Feeling a Bit Lost

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

I worked fairly steadily yesterday…

Today I was up at 8, did a few things around the house, had some breakfast and took off for the island.

Gym for 40 minutes of cardio. Felt really good for a Saturday morning. Headed to davids tea after to buy a reusable mug.


When you buy the mug for $9.50 all summer long you can get their iced tea of the day for a dollar. I’ve oddly been really enjoying their teas iced so it was a good plan to me!

Hello, great mug I can always use (bodum brand, my fav!) for a cheap price with a built in perk?! Sign me up!

There was two flavor choices today and banana daiquiri was a delicious choice!

After that it was errands. Groceries, Zellars, the usual. Zellars had rice cakes $1.14 a bag… Um I bought enough to last until the move, plus two bags of my fav sweet chili minis for post show (… Zero control means I eliminate while dieting, they are THAT good)

Once home it was go go go, kitchen scrubbed, floors swiffered and scrubbed and last minute stuff tidied.

Poor fritz is all over the place so confused on what’s happening. Despite me telling him it’s all good stuff and breaking out the treat bag he’s roaming and won’t settle in.


See! Action shot!

Anyway… Everything is done. My home is the cleanest it’s ever been, there is zero clutter, everything that can be is boxed. It’s weird.

Since may every weekend and free moment has been spent working toward this moment and now that the storm has calmed ummm… Now what?!?

Oh right, that pesky competition thing?!

So that’s that. Tomorrow brings a full workout and cardio, meal prep and the organization switches from home to show bag. Three weeks out and I’m feeling like everything is falling into place!

How is everyones weekend shaping up?!

… And if you’re the good vibes/luck believer type, send some my way pls and thx. I have a good feeling my Saturday is going the way it should, just waiting on confirmation! Thank you all!!!

  1. Jess says:

    Three weeks out–how exciting!! 😀

    That deal is AWESOME! I’d buy that mug too 😀

  2. Ann says:

    Hi there! You’re getting so close! Are you moving – all the boxing made me wonder… I’m sure you cat will settle down. My little Yorkie was not pleased that I was vacuuming today – but she thought the mop was cool! Nice tea mug and great deal! I hope you continue to have a great weekend and I’m sending lots of luck and good vibes your way!

  3. Darling Positive energy and vibes are definitely in your direction – I totally believe in that

    you are making great strides in being and going to where you want to be. the unknown is always scary, but take each moment as it comes.

    and now I will be going to davids tea tomorrow after work for that mug 🙂

  4. Excuse me if I missed it, but didn’t you promise us some sort of news or announcement this weekend?

  5. Today I bought peanut butter coffee and I’m not sure why but I? thought of you. Well for our obvs love for coffee (maybe peanut butter?). I’m really curious to see what this flavor will bring ha.

  6. Allie says:

    Awww, lil Fritz (or should I say big?!) is so cute 🙂 haha! 3 weeks out!! Yay 😀

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