Of Two Things I Am Certain

Posted: June 9, 2011 in Uncategorized


I will never ever… ever… ever incline run the day after leg day again.

… actually scratch that. I will just never run again. Easy enough.

I mean come on, the number of people who find my blog by searching the term “angry elephant” (… how I describe my running self) is scary. That needs to stop.

I am in so much pain it’s not even funny. If I could surgically remove my quad muscles right now I’d probably be feeling a lot better.

Cardio today was rough.

  • 10 minutes stepmill
  • 5 minutes upright bike
  • 25 minutes incline walking in the most awkward fashion

It hurt. Every.single.second.   

Stretching afterwards never felt SO good.


I am not built for heat.

I’m a maritimer. An east coaster. I live for the salt water breeze on my face.


… 32 degrees plus humidity over 40 degrees? SO NOT MY THING.

Melting. Literally melting.

After the gym I went home, removed Fritz from his perch in front of the fan and places myself there instead.

It didn’t help a lot… but knowing the massive thunderstorm going on outside would clear the air made it a little bit more tolerable.

Only 7 more weeks until the humidity won’t be a bother for me… but until then, if you need me, you know where to find me.


Do you like the heat?

What is one thing YOU are certain of?

  1. I THRIVE in heat. I mean I absolutely adore it when its hot hot hot outside. then again its probably my East African roots! It’s required lol and pool near by doesn’t hurt haha.

    As for your quads/legs and pain…..been there done that and I do find that massage oil with natural oils such as spearmint clove and a mish mash mixed together helps relieve the Pain. I REALLY love Panaway from Young living its a brand I order from the states (I’m sure you could find something comparable at natural food stores in MTL). Its expensive but worth every penny….tiger balm may help a bit too….

    I refuse to run lol. It’s a no go for my legs and knees at this point 🙂

  2. I HATE humidity too. That’s the one good thing about Montana (vs Massachusetts) — the heat here is DRY!

  3. lifttorun says:

    I like the sun and everything, but I’m not a big fan of it being overly hot. I did live in Arizona for several years where it was like over 100 degrees daily so I know how it feels.

  4. allieksmith says:

    I hope you feel less sore soon! I like being sore (most of the time) because I feel like I worked hard.

    I LOVE the outrageous heat. LOVE IT. I know.. strange 😉

  5. I am certain that I want this day to end and go on a dinner date with my hubby.

    It’s just past 8am and I’m already soooo over this day.

  6. cookinghealthyforme says:

    I can’t believe the amount of discipline you have…working out as sore as you are. Take care and please don’t injure yourself.

    I love the heat – it’s gonna be 94 here – but I’m an indoor baby and I love to wear shorts & flip-flops all year (inside). So it works for me.

    One thing I am certain of….I’ll keep reading your blog!

  7. I like the heat. If it continues to stay warm, that is. This whole 30-degree swing in temperature thing leaves me unable to get used to it every time it comes back… blah!

  8. Lisa says:

    I have to say I love the heat! It’s been 90+ here the past few days and I do love it! I love to run when it’s really hot so I can sweat as much as humanly possible. Weird? Probably =)

    Is it rest day yet so you can rest those poor legs?

  9. I ran hill sprints on leg day & wanted to croak. Hate running. Hate humidity. Love heat 🙂

  10. Tiff says:

    I like the heat, but I kind of have to agree that running’s overrated. The diff between running 3 miles and quickly walking 3 miles is, what? a small granola bar or something? Unnecessary unless you enjoy it!

  11. Pam says:

    I like the heat! I would always rather be hot than cold. But you kind of don’t have a choice but to embrace it when you grow up in Alabama 😉

    Go you for getting through the workout!

  12. Haha at least you made it through the workout! I live in (and was born & raised) Houston, so I deal with heat + humidity 10 months out of the year. 🙂 Running in it is sooo muuuch fuuuun. 😉

  13. I am certain that I HATE The humidity! Such a waste of a beautiful when it’s super humid!

  14. Liz says:

    I’ve totally made the mistake of doing intense cardio after leg day too! For me it was the stair mill, set on speed intervals at high intensity that did me in! Hurting to walk up and down stairs? Check! And this was when Archie was still a puppy–i.e., I had to carry him up and down those stairs. No fun!

    As for the heat, it’s deathly here in Cville! Hit 100F yesterday with the heat index about 5-10 degrees warmer. I have no AC either. Therefore, I sleep ON my bed instead of in it with 2 fans on!

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