Grocery Budgeting… the Update

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

I know it’s not just a problem here in Quebec… but “extreme weather” has definitely hit the province. With the spring thaw comes rising waters, that normal occurrence topped with 40 days and 40 nights of heavy rain means a lot of the provinces farms are… underwater.


Farmers are fighting the government to be able to pump water from their fields to try and salvage crops, but because the fish are now in the fields they are not allowed. It’s a disaster (the Prime Minister flies in today to view the devastation).

When I originally sat down and crunched the numbers, did my research and plotted out my grocery budget I was expecting prices of fresh fruit and veggies to start dropping because well… it was May, the time when local produce is in abundance and prices always decline.

… but as per usual, Mother Nature threw a wrench into that and produce prices have actually been rising. I have been shopping around, going to several different stores, but still have not been able to cut my grocery spending. I’ve been averaging about $50-60 per week and while that’s not BAD considering the way and amount that I eat, it’s not ideal.

Finally this weekend I had success! I cut it down to $40! … even adding in a few items I don’t normally buy!

I decided to get up Saturday morning, have some breakfast, pack a snack and hit the road. Getting all my grocery shopping done Saturday’s on my off day is my usual goal. It doesn’t always happen, but I like not having to worry about running out for last minute stuff while I’m meal prepping Sunday.

Judging by my bags on the metro floor on my way home I’d say it was a successful trip.

june 6 002

I decided to try out a store in the Plateau area of Montreal that  usually has GREAT sales. I got a bit lost by taking the wrong bus at one point, but hey, the plateau is beautiful and I had a snack so a bit more time out of the house than planned was no worries

june 6 001

I love the tree lined streets with the older condos and apartments… sadly they’re crazy expensive/often rundown and usually involve having to get roommates.

ANYWAY… back to my point. I got to the store and the flyer in the window said everything I needed to know. Zuchinni .69/lb, bananas .49/lb, sweet potatoes .69/lb… Sign me up!

All in all after that store, a quick stop at two others for a few odds and ends I had everything I needed!

june 6 003

… except mustard. UGH! I can’t beleive I forgot that, but it was a quick fix.

I also found a new treat at Provigo (aka Superstore for the rest of Canada)

june 6 004

Smokey chipotle salsa?! Yes please! That jar of salsa on sale?! hells yes!

It was amazing and added soooo much tasty flavor to my egg fajita-y wrap Sunday! Love!

I also stopped in at David’s Tea to get some samples to try out. First out of my bag Saturday was the Luscious Watermelon. I brewed it double strength and blended it with ice and a packet of splenda.

june 6 005

Next time I’d just pour it over ice, but regardless. YUM. This really hit the spot and I will definitely be buying a bigger bag to enjoy over the summer. I love iced drinks (especially in prep) in the summer and it was a nice treat to have while I was working away on my project on my sunny balcony!

So there you have it folks! Becca sticks to a budget! FINALLY! Here’s hoping I can go two weeks in a row!

Do you think I can do it?!

How do you feel about iced drinks? Coffee or tea?!

  1. I like iced coffee but not as much as normal coffee.

    Budget whats that? I really need to work on that lolz.

  2. Kimmy says:

    Okay I’m going looking for that salsa tomorrow night at the SuperStore. YUM!!

  3. My Favourite Iced tea is blueberry pomegranate and I looove this Salsa I also bought the reduced sodium Spicy kind…yum yum yum

  4. allieksmith says:

    I really love iced coffee and any frozen drink yumster.

    That salsa looks divine!

  5. I love iced drinks my favourite is making a blueberry white tea and than chilling it.

    • sglgirl says:

      $40 for the week?!?!? I spend that on meat just for myself, eggs or veggies and other stuff put me up to about $75 a week for food. Watch out for the east coast when you get here, cause you will not find this stuff for those prices Zuchinni .69/lb, bananas .49/lb, sweet potatoes .69/lb. Nanners are about .89-1.19 a pound in these parts 😦

      • ihearteggs says:

        They usually are here too. I just got VERY lucky. … and the 40$ was becuase I had 6dozen eggs in the fridge and chicken in the freezer. Lame!

  6. Lisa says:

    Good for you. I need to learn from you!

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