Wanna Know How I Feel??

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

I know you do!

… and if you don’t, I’m going to tell you anyway!

Well, for starters when I was setting my intentions to run last night I forgot to remind myself of one key fact.

I moved leg day to Tuesdays. As in last night.

randoms 006

And it hurt.

I mean yeah, it was a good hurt, I felt strong, with tons of energy and I killed it.

Then as the clock struck 6am this morning I set the treadmill at a 1.5% incline and ran for 20 minutes… incline running kills my quads.

What else kills quads?

Oh right, squats.

… and a freezing cold office is NOT helping the muscle soreness that is (not so slowly) creeping into my body.

Hopefully tonight’s TEN WHOLE MINUTES of cardio loosens my legs, otherwise I feel for my safety walking up and down stairs… or in general… tomorrow.

But other than an achy body (which I see as a good thing… having the energy to still have kick ass workouts = win in my books!)

nov8 003

This whole… positive energy, good mood, kick ass feeling translated into a perky, bubbly “I feel fantasticccccccccccccc!” checkin style email to Joe on Monday.

After my plateau and kind of bummed out attitude for a few weeks this prompted a response from Joe that I found kind of funny and totally had to giggle at.

Are you taking any new supplements to boost energy or anything?

Hmmm… Glutamine… BCAA’s… Creatine… an 8 cup pot of coffee a day…

Oh… and I kind of made some huge life decisions, removed some negativity and honestly I’m a chick. If I see progress in the mirror I am 85634856X more likely to be in a good mood.

… that’s normal right?

Regardless… nothing but my attitude has changed. I’m still trucking along, dropping every week, SEEING new changes daily. It’s kind of cool in a really super awesome way.

I even thought for a brief second this morning I had a lower ab vein.. then I realized it was just my badass stretch mark . Oopsie. Color me embarrassed!


So I’m four and a half weeks out. Major goal to be leaner than last year? Accomplished and in the bag. From here on out it’s gravy… Time to keep pushing and test the limits.

Are you motivated by visual results? Or do you prefer the scale?

  1. lifttorun says:

    I try not to use the scale for specific reasons like I’m crazy and numbers mess with me. When it comes to lifting, I do on how heavy I can lift. Today for example, I increased my weights and it felt great.

  2. cookinghealthyforme says:

    Congrats on knocking out your goal of being leaner….you look awesome and your discipline is incredible!

  3. Kimmy says:

    Way to go Becca!!!

  4. gititgirlaz says:

    Whoo hoo! So excited you are seeing progress. Fritz must be extra happy to see you happy :o)

  5. Tenecia says:

    In my version of that story, it was totally a lower ab vein 🙂


  6. Allie says:

    You go Becca! Your dedication hard work pay off 🙂

  7. Lisa says:

    Oh my gosh that made me laugh! I dream of lower ab veins but I’d have to get rid of this stupid pooch first! It’s so good to hear all this positivity, I love it! You’re kicking arse and taking names!!

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