What a Weekend!

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Holy Crazy.

Taking the fire on Friday completely out of the picture it was a weekend of go go go.

From the moment I woke up Saturday morning bright and early until I finally crawled into bed last night I felt like I had zero downtime. That’s weird for me. Usually I’m a lazy bum.

(hey, at least I admit it)

As soon as you know who heard me half awake on Saturday morning he was up and on the bed kneading me… 

june 13 004

Someone… aka me… forgot to buy cat food so I knew that what he had left Friday was gone. Thankfully I had a bucket of free samples of his usual food in the cupboard to prevent a feline meltdown.

After some progress pics, my weigh in, breakfast and a shower it was time to hit the road. Of course I was running late (why oh why is there only ONE bus to this major shopping complex ONCE an hour on weekends. People need to shop! hellllo!)

Since I was running late, meal two was dumped into an empty yogurt container to chow down on while on the bus.

june 13 003

Class all the way. I love washing out and saving these Greek yogurt containers though. Having a container I can pack a meal in and toss after it’s gone makes running around on weekends much easier.

When I finally got to the big open air mall I did a bit of shopping, I picked up a dress from H&M I had been drooling over (which will be returned due to a hole in the bust line… and a huge fit… i really should try stuff on! lol), returned a pair of ill fitting shorts to American Eagle (…again, I really should try stuff on) and got very lucky picking up two pairs to replace those for the huge cost of 14$. Not bad considering the original pair was bought with a gift card.

Even though I wish I could have continued shopping I knew posing  class was drawing closer so I hit up Starbucks for an iced americano (extra shot had me WIRED) and a quick stop into my FAVORITE part of this outdoor mall.

…. The Lindt Chocolate Store.

Heaven. I always stop in on my last trip out there for posing before a show to pick up post show goodies. Usually the sales are FANTASTIC… this weekend not so much. I ended up with a bag of Easter eggs though… um EXACT same thing as the truffles but 1/4 of the price? Yes please!

june 13 007

A little something something for the bus ride back to Montreal after the last show?!

Posing class was good! There was only four of us there, two bikini girls, a fitness chick and yours truly. My quarter turns were bang on and Sylvia believes I was born in 5 inch stripper shoes with how natural my walk is so that was good.

We worked on the “presentation like the pros” figure walk which was my biggest focus. The end wave, turn, smile snap, blah blah blah is complicated. Especially the smile part. I’m planning to start packing my heels and posing 2-3 mornings a week after cardio for 20 minutes. It’s not a whole lot of time, but having to do it in the weight room means I need to do it in the morning when there is room.

ANYWAY. After that I sold my soul to Walmart, picked up a loaf of my favorite bread at this little health food store. I was expecting it to be more expensive there but it was actually 2$ cheaper than the grocery store and NOT over baked. It is so doughy and delicious. YUM.

It was oddly FREEZING cold and I was severely under dressed so I grabbed a big cup of tea and then headed for the bus home.

Saturday night was cold and gross, I just worked around the house and got to bed quite early.

Sunday. Oh Sunday. I was up bright and early to hit the gym when they opened at 9am. I wasn’t feeling it, but after a cute old man called me “badass” for busting out pullups I felt much better.

Also since it was high carb day I wasn’t feeling as flat as usual. In fact i was feeling kind of… lumping.. you know, actually SEEING definition.

june 13 005

Getting there! slowly… but surely!

Grabbed groceries and headed home as fast as possible to avoid the Grand Prix metro crowd. Yuck.

The rest of the day was spent dirtying my hands with newspaper…

june 13 002

Packing up my kitchen. A lot of stuff really just needs to be replaced so I kept the bare minimum to get me by when I get my new place, the rest will be tossed and bought new. Made life a lot easier!

Meal prep, cleaning and rearranging took up the rest of the day… well, and stuffing myself full of carbs (ugh) and lots of Fritz style snuggles.

june 13 001

… which he clearly was annoyed by!

It was odd to be so go go go, but it felt really good to be so productive. Four weeks out means the next couple of weeks are going to be pretty prep centered and crazy so having everything done feels great!

How was your weekend? Productive? lazy?

… sunny and warm?!

It certainly wasn’t here! Boo!

  1. lifttorun says:

    The posing class sounds so interesting. I never knew that had classes just for posing.

    My weekend was all over the place. It was barely sunny despite the fact that the news said it would be in the 70 degree mark.

    • ihearteggs says:

      Not everyone takes classes… but having an IFBB pro practically next door it’s worth the 30$ for a couple of hours here and there to learn the proper way to pose. Stage confuidence conuts for a chunk of your score. 🙂

  2. whatever is really in your greet yogurt bowl looks divine haha

    As for the salsa Chicken? turned out great! I need to add some jaleponos (i like my food hottt)

    and believe me O town was no better.

    I made a day trip to Toronto Yesterday was so homesick….Guess who may be taking yet antoher page out your book (ME) and moving back home!

  3. Amy @ countrystrong21 says:

    Wow that does sound like a go go go weekend! Your cat is too cute! I want a cat but my mom isn’t a fan and is allergic. She even said if I got one when I moved out that she wouldn’t come visit me. Not sure if she’s serious or kidding…maybe some of both?

    • ihearteggs says:

      Aww that’s sad about your mom! My mom calls my Fritz her first grandchild! ahahah

      • Amy @ countrystrong21 says:

        Awww! If I would get a dog after moving out and I’m sure that would be considered my mom’s first grandchild. Cats are just a different story with her I guess lol.

  4. Mmm, the PB Lindts are the best. Nom nom nom

  5. I can totally see that definition! Looking good 🙂

  6. Your arm looks AWESOME!!

  7. Tiff says:

    Sounds like a busy weekend indeed! I wish mine had more downtime too. Sigh. Back to the grind…

    Oh, and that’s a smart way to bring a lunch. I may steal your idea!

  8. That is how I have felt lately. My days have kind of blurred together because I have no time to do anything and yet here I sit blogging bahaha.

  9. So glad the fire didn’t get your apartment – you’re working so hard!

  10. cookinghealthyforme says:

    Wow! You WERE busy this weekend! I have two questions (I’m sorry if I missed it – I did go back & double check). What’s in the yogurt cup and what did you have on high carb day?

    Glad you are well….

    • ihearteggs says:

      In the yogurt container is actually just oatmeal cooked with banana and egg whites lol no yogurt at all! And on my high day I had my usuaul stuff, lots of banana oats, egg fajita wrap type dealies, spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, french toast. Lots of good noms!

  11. I would love to see a girl practicing her poses in stripper heels at my gym, haha!

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