Almost At the Finish Line

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

… as the chorus of the song says…

“Only got a gallon in the gas tank, but I’m almost at the finish line so I can’t stop now”

That’s how I’m feeling this morning.

It’s like… mentally I feel GREAT, physically I’m feeling pretty good and I really can’t complain, but with that being said I am 25 weeks into my diet and I know that my body is slowly saying “ENOUGH”.

My evening workouts have been kicking butt. I don’t know why, I’m assuming it’s the adrenaline… seeing the changes happening… feeling the difference. I’m not increasing weight anymore, but I am holding my own and really proud/happy/excited that I have lost pretty much ZERO strength this prep.

Mornings on the other hand…

june 2 001 I’m trying… like really trying.

Sleep hasn’t been so hot lately. It’s been BETTER, but for some reason I seem to be plagued by nightmares. I used to get them A LOT when I was younger, but now at least twice a week I wake up with my heart racing. It’s the kind of dream where you wake up, get up, go to the bathroom (… because heaven forbid I sleep through the night without having to pee at least twice), lay back down, close my eyes and I’m RIGHT BACK in that dream.

Yeah, you know what I mean. You try and force yourself to fully wake up to end the dream, but every time you dose off you’re right back where you were. The one I had Tuesday night was something about prep. I remember Joe, but that’s about it. I actually got up and walked around, turning on lights to snap out of it.

I hate that.

I feel good, but I have done cardio 5 days a week for 24 and a half weeks. I’d kind of just like a day off ya know? I’m not slowing down, but I feel it, this morning my knees and hips were achy, I was just dragging.

I’m almost tempted to switch to lifting in the AM and do my cardio at night… Just for a mental switch, but really, I only have two weeks left of this before peak week and the whole routine changes.

… and by tomorrow my thoughts on this could be 100% different. It’s just a phase (… as it always is!)

So yes, I admit it. I’m tired. But I’m in a really good place and I’m so beyond words happy with where I’m sitting with 26 days of prep left. I KNEW deep down I could do this, and I did. That’s where it counts.

It’s been a crazy ride, but I’m excited to finish out the last 3 1/2 weeks of prep and continue to progress from there.

How are YOU feeling this Wednesday morning?

  1. Ann says:

    I am SO happy to hear you’re in a good place….keep that place inside and bring it out at the competition – you’ll rock! I love days like that!

  2. nikkionlunch says:

    Your mentality is the biggest part of all this, even when your body is tired. That’s awesome that you’re in a good place. I don’t know anything about Prep like you are doing it, but is it a huge deal to switch up your routine to sort of give your body a bit of a spark to keep going?

  3. allieksmith says:

    You are doing great and soo close to competition time.. I am really really excited for you :)!!!!

  4. You are such an inspiration Becca!!!! Your attitude is just AMAZING!

    I HATE dreams like that, that totally rob you of sleep.

  5. Lisa says:

    I know bad dreams suck, but hopefully you can have a good dream soon–the kind you want to go back to sleep too! 🙂

  6. Hi thanks for comment on mine and my sisters blog! I’m new to yours! Nice to meet you!

    I love that you train for competitions and I look forward to following you!

    P.S. My husband has bad dreams many times a week where he wakes up shouting! LOL I feel bad for him but it freaks me out sometimes!!

  7. Mindy@FSL says:

    You are almost there! We are all cheering for ya!

  8. I’m pretty familiar with that feeling when your body says ENOUGH! My legs feel like lead, I feel like my blood isn’t flowing right, etc. I usually don’t have an end goal, so I take a few days off. But you have to power through!

  9. Jess says:

    Listening to your body is SO important. You’ve been working SOOO hard. You deserve a late morning 😉

  10. I’ve never actually gone back to sleep and gone back into the dream, but have half woken up and continued thoughts of what would continue to happen… not fun!

    I’ve been sleeping like crap, too. But I think it’s just anxiety… 😦

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