Is It the Weekend NOW?!?

Posted: June 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well it’s Friday afternoon… The best time of the week… well, except for Sunday when I’m full o’ carbs and happiness!

may 2 014

It’s been a big week here, I had a post planned to write up today… but I’m just not feeling it. I’ve been mulling over the idea of it for a few weeks actually and just can’t seem to get myself to sit down and write it for some reason.

Regardless, I think there was enough “heaviness” and “serious Becca”.

Writing about letting go of a no longer positive friendship, my changing views on cardio, and how little changes to my schedule have improved everything was enough of the seriousness!

(… and thank you a million time over for all of your love and support. Seriously I have some of the most amazing readers on the face of the planet. But let’s be honest here, the fact I have ANY readers is pretty amazing to me, and you all being so awesome just makes it even more unbelievable to me!)

Oh… and of course my 6 week out progress!

may 30 lt side

After my blah last week where I was fighting with the hormonal demons making me cranky and well… dealing with the situation I had to let go of I feel like I’m back in my groove, moving along and kicking butt.

I really have to say this week was just…. Perfect. Meals dead on, cardio was intense, workouts weren’t dull and tiring (though I did feel a bit weaker on back last night) and my attitude, mindset and determination was bang on!

Last night during my workout I was wishing I had a few more weeks of prep but then flipping the calendar from May to June this morning (late I know!) I saw my original show date which should be in TWO WEEKS. Ummm.. the five weeks I have is MUCH better than two! I’ll take it!

Alas… the weekend is almost here, I’m counting down the minutes… quite literally. It’s not the busiest of days today and that makes for a long one! (.. yes, even when you finish at four!)

It’s looking like a busy weekend ahead for me. After work I’m heading out to pick up some supplies for a project I am beginning to keep me busy during the last bit of prep and then hitting the gym later on for a chest and tricep workout… with my ten minutes of hard cardio tossed in at the end.

Tomorrow is my REST day.

vacay 033

Yes, there will be Fritz cuddle time on the couch while watching Season Two of House, a little bit of grocery shopping and HOPEFULLY some reading in the garden is the sun stays out and it gets a bit warmer. If anyone could use some color it’s this chick!

Sunday is high day, meal prep day and well… general stick close to home so food schedule can be maintained. It’s a tricky thing to fit it all in without cramming meals together and making me feel sick so i generally avoid spending extended periods away from home.

… except for my shoulder/back and cardio workout of course!

But the perk of sticking close to home Sunday is I LOVE getting to mix up all my meals FRESH….

june 3

…and eating them al fresco on ye olde balcony with a yummy smelling candle and my little project to entertain me!

may 2 002

.. okay… or maybe some coffee and a magazine. We shall see how good my attention span is!

One last HUGE thing for the weekend is my kitchen project. While you remember I reorganized the food side of my cupboards a couple of weeks ago I didn’t clean out the dishes/pots/pans/assorted crap lurking on the other side.

That my blog friends is my project for this weekend. It’s a big one, but I’m excited to get started! WOO! Things are moving along nicely!

…and truth be told I’d really really really like to hit up the Bikini Village sample sale too. Apparently it’s ALL small/x-small sizes and they are 99cents! Yes, brand named bikinis for NINTY NINE CENTS.

Oh how I shall miss sample sales in a few months!!!

What are your big weekend plans?!

Have you ever been to a sample sale? What’s your best find?

… I live for sample sales. My 70$ red patent leather michael kors wedges are probably one of my favorite finds!

  1. WOW 99 cent brand name bikinis?! That is INSANE! I am so jealous!! We never have sample sales out here in Montana. Can’t wait to get back on the east coast!

  2. lifttorun says:

    I graduate tomorrow so that’s about it. I just pray that I get my run in before hand or I may go mad.

    I’m glad you had a good week!

  3. allieksmith says:

    I am glad you had a good week!! Your progress picture looks great!

    I’ve never been to a sample sale.. it sounds so cool 😀

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