(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have a really good post for today… but unfortunately things got a little cray cray in Becca land so it’s only half done.

Therefore I will choose to embrace the (almost) wordless Wednesday trend and leave it at that!

drama Bye bye banana oats frown turned upside down!


Super excited tons of Javamoose coffee smile… 

june 3 003

Turned upside down as I am scary close to running out.

christmas 043 … Guess I’m going to have to head back to the east coast to grab some more

home 003… Make that coffee iced though because I’d be heading to the beach with it

Instead, you know exactly where I’m heading

jan 13 005Oh yes… someone has two more morning dates with her favorite bff

jan 13 006… and then I’m only three weeks away from time with my REAL bff

  sunburnWhere yes… I will probably a little… over-served and full of taco goodness.

But it’s a-okay because in ten days I’m in total offseason and plan to enjoy my NEW life to the fullest.

 nov29 007

Just a heads up… in ONE SHORT WEEK I will be dropping a major bombshell (to some)… and really old news to others. I’m really excited to FINALLY be able to put it out there for the world to know and share in my excitement.

… but until then…. What would a picture of YOUR day be?!

  1. Gary Jacobs says:

    I don’t know if I told you before but I love reading your blog and I love your expressions! Keep it up!


  2. My day (so far, it’s only 3pm here) in emoticons: 🙂 😀 😦 :/ hahahaha. Pretty standard.

    I love the happy banana oats face! Nanners are THE best oatmeal mix in!! 😀

  3. Ann says:

    Love your pictures and that you’ve turned that frown up-side down!

  4. I need to know this news!!!

  5. allieksmith says:

    Ah.. gotta love wordless Wednesday!! I want to try Javamoose coffee soo bad!!

    If I had a picture to describe my Wednesday it would have been coffee hahah

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