Weekly Catch All

Posted: July 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

It was a big week at casa de Becca. Lots of deep thinking, big changes and craziness.

Hello, being three weeks out will do that to a girl!

So in case you missed anything, a week of workouts:

I kind of enjoyed typing them out and having a record. While it’s always scribbled in my little notebook, it’s good to have a blog copy too

dec6 016

… just in case that coffee is spilt on the book ya know?!

It’s always good to share ideas too… so if you have any cool exercises, favorite things or new ideas, send them my way!

On the heavier side of things this week…

  • Questioning my desire to compete… With all the big changes coming in the next few weeks and the mentality of a lot of competitors I’ve met I’m not so sure it’s for me. Only time will tell and I KNOW I will probably get that itch to compete again… but who knows… who really knows.
  • You Vs You … what drives me in the gym, in the kitchen and in life. There is no use comparing myself to others and putting myself down because of it. I’m working at being the best BECCA I can be and that’s what matters!

And because I’m starting to pack and organize myself for the SHOW…

IDFAottawaI went through my rolling suitcase of a show bag and brought you my idea of a perfectly (overpacked) showbag!

While it’s a lot of recycled information I’ve come across from years of trolling competitor blogs/forums/sites it’s a nice reminder to help me pack everything.

… because I can get a bit scatter brained at times!

june 27 004

How was your week!? What was the highlight? A low light?!

  1. Ann says:

    Hi Becca! I love hearing about your day – you have such an interesting blog… The highlight of my week? Well, I made FoodBuzz’s Top 9….TWICE (I made it again today for the grilled pizza). I’m not sure I’ve had a low-light….which I’ll say is a good thing! I hope you are well…

  2. I loved each and every blog post of yours this week. I felt at times the emotions you were going through were similar to my own. I the end though, you’re motivate me to be the best version of myself as well.

    happy sunday! : )

    highlight of my week? well it was Canada day and having family in town… 🙂

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