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Posted: June 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Since I missed Triple Tangent Tuesday this week I’m choosing to embrace Three Thing Thursday!

… mostly because I am EXAHUSTED and think this will be a good way to make plans without making another to do list.

Like I mentioned this morning, life has been a little nutso this week and it’s startign to wear a little thin. Since I have decided not to compete at Natural Provincials I am still four weeks out, don’t have routine practice this weekend and other than groceries I don’t actually have ANYTHING to do but get in one workout and cardio Sunday and… relax!

So today I share with you Three Things… That I fully intend to do this weekend. Just for me. Just to chill and well, give me piece of mind and cross a few things off the to-do lists piling up!

1: Start the “girly process”

Yes. It is as scary as it sounds. Showering at the gym, working out twice a day, constantly running around and never wearing heels anymore makes me a little blah.

Towards the end of prep I find myself even MORE low maintenance than usual… and that’s saying a lot. Being four weeks out I need to start turning that around.

There is a lot of little things that need to start happening:

  1. Growing my nails. I hate long nails, but refuse to get gel nails, so I grow my nails out. They need to be shaped and I always start adding a strengthener out of fear I’ll break one
  2. Exfoliate… I see a very long warm cosy shower in my weekend plans to use up a bunch of the 8756 jars of scrub I have at home to start getting ready for my tan.
  3. Poor girl pedicure: I’m going to splurge and get a real pedicure before my show, but until then it’s time to buff and repaint my nails at the very least
  4. Pick up stuff to go girlie… I need scent free moisturizer for show week, hair dye, hair wax, dove soap… the list goes on and on!

nov23 019

Time to embrace the inner chick! I know she’s still in there! … I hope!

2. Go for a long walk or a bike ride

Nothing fancy but something I love to do.

Classic 040

In this city you never know what you’ll find, street festivals, random cirque du soleil performances, anything.

We also finally got a bulk barn by my house and they have a sweet coupon in the flyer so I’m tempted to grab my bike and head on over to check out the spice selection! We shall see!

3. Absolutely NOTHING

Saturday it’s supposed to be nice.

Today I bought a Glamour Magazine.

I full intend to put on my bikini, slap on 16 layers of sunscreen and go lay in the garden and relax, feel the sun on my skin, nap, read, text, WHATEVER.

Just be. Nothing fancy. Nothing complicated.

jan 31 015

You know… embrace my inner Fritz!

They always say people and their pets resemble each other… time to take that literally!

What do you plan to do this weekend JUST FOR YOU and you alone!?!

Own it!

  1. I like blogging. That’s just for me. 🙂 But I also like when I have the house to myself. It almost never happens though.

  2. I plan on doing some pool reading and also jewelry browsing (shopping) for some uber bling 😉

  3. Is it just one of those weeks? I’m ridiculously exhausted too. I love to fall into a good book when I need “me” time. Preferably somewhere in the sun with my swimsuit on. 🙂

  4. Crystal says:

    You are doing exactly what I need to be doing. Running around after my girls has left no time for me to make me pretty. Enjoy your “you” time!

  5. Jess says:

    I plan to hit up the’s my “ME” time. I will also lay out at some point, YAY for free time 😀
    Love your blog so far–thanks for the comment on mine 🙂

  6. I like to personally lay around like a bum ha. But anywho-I couldn’t imagine having long nails seriously or gel nails. Blerg I’m getting the wily nillys just thinking about them.

  7. lifttorun says:

    I need a pedicure so badly. I haven’t had one in months.

    This weekend I am looking for running shoes!

  8. I love to take baths…weird but it relaxes me and no body bothers me 🙂
    I love ME time :)!

  9. Mindy@FSL says:

    My last weekend consisted of lots of alcohol, cake & no sleep. This weekend will include: a bath, pinterest, veggies,and the gym. I’m dating myself all weekend 😉

  10. nikkionlunch says:

    Creeping on the city tonight with one of my bests. Then catching up with pals and doing nothing the rest of the weekend except enjoy a good run. Woo!

    I Lurve ‘enjoy my inner fritz’.

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