A Tearful Goodbye

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

This week has been a bit.. heavy.

I’m pretty okay with that and know that as prep draws to a close I’ll probably have a decent dose of heavier posts going on here. I admit I’m ready for this to be over. I’ve been dieting since January and while I still feel really good mentally and physically, the wear is beginning to show and I’m slowing down.

christmas 053To say I won’t be sharing my coffee with the Fritz anytime soon is an understatement.

Mine. Mine. Mine.

To avoid being all heavy and serious here for at LEAST an afternoon, I’m staying true to three things Thursday! Enjoy!

1. Smelly Hair

If you’ve been a longgggggg time reader you may remember me mentioned or posting about once upon a time having long hair. I mean like, booty length hair at the worst of it.

dec7 255

… yeah, I don’t know what’s worse, this photo or my hair.

This hair all came about because I wasn’t able to find a hairdresser in Montreal that I liked so my hair was trimmed by my Saint John stylist twice a year when I was home visiting family. This also resulted me me splurging on higher end shampoos and conditioners due to my love for straight irons and curling irons.

Once I met my current stylist and chopped my hair off I’ve admittedly cheapened my hair care needs. Hello, it gets trimmed A LOT, and I never iron/curl it anymore so it’s healthy. I usually buy jumbo bottles of stuff when it’s on mega sale. It works.

Last night I knew I was out of conditioner, so I ran into the drug store looking for a deal. I was downtown so everything was freakishly marked up (HATE THAT) and thought I was going to get bottom of the barrel (and still pay $$$), until I looked to the top shelf and saw this.

june 29Ummm, regular price? $9.99….

Mega clearance price? $1.49.


When I opened it and got a smell of it this morning in the shower. Um… holy hell, I will be returning to buy whatever is left tonight. It smells AMAZING.

In a week my smelly lotions/spray/body wash is cut off for peak week. Usually a sad time, but at least this bottle of conditioner will make my nose happy for a little while! WOO!

2. 30 Second Gym Showers

… seriously. How do people do it!? 

Since January I have showered every single morning Monday-Friday at the gym… with the except of the rare holiday/my week vacation (where I showered at the bare minimum.. but yeah, dirt bag)

vacay 024

When I shower at home I give myself tons of time knowing I love a long shower. Like LOVE. It’s warm and fantastic and just relaxing.

Personally I don’t see why 5/7 days a week I should have a 30 second shower at the gym like 99% of women I see. How do they do it!? Sure I’m not in there for hours, but i take my time and relax. It feels wonderful after a long sweaty cardio session.

… Am I alone on this?!

3. The Tearful Goodbye

I mentioned this morning as of tomorrow I’ve got some pretty drastic diet changes going on.

My macros are all reworked and I’m actually kind of excited for a big switch up. I’m crossing my fingers my new plan doesn’t push me into too many veggies territory, but with the cycle of the new plan it shouldn’t be too painful.

Eek! So many changes!

Anyway! With these changes comes an end to a delicious era… for now anyway.

I’ve been eating my banana oats since the beginning of May.


june 20 012

Tomorrow that ends. I just finished my last bowl of banana oats… until Sunday… If I’m lucky. And been then the banana goodness is drastically reduced.


drama Drama Queen much?!

…. Damn right!

So alas, my ziplocs of frozen portioned banana slices will remain in the freezer for a few weeks… so until then, farewell my afternoon happiness! I shall see you soon!

What’s one meal you could eat every single day and never ever ever get sick of?

Gym showers? 30 seconds or 5 minutes? Am I abnormal?!

  1. Wait, why is somebody having a 30 second shower? I don’t think I could wash my hair in 30 seconds!

    I think I need to start eating oatmeal for bfast every day again. I’m sorry, it’s totally cruel of me to say that, but you made me think it!

  2. p.s. that picture will NEVER get old!

  3. Kristy says:

    At least 5minutes, and if it’s leg shaving day – longer. I don’t get the 30 seconds thing… how does one lather and rinse all in that timeframe? I KNOW those speed showerers missed a spot, they had to…

    I could eat my quinoa mush breakfast every day, in fact I do 🙂 yummmmmmmm

  4. Hwasun says:

    I honestly can’t stand gym showers. I don’t feel as clean as when I shower at home for some reasons. Thankfully my gym is 5 minutes away from my place so I make sure I come to home all sweaty and smelly!

    I’ve been eating protein smoothie everyday lately. One scoop of Myofusion banana perfection (I bought this after reading you talking about it. Thanks! It is fantastic!), little bit of heavy cream, cocoa powder and lots of ice all blended! It is really good!

  5. Jess says:

    FAST gym showers for me. As fast as possible at least, bahaha 😉

    Sorry about your banana oats reduction 😦

  6. Ann says:

    You’re doing so well and you’ve come SO far….The banana oats goodbye will be worth it! I’m rooting for you!

  7. Christy says:

    I like your hair long too! Did you think it looked bad?

    I don’t know how people take showers at the gym period.

  8. Emily says:

    I take my sweeeet time in the shower at the gym. No need to rush!

  9. I love my shower time, it’s one of the few times of the day I can be alone, so I cherish it! I take super long showers and LOOOOVE it :0

  10. My hair is at my waist now…and there’s no way in hell I’d take only 30 seconds for a shower. lol

    PS: Your hair looked great long…what in the world are you talking about!!? 🙂

  11. you were made for short hair my friend.

    not that it looked bad long, but its so sassy short.

  12. I agree-I love the sassy short hair. Although I’m sure I would love the long hair too. 🙂 Holy holy. I want to find good deals of 90% off. HA. I’m such a good deal finder especially with clothes…which I guess is why I have so much.

    I could have pancakes (and I do) everyday. No shame ha.

  13. Amanda says:

    how could anyone be able to wash all the necessary bits in 30 seconds let alone a hairwash, leg shave or face exfoliate !!!!! long showers for me 🙂 just stumbled upon your blog – look forward to reading it. best meal? not really a meal but dry roast almonds or protein powder pudding with a dollop and fat free strawberry yoghourt cheers, Amanda

  14. allieksmith says:

    I love a good old 5 minute gym shower! I don’t really think it is possible for me to do a 30 second one and honesty.. I don’t pay the water bill there soo I don’t really mind taking a long one haha!

    I’m sorry you are going to miss your banana oats but they will be back before you know it! I love how hard you work and just accept the new challenges that come your way!

    One meal I could eat all day every day is def. my breakfast: granola + soy milk and and apple + pb with coffee and juice. Yumster.

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