belly I had going on yesterday I looked at my arm and saw something I had never ever ever seen before other than in my hands/feet.

A vein…. popping… in my forearm.

i think I poked and prodded it and jumped around a little bit like a loser.

To me that was a… holy crap I’m actually seriously leaning out for REAL yo!

It really hit me yesterday while I was at the gym. I had someone actually comment that I had lost a lot of weight. People are NOTICING the change, but why wasn’t I? I’m about 5lbs leaner than I was in October and still have 6 weeks to go.

No, I’m not “there”, but I’m getting there and that is something I need to be proud of. I am choosing NOT to dwell on it, or become complacent with it, I will use this “a-ha moment” to push myself a bit further, to prove to no one but myself that I have this in me and I will make the changes I need to to stand out on stage (in a good way! ahah)

So with that, I shall leave you with some updated pics… The biggest changes I’m finding are in my hip area/lower back/abs which is nice… slowly but steadily I’ll get there.

may 7- may 30 front

… please excuse the mix matched bikini… it’s actually the exact same one just in a different print. In my decluttering/boxing stuff up craze I couldn’t find the black bottoms to save my life. So polka dots it was!

may 7-may 30 side

I’ll get there. Just wait and see

How is your progress going? Prep? race training? Workouts?

  1. ausaryn says:

    You look awesome and way leaner than your comparison pic. Great job hon!

    Lower back fat is balls. *thumbs down*

  2. cookinghealthyforme says:

    Congratulations on the vein popping on your arm and I hope the bloating goes away soon!

  3. Allie says:

    You go Becca!!! You look so strong and lean.. All of your hard work is paying off and you still have 6 weeks to make more progress?! You are a beast!!!!

  4. You look AWESOME!! Much leaner — you can REALLY see it in the legs and lower abs!!

  5. Damn girl! You look amazinggggg. I’m officially freaking out haha. Maybe I should do some progress pics though scared to let everything hang out! :). I have the same ups and downs as u and happy to know I am not alone. Xoxo

  6. Keep it up. I’ll be joining you in the life of a prep monster on June 20th! I can’t wait to read all about your competition day, you will rock it!

  7. You look awesome. Very motivating for me to continue on my seemingly pointless quest to lose some inches in the waist.

  8. Lisa says:

    Wow, look how much leaner you look! You can tell all over, your arms, mid section, and legs. Keep rockin!!

  9. aww..yea.. you can see the changes in a little less than a month. girl 6’re going to be able to do it. 🙂
    Congrats on your forearm vein..i want one so bad..ha ha 🙂

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