Over-Packers Anonymous

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

When going on vacation I tend to under pack. I steal socks from my mom, dad automatically stops at the store so I can buy a toothbrush on the way home, I wear the same sweats day in, day out.

Some may call me a bum, I just call myself low maintenance.

…. Except when it comes to packing for show day.

june 27 004

Months before my first show I was a very frequent stalker/poster on Sioux Country, and it was there that I came across the best thread ever with a complete packing list for your show day bag.

Yeah. Add to that a camera. Don’t forget your camera! … and phone charger! Never ever ever forget that.

Some stuff on the list… Ahhh. I don’t think you “need”. I personally don’t pack visine… but that’s because I know I’d glob it on myself and ruin my makeup. Know yourself.

While going through my bag Saturday I snapped some of my “must haves” to share with you.

june 27 003Your peak week plan, including show day instructions. I write my meal content and number on each tupperwear in permanent marker along with how much water and when, but this is a VERY good backup just in case.

Classic 011I HIGHLY advise doing this marker trick. It made life soooo much easier. Especially if Joe asked what I was about to eat.

june 27 007I don’t pack the weights on show day (IDFA has a great set that is available for people to use!), but I DO pack the band. I love that I can carry this with me and continue to pump up if needed while waiting in the often too long line to get on stage.

june 27 009Tanning… crap. I personally like to save money and do my own tan (I use Ultra 1 the day of the show), so I always pack extra applicator pads (car wax pads pictured from Walmart are THE.BEST), glaze, scrub, lotion and gloves. Don’t forget your latex gloves.

The gloves are a hugely nice gesture for any volunteer you ask to touch up your tan backstage!

Also, show week I use unscented Dove soap before I scrub down with the Jan Tana scrub. I hate NOT having soap, so this is something you can use, but won’t turn you GREEN.

june 27 012A small sewing kit… You NEVER KNOW what could/might happen. I have actually never had to use it, but you’d be amazed at the number of times people have asked for a safety pin/scissors/etc backstage.

june 27 013Nothing says fun times like a tube of roll on glue to keep your bikini in place. There is tons of different brands/options out there. This stuff is actually made to keep old peoples support socks from falling down. It works well.

It really shocked me the number of girls that had NO IDEA you normally glue your suit in place! I have lent this out to more people than I could count.

june 27 006 

… again, another item I have had MANY girls backstage question me about, but honestly is a lifesaver. My stash of little dixie cups. Not the classiest/most normal thing in the world, but I would rather pee in a paper cup than ruin my tan with… splash-age.

If you know what I mean.

june 27 014Baby wipes are amazinggggggg.  Washing your hands isn’t possible because of the tan, but I use these several times a day without them stripping my tan.

june 27 021 june 27 020

I like to keep all my makeup/hair/girlie crap in one big cosmetic case… and ALWAYS keep my suit in the plastic bag when it’s in my show bag. You never know what might/could leak.

june 27 018Entertainment! You never know how long you’ll have to wait around backstage/between prejudging/finals. It will guaranteed be longer than you planned for. Buy the 3$ trashy magazine. I always do.

As per Joe I do bring a ton of food with me, all of the “planned” meals and supplements, as well as extras of everything as well as all of the stuff he lists to bring “just in case”. Always toss in a few treats/extras of your own for the after party you’ll throw yourself, I fully admit on the bus/cab ride home or to the hotel I’m chewing on something, often a cookie or a muffin.

The biggest thing that’s not on the list or pictured above.. bring an open mind and a good attitude.

As cheesy as that sounds I’ve seen so many people backstage hostile/cranky/way too wrapped up in the game to enjoy the fun of the day.

Classic 001Talk to people, make friends, make contacts. Take tons of pictures because the day will FLY by, put a smile on your face (and no, not that big old fake one you’ve got on stage) and just enjoy the moment.

Once you’re there on show day it’s over. There is nothing more you can do, you can’t control who else shows up or what the judges want on any given day. Be happy with what you brought to the stage and go with it. There is no use dwelling on what could have be or what might have been.

Okay, I’m 100% done being cheesy. I promise.

Is there anything else not on the list (or my must have list) that you would suggest packing?

… am I the only one who wants to be totally over prepared for everything competition related (no matter WHAT type of competition it is?)

  1. Oh my gosh. I’m such a big overpacker too. I always bring 3 pairs of running shoes, 1000 pairs of socks, like 20 outfits. I got a little bit cray cray. Cameras are a must have.

  2. Jess says:

    I overpack to the EXTREME. It’s baddddd. When I have the space, I just have to fill it, right?! 😉

  3. Ann says:

    Honestly, I don’t know that you over pack. This is one of those times when having that little something can make all the difference! You are a very ORGANIZED packer….

  4. Okay. Tell me why you have to be SO TAN??? I’ve been dying to ask! Does it make you look more defined?

  5. Oh….so familiar. I remember packing up anything and everything I could possibly need. I wanted to be overprepared too. And yes – don’t get people who don’t have fun backstage. Luckily we had a GREAT crew on my show day and it was a blast. The time with those girls was the only thing that had me think I would maybe do another one.

  6. I am SUCH an overpacker…I always think I’m gonna pack light, but then there’s all this stuff I “need.”

  7. allieksmith says:

    You are SO ready for this and so prepared! I was def. shocked the first time you mentioned gluing your suit but I totally understand.. I have done some crazy stuff for sports too 😉

  8. Lovign the list! thank you for posting…I need to start packing my bag because I am crazy like that 😛

  9. Tenecia says:

    I always take something to lay on (sleeping bag or yoga mat), a blanket, and pillow. That way I’m comfy while waiting backstage!


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