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Posted: June 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

I think ALL competitors know what I’m talking about when I say how planned and well thought out post show food is.

Knowing myself I will get back on my diet and back out fairly easily, but I also know I will want some goodies too.

Classic 036

It’s just normal!

Today marks the end of my 24th week of prep. While I can honestly say my cravings haven’t been bad at all.. the last week or two my post show cravings have been INTENSE.

Saturday at walmart I found myself tossing treats in my cart because they looked really really good.

… but by the time I got to the checkin and saw what I had, I KNEW while it looked good at that moment I wouldn’t normally want this post show… but since I bought it I would eat it anyway.

WTF is the point of that? So back to the shelves went rainbow twizzlers, chocolate covered peanuts and various other goodies.

What HAVE I bought for post show? Stuff that:

A) is only available certain times of year… Helllo Easter candy!

easter 001

B) Thing I know I would eat 100% and love and enjoy and it be totally worth it.


Ummm clearly.

easter 002

Yeah, Love me some chocolate truffles.

The rest? It can wait.

But what do I plan to eat? Some of my former fat kid favorites… and some of my regular off season cheats.

jan 8 017I have plans to hit up a NEW build your own burger place (Yes, I checked, They have sweet potato fries!) with my friend David asap after the show. Clearly bacon cheeseburgers are a fav cheat of mine and this will be eaten in full!

nov15 001Some form of DELICIOUS dessert from one of the many chocolate/pb/dessert specialty places in Montreal. Heaven in my mouth.

nov23 011Random breakfast creations… often easy to fit into macros, but taste like heaven. (especially that sugar free maple syrup. YUM!)

nov29 002 CLEARLY I will be baking myself some form of tasty cookies. Right now the creation I have forming in my head is a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe with crushed up chocolate covered pretzels and caramel inside. Stay tuned for that epic-ness.

june 3REAL Mexican food. Guacamole, cheese and chips ALL included. I’m hosting myself a Mexican themed belated birthday/post show party at my all time favorite Mexican restaurant.

(I’d like to thank the rocket scientist I briefly dated for introducing me to this place. They have a mariachi band and EVERYTHING!)

…. And that’s about it! The rest of my eats? Well, gradually adding back in macros, having a bit more variety and relaxing on eating out and such is all I really need to make myself feel normal again!

For the competitors reading… what do YOU want post show?

For everyone else… is there any food you crazy crave?

  1. cookinghealthyforme says:

    I completely understand! I have limited myself, but I know if I don’t indulge – wisely – the diet is g-o-n-e! Since this is a lifestyle change….I schedule indulgences like everything else. It’s really helped (I weighed myself today….17.5 pounds!). Good job for stopping before you paid for the junk!

  2. Well what I would really like Is chocolate…you hit that bang on! and I am a brunch person I love brunch foods anything to do with Eggs, waffles, maple syrup fresh fruit, cheese! I cant wait for cheese, Baguette. And of course some homemade baked treats 🙂

    not much longer to go!

    • ihearteggs says:

      lol I texted my best friend from home that I found a gluten free for her apparoved brunch place with cheap mimosas we will be trying as soon as I get home. LOVE brunch!

  3. After not having crappy chocolate for so long, you probably won’t like it much – save yourself for the good stuff. (that’s my excuse anyways – only Laura Secord ice cream or Pumpkin Patch pour moi!)

    They call it junk food for a reason. (mantra.)

  4. PS this is totally random and not even compeition related but Food related. there is an amazing Veg indian restaurant I highly suggest you go to before you leave mtl

    uts called Pushap (there are two locations) Supppperrr Cheap…. I am craving one of their thalis, indian spiced chai, and of course their rotis…..

    don’t even get me started on some of the jamaican roti places in MTL haha

    As for Ottawa if youre going for burgers CHEZ LUCIEN is the place to eat. you will thank me. (or The Works)

    Other places to eat (not sure how long youre in town) include the following:
    Sweetgrass (their food is to die for and they have a lunch menu with an amazing Bison Burger)
    Chateau LAurier also has a great Brunch right downtown.
    Jak’s Kitchen Amazing Brunch
    Murray St. (amazing cheese plate)
    ok Ill stop thinking about food lol.

  5. Pam says:

    Ha! That’s very similar to my post-marathon/long run food dreaming! I always crave salt, salt, salt. So it’s usually a cheeseburger/fry combo for me :). Makes me want to start marathon training again! I make myself earn stuff like that.

  6. I love that you’ve got Easter candy in there…nom nom nom.

    I crazy crave: jellybeans (now that I’m thinking of them), PB (and chocolate), deep dish pizza, Mexi food

  7. Don’t even get me STARTED on foods I crave hahaha!

    Those cookies you’re dreaming up sound AMAZING. You need to document that recipe very very well so I can steal it 😉

    • ihearteggs says:

      oh I will! trust me, I will! Lol I want to make them to take TO the show… but umm… I want to be able to dine on dough too so it’ll be a post show bakign adventure!

  8. This post made me crave some good mexican food. Guac + chips + cheese + beer and really i don’t need anything else. I’m glad you put the twizzlers back. Can’t stand those things.

  9. Hey, way to post up pictures of things I love, too…specifically the cookies and ice cream. OMG. Luckily, it’s not hitting me like it used to!

    Way to go on putting it back…it’s like me with clothes these days…I put it all in a cart or whatever…and then put it back. I have to wait. Reward myself when I hit goal. 🙂 Candy always reminds me of binge food for some reason. It’s the stuff you can eat and eat and eat and never feel full with. But it’s an insane craving. Cookies, though…or ice cream…most times I can only take so much. But they’re still a weakness.

    Can’t wait to see show pics and everything! So proud of you for getting this far…AGAIN. 🙂

    PS: Did I ever tell you I had this strange desire to compete one day recently? O_o

  10. lifttorun says:

    I just have cravings for peanut butter or cake or even ice cream. I eat them like daily though so…

  11. Pizzzzzza!!! It’s the only thing I’ve honestly missed. Anchovies, black olives and mozzarella topping. Oh and cottage cheese and GY lol (to eat, not as a pizza topping!) Funny how when you’re really cutting (I’m 17 days out), stuff most people would consider boring seem like s treat to us!

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