Setting Your Intentions

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

While I’ve been known to dabble in hot yoga, I think it’s pretty obvious I’m not really the… yoga type.

The whole centering your mind and body crap? I get that from my workouts thank you very much.

(please keep in mind this is MY opinion, so no hate mail please and thank you!)

One thing however that DOES stand out for me about yoga is the phrase that is always said at the beginning of my hot yoga classes…. and frequently pops up  in Lululemon’s tweets.

“Set your intentions”

I honestly never really put much thought into it. I mean, what is my intention for hot yoga? Go in, stretch, sweat, clear my head. Bam done. What else is there?

But lately I find that mindset kind of fading and thinking more about my intentions for the day.

Sunday morning I woke up and while sitting on the balcony eating my oats and drinking my coffee I said to myself I’m going to finish this, go to the gym and do pullups.

… and I did.

I’ve mentioned the stepmill is finally functional at my gym again…. it’s like a shiny new cardio toy and ever since the “out of order” sign was removed I have been on it every morning for 20-30 minutes of my cardio. Yesterday I found the time dragging a bit and only lasted 15 minutes before I switched to the treadmill.

So last night I was laying in bed thinking about this morning’s workout and I decided while the stepmill HAS brought changes to my body and broken up my cardio boredom… if I keep pounding away on it like i have been I’ll be burnt out on that very soon.

That’s when I decided that today I would get up, go to the gym and run. A totally different cardio workout than I’ve been doing.

Change is good after all right?

I woke up feeling good. Considering yesterday was leg day I was a bit worried my old lady hips would be tight and too achy to run… but alas, I felt great. I got to the gym, did a quick warm up and set the treadmill to a nice steady pace at 1.5% incline and went at it.

I only lasted 20 minutes. But I did. I set my intention last night, I followed through and I felt great.

Hmmm… funny how that works?

While I may not be sold on the kool-aid that is yoga, I do think setting my intentions will become a much more important part of my prep. With only 4 1/2 weeks left (OMG) I’m seeing changes everyday and not letting myself get complacent and coast along will be tough, but setting a plan, even if only in my head, and sticking to it I get instant self gratification for the accomplishment… and I get more changes rolling along.

Win/win in my books.

How do you feel about yoga?

Do you “set intentions” for your workouts or just have a master plan you stick with?

  1. cookinghealthyforme says:

    Coming from a long line of clumsy people….yoga is not for me. My intention is to lose weight in a healthy and permanent way. I enjoy cooking and blogging about healthy recipes…

    It is also my intention to buy these adorable earrings when I lose 20 pounds. I’ve lost 15 so far!

  2. I am also a non-yoga-go-er (my high school English teachers are all SO proud of me right now). BUT…I do like the whole setting intentions dealio. I do set intentions for my workouts (at least one mayjah goal per workout — ie today is: Hack squat 190 deep for at least 4 reps — pray for me) and it seems to give me more energy and excitement.

  3. cookinghealthyforme says:

    Awwwwww, thanks! I only have about 60 to go…..but I WILL make it – and cook like mad – because I’m not happy if I can’t cook! Exercise and healthy cooking is the way to go….and your blog keeps me inspired!

    • ihearteggs says:

      aww thank you right back!!! 60 lbs is DEFINITLY do-able… especially when you love to cook and create nwe recipes… when you get into the “diet mindset” of eating plain/bland food it sucks, but trying new things helps SO much!

  4. marlopnwgirl says:

    Funny im not a yoga girl either.. Ive tried a bunch of times.. I just have SO little coordination and patience.. I get irritated holding a pose for to long. Its hard.. especially some of the classes that ive gone to.. But i just kinda get bored.. Id rather throw around some weight or jump on a box.. LOL!

  5. I keep saying I will go to yoga, and I love feeling all stretch out but I dont take enough advantage…

    Id prefer to be a gym junkie…lol

  6. I love yoga. Unfortunately it’s too expensive for me. It would be ideal for me if I could do it for free on my rest days.

    • ihearteggs says:

      You know, I never got why yoga was so frickin pricey! Hot yoga here is over 100$ a month!!! I was only able to go becuase of the charity classes on friday night which was a 5$ donation! lol

  7. I do like yoga, but mostly only Bikram. It feels like I’m actually getting a good workout and getting zen too 😉

    As for setting my intentions, i do actually do this, maybe not super mindfully but I’m aware of my goals when I get into a situation and what I want to get out of it.

  8. You have a wonderful day too!! 🙂

    I may not post in here a lot but I do stalk…I mean follow you.

    I find that yoga is a necessary evil for me because of my myotonia. But I’d rather do dvds at home so I can just do the stretching rather than doing the meditating crap. I wouldn’t mind taking a class that teaches power moves.

  9. Not a yoga fan. It really bores me so much. I have tried like 1000 times, but it is more of a power nap for me than anything else. Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  10. Lisa says:

    I don’t have the patience for yoga and cannot clear my mind. Ever. I don’t know how people do it. I hear it’s good but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

  11. I’m glad that somebody else out there cannot deal with super slow yoga. I laughed when I read “that centering your body and mind crap” because I think I said exactly that yesterday evening.

  12. allieksmith says:

    I really like this post! I try not to set really strict intentions because they I don’t want to do what ever I set out to do so I just go with the flow 😉

    Never done hot yoga.. but I would like to try it some time 🙂

  13. lifttorun says:

    I like yoga, but I just never do it. Hah. It’s great and everything except I like getting sweaty.

  14. cailen says:

    i love yoga…it took me a while to get there though. i find it’s the perfect balance of challenge and relaxation and i love seeing what my body is capable of. (the other week i did a headstand…and my handstand is coming along too!) anyway, yoga works for me, but i think the most important thing is finding something you love and sticking to it. that’s when true change comes.

  15. Sara says:

    When you’re on the stepmill, are you doing slow steady state or HIIT? I.e. have you seen the good results you mentioned doing either?

  16. Alina says:

    I am a huge fan of yoga. However, during other workouts, I don’t really set an intention. My intention is to get a killer workout and preferably have trouble using the stairs when I am done.

  17. Dotsie says:

    No yoga for me..borrringgggg!! 🙂

    I like this setting intentions thing.

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