Lesson Learned… The Hard Way

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

This morning while sitting at the table nomming my breakfast there was some shenanigans going on in the living room.

… which is VERY uncharacteristic of the Fritz.

His usual morning routine is follow me into the bathroom, check to make sure there is food in his dish so he doesn’t have to beg, then retreats to either the couch or the bookcase to chill (… I can only assume for the rest of the day until I get home. He’s lazy)

feb 7 006

So needless to say when I heard him running around and boxes moving I was a little curious. I got up to find him sitting in an empty cardboard box looking C-R-A-Z-E-D and wound up.

I tried to snap a picture, but sadly he was too fast for me.

june 9 001

Fritzy in motion… Scary for a Friday morning at 5:10am!

But Fritz being weird has nothing to do with the lesson of the day…

I went to bed at 8:50 last night and fell asleep right away. I woke up at 10:46 to pee… like i could sleep through the night… While laying in bed waiting to fall back asleep I had a thought…

“you didn’t pack a towel in your gym bag for your post cardio shower! Don’t forget to toss that in your bag in the morning”

Okay now. I’m half asleep while thinking this. Logic states “get up, put towel in bag immediately otherwise you will not remember in the morning.”

But comfort states “it’s warm and cozy in bed and I don’t want to get up. I’ll for sure remember”

Maybe it was all the excitement over Fritz being active or my Friday morning haze, but you know what happened when I got to the gym and started tossing stuff in my locker.

Yup… no towel.

So alas, I went and did my cardio and when I finished stretching I retreated to shower… with my “hide the clock on the treadmill towel”

june 9 002

While I lucked out that it was a slightly bigger and much thicker than normal cardio towel… it was still a cardio towel.

Ideal? Not so much.

Lesson learned the hard way?

… clearly.

Well it’s a half day for me today, so having a complicated morning means nothing! It’s going to be a GOOD day!

Happy Friday!

How often do you forget stuff to shower at the gym?

… I’ve gotten much better by obsessively packing my bag at night, but still occasionally forget socks or underpants. Oops!

  1. Kristy says:

    I’ve been there, that’s always an uncomfortable towel off. I don’t forget thing regularly, but when I do they are big. In the last year I have experience the following forgetful mornings:

    – all of my shampoo and soap
    – a jacket in the dead of winter
    – clothes, yes that’s right clothes to wear to work. Simply. Didn’t. Pack Them.

  2. HAHAHAHH! Fritz was flying!!! Great shot, Bec! I feel ya on forgetting the towel, that yanks it. I forget everything ALL THE TIME. It’s pretty tough to get out of a cosy bed.

  3. hahahha!! There is something about cats and boxes. They just go NUTS!

    I have given up and shower exclusively at home now because I ALWAYS forget something…shampoo, soap or towel. I’m not cut out for the world of locker room showers 😉

    • ihearteggs says:

      Fritz has been in HEAVEN lately with all the boxes to play in, on and around… and napping on or perching for his attacks on the already packed boxes. UGH!

  4. Lol if youre like me I always forget to pack socks or a bra. And you cant for to work in a blouse and skirt in a sports bra nor do you want ot because its all sweaty and gross.


    Had many a night thoughts like you and never gotten up to do it and most of the times I regret it 🙂

    At least it was a towel?

    Looking good btw!

    • ihearteggs says:

      I’ve forgot a bra only once… and thankfully since I go back to the gym to train at night I had a clean sprots bra I coudl wear… and I”m a bum and wear jeans and a tank top to work so it wasnt like a dress shirt and sports bra combo! ahah

  5. Tiff says:

    Oh no! I hate it when I forget stuff, especially towels and flip flops. I don’t forget stuff tooooo often, but I go through spells where I’ll forget things for a month, then be on top of it all the next month.

    Cool pic by the way! Speedy Kitty

  6. cookinghealthyforme says:

    Did you cat get some cat nip? Good Luck with your posing class tomorrow…

  7. bakebooks says:

    I love Fritz’ name! Cute. I’d love to get a kitten, but my apt. is so small, I’d feel bad. Plus I kinda worry if the cat hairs would bother me…I love dogs but their “natural doggy scent” 😉 and hairs bother me (my nose and my patience lol!).

  8. Cait's Plate says:

    Ahaha – that Fritz picture is too funny! My sister’s dog Clara is often featured on my blog doing weird things – animals are so fun 🙂

    Also – I ALWAYS have half-asleep thoughts when I wake up in the middle of the night. Usually I try to get up right away and do them or write them down so I’ll remember to do them. I’ve definitely forgotten a towel to shower with at the gym before…it’s NOT fun.

  9. Mitra says:

    Yeah, forget clean underwear sometimes too. But the worst is when I leave my shampoo or razors behind in the shower stall.

  10. I have forgotten it a few times and I normally end up begging the ladies in the lockeroom to allow me to use theres. It works about 99% of the time so bahaha I suppose if I was that needy I could do it more often.

  11. Lisa says:

    Oh I’ve done that and I didn’t have any other option but to pat down with paper towels. Not easy, especially when you get to hair!

  12. Love the kitty jumpking photo – he looks pretty speedy!
    I always forget something too, a bra once, socks a lot of the time and once i had a blouse and pencil skirt for work and no shoes – asics really don’t compliment pencil skirts well 🙂

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