Hair Dye, A/C and Posing Class!

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

… could I pick a more random title?!

I was hoping for a progress update today but hmm… oddly no reply from Joe yet. That CLEARLY means I’m right on track!
… or he’s coming up with new, more horrible ways to torture me!?

Yeah, highly doubtful, if you hadn’t noticed I kind of love prep and Joe really has never made a “horrible” change to my plan yet.

So without a progress update I’m choosing to stick with my Tuesday favorite… Triple Tangent Tuesday!

1. My Hair Color

Lori comment on a post the other day asking if it’s true that I dye my own hair.

Hi, I’m Becca and I’m the cheapest person on the face of the planet, why yes I do dye my own hair, and travel an hour and a half each way to get my hair cut for 30$… while it’s the best hairdresser I’ve ever had, the price is what keeps me going back with her being so far”

When I first started highlighting my hair in grade… 10? I went to my then hairdresser and said I wanted to get red highlights. She told me this was a horrible idea and red would be a bad color on me. I ended up with blonde highlights for the rest of high school.

… and was never a fan.

After graduating I bought myself a box of fire engine red hair dye, gave it to my mom and set her to work.

And thus began my love of self dyed hair.

I’ve toned it down a lot of the years, found the brand and shades that I like and that work for me. I do only dye it 3-4 times a year (it tends to grow out without showing mega roots), but prefer to stick to the same brands as it is better for your hair.

I have two brands that I use regularly. In the winter, I use Garnier Nutrisse in sangria. It’s a darker auburn brown.

june 7 006

june 7 007

In the summer I tend to prefer something a bit lighter, and found L’Oreal Preference in light auburn is my favorite.


It’s really all just about sticking very close to your natural shade and gradually branching out. I really don’t suggest home dying if you want a drastic change… and if your hair is thick and longer than your shoulders.. TWO BOXES people… you wont regret it!

(…. please note I am not a hair dresser nor anything remotely resembling one, please don’t take my advise word for word.. this is just what works for ME!)

2. The AC Debate

I had a few people ask me today why I broke out my fan and if I have AC in my apartment. Simple answer… no, no I do not.

Growing up on the east coast of Canada I legit did not know anyone who had AC in their homes. The days were MAX 85 degrees and at night it cooled off significantly. There was really no need.

Every year we get our first early heat wave and I start on the “this year I for REAL am spending the money”… and every year I cheap out and stick to my fan and honestly, it’s more than enough for me. I’m rarely home to start with, and if it’s really bad on the weekend I’ll go catch a movie/wander around the underground city or something to get a few hours of cool.

june 7 002

…. but yes, my fan is on 99% of the time and sadly i rarely catch anything from it since someone tends to block the air flow.

You win some, you lose some right?

3. Time for more posing!

That’s right… a notice went up last night (…last minute much?!) that Sylvia will be having a posing class Saturday and it’s the last one before the July shows.


I signed up first thing this morning, confirmed that yes she does sell JUST the Ultra1 tan (I have the rest of the kit already), and sadly confirmed what I had already assumed when I got no reply on the emails I have been sending.

She doesn’t have time to do a private session to do the choreography for my routine.

… enter a string of four letter words here…

I was told to wait until 4-6 weeks out… and now I’m told she doesn’t have time for me.


The only saving grace is that when she didn’t return my emails last week I did a bit of google research and all it took was an email today to find someone else. I DO feel like I’m cheating on her, but what other choice am I left with?!


Regardless I AM still going to the posing class with her on Saturday… I WILL be self tanning before hand to make myself feel better though. I am so white. Yuck.


And so concludes another Triple Tangent Tuesday… I hope my ramblings let you in on just a little more of my crazy!

Tell me something random about you?

Do you dye your own hair or am I the only nutty one?!

  1. Whenever I go dark with my hair, I do it myself because dark is pretty easy to do out of a box. Highlights are much tougher since oftentimes, you are dealing with some bleach

  2. Genie says:

    I am a total cheapskate and dye and cut my own hair. I don’t cut it myself if it is a big cut, but I only do those once a year or so! LOL! CHEAP!

    Best of luck with the new posing coach!!

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