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…. Sadly my 9-5 doesn’t share this sentiment. Alas… work it is!

I’m kind of kicking myself big time for my epic run Saturday morning.

JCWhile my cardio had NO problem keeping up with a long run… unfortunately my legs aren’t agreeing.  My quads are pretty beat up but the worst is my shin splints. Sadly not even cuased by old shoes, just too much too fast.

Oh well, I crossed something off the bucket list even if this is how I felt doing it.

july 2 003Oh well, it is what it is… and allowed me to get my cardio done, over with and out of the way for a girlie day of hair cuts and shopping!

The final product?

july 2 011Excuse the mess of it, I ran out of hair wax and forgot to buy so I was stuck with this creamy lotion crap I hate and don’t even know why it’s still in my house. Oh well. It shall be better with wax… and a dye job. Oh how I need a dye job.

Yesterday was hotter than hell, but it’s okay because I started the day with….

  july 2 010

Oh yes… the return of banana oats. Yes, there was half my usual amount of banana but I don’t even care, it was delicious.

… as was the blended iced coffee and egg I had with it was pretty fantastic too.

Yesterday’s cardio and workout was tough… I was pretty depleted and hungry/tired/cranky but I got through it and spent most of the day drinking 1$ iced teas from David’s and wandering around before heading home for hell.

… I mean meal prep. With it being 40 degrees of hot, sticky humidity and a lot of my meals resembling this:

july 2

… it unfortunately means there was a lot of veggie roasting going on yesterday = sweltering hot kitchen. 

But thankfully it’s over, done and ready to go for the week so that’s one less thing to worry about and sweat through!

Alright, it’s Monday, lots to do, lots to do. TWELVE DAYS OUT.



Favorite way to eat your veggies?

(I’m uber excited for the move and to be able to grill my veggies like Ann at cooking healthy for me does… I was drooling!)

  1. Kimmy says:

    That meal looks yummy Becca! Beef, cauliflower, salad greens and what else? 🙂 Zuchinni?

  2. Becca you’re lookign fabulous! can tell you are elaning out I mean look at that picture of you int he blue tank! shooulders yes!

    so I know this is such a weird thing to ask, but how do you make your banana and oats? (it seems as simple as you have put it but, would love to knwo your break down and if you put and spces etc 🙂

    as for running ugh. I HATE it. It makes me feel awful.

    I looove spinach. I dont know why but I do and roasted zucchini is delish too! ooh and making ym own guac….is avacado a veggie? 🙂

    • ihearteggs says:

      My banana otas are pretty simple… a “normal” portion for me is 40g (1/2c) large flake oats, 50g banana (about half a banana), cinnamon (I just dump) and water… either microwave or stove cook… soemtimes I add a tbsp of milk or fat free vanilla creamer. Nothing fancy, but super delish!!! …. also good to add maple syrup too!

  3. Ann says:

    Wow! You look great! Abs are….abtastic! Your hair is lovely, too. I’m sorry your shins hurt….the main reason I don’t run….walking works for me, tho! Thank you, THANK YOU for posting my grilled veggie link – I’m honored and thrilled that you like it! You – seriously – made my day!

  4. Kristy says:

    Love it! Your hair kind of reminds me of Julie from Dinner for Schmucks http://themaykazine.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/dinner_for_schmucks16.jpg

  5. Tiff says:

    Who doesn’t love a good girlie day once in a while? My weekend was good – glad yours was too!

  6. That meal looks so good. Like I said before-I love love love your hair. That is all. 🙂

  7. Christy says:

    Look at those abs! Holla.

  8. Maxine says:

    This is my first time commenting but I have been reading your blog for about 5 months or more. I started reading before you started this prep and I must say I absolutely love your blog, it’s moved to the top of my google reader where all my fav blogs are but yours is #1. Gotta support my fellow Canadian!

    I just wanted to know what kind of seasonings do you use on your food? (ie. veggies/meat)

    You look fabulous by the way as you always did but I can see all your hard work is really showing:)

    • ihearteggs says:

      Thank you thank you thank you! That is so beyond sweet!!!! YOu just made my day! 🙂

      For veggies my number one favorite right now is “ultimate seasoning” from the bulk barn! I have NO Idea what’s in it but I love it. I also mix BBQ and cajun seasoning in a 2:1 ratio for spicy foods, and love the parmasan and herb seasoning from mccormick.

      … I also use chiptole Mrs Dash for salt free times!

      • Maxine says:

        Thank you so much! This list is going to help a lot, I love veggies but sometimes I need to spice them up and your veggies always look so good that’s why I asked.

      • ihearteggs says:

        I find roasting/grilling veggies helps so much! I always tolerated them but actually enjoy them this way!

        Sent from my iPhone

  9. Nikki says:

    I recently stumbled upon your blog from another blog I read and I have to tell you that you are really inspiring me! I have been in a cardio fitness routine for the past 7 months and have lost 30 pounds and decided to add some strength training after reading your blog. And I love it! I love feeling my muscles get stronger. And the idea of becoming super buff has even crossed my thoughts as a goal that I could actually attain. My big question for you is this….what do you do when you feel hungry but you know that you can only eat a certain amount? How do you deal with the hunger?

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