Why I Love Macros

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Everyone has their favorite way to prep.

Some people prefer to have set meals, little variety and to have the structure of someone telling them exactly what and when to eat.

Some people don’t, it just doesn’t work for them.

Guess who is one of those people?

This chick!

raisehandI fully admit I eat the same meals day in, day out… Often for weeks on end.

But when it comes down to it, this works for ME because I CHOOSE to eat the things I want to eat, I’m not TOLD to eat them.

I know that sounds a little bit crazy, but it’s true. I like routine, I love my food, but if someone was telling me I HAD to eat chicken and roasted zucchini or banana oats and eggs everyday I’d probably tell them where to shove those banana oats after about a week.

I’m difficult, what can I say?

That really shouldn’t come as a shock to you.

Anyway, to get to my actual point here… today is my last high day until show day (as per my PEAK WEEK plan I received overnight). With meal 2 I had planned on sweet potato with my peanut butter greek yogurt.

may 2 014You know.. the usual.

But when I got to the store and saw the state of the FOUR sweet potatoes they had? umm… they were so old and shriveled up I think they had been there since my LAST prep in October.

So I planned for rice cakes instead… but I have rice cakes post workout and twice a day? eh. Not my deal, but it would work for one measly day.

… until I woke up and had a brilliant idea. After pulling my idea out of the cupboard, comparing macros and being sure that yes, it would fit… I broke out the food scale and measured out a portion of deliciousness.

july 7 008 

Um yes, I went there. I’d been delaying opening one of the (two) boxes I have at home right now because only being able to have them on high day meant they would go stale before I got to even halfway finish a box.

But seeing how I’m NINE DAYS OUT and will be able to pop these babies in my Greek yogurt every morning starting next Sunday I thought it was time to open it!

july 7 010 As I sit here chowing down on it I have to admit, best decision ever.

… and exactly why I love having macros and being able to make my own decisions about food.

In other news, yes I am NINE DAYS OUT and honestly I feel AMAZING.

I’m feeling and seeing changes in my body every single day, I’ve got tons of (endorphin induced!?) energy and really just feel like it’s going to be a GREAT season for me.

My peak week plan is in hand and I’m excited about it, last night I received my borrowed suits for fitness model and all I can say is WOW. They are gorgeous and I can’t begin to express how badass the friendships I’ve made and the support I’ve received from my “online friends”

SO here’s to NINE DAYS OUT and killing it, kicking butt and making peak week the best yet.

How is YOUR morning going?

Do you like being told what to eat or do you like listening to your wants and needs and working with that?

  1. I love eatign the same meal day in and out and you know what if I could eat eggs at every meal I would! BY CHOICE.

    but, you know my struggles with being told what to eat FOR EVERY MEAL. and I just dont like it. I am unaware of what I am eating. Not knowing what the marcos are kills me. (ok I know my macros because I have calculated it) For me I would love someone telling me what my Macros SHOULD consist of.

    but at the same time I need a bit of structure. I need someone to tell me what foods to keep and chuck too.

  2. PS do you put anythign in your Greek Yogurt to not make it sour with those choco cheerios?

    Gosh they look YUMMMMM

  3. I am the saaaaaaaame as you chicky! Give me my macro breakdown so I can play around. 😉 Then again I haven’t had anyone else tell me my macros in over a year haha.

    And those chockie cheerios are AWESOME! Hubby eats them in Greek Yogurt all the time (usually he mixes in some of the new coco puff brownie cereal too…wish I could remember the name of it!)

  4. kathleen says:

    I have a question about your iced coffee with egg. You had it a few posts back. Was it just a whole egg or egg white raw… and then blended with coffee? Just curious. Also, how do you figure out your macros, as in, do you use an online calories counter to figure out you know, an apple has X carbs so I can eat X amount of it. I understand how to come up with ye macros themselves but sitting down and making a meal from them takes time which is hard for me to do while keeping an eye on a newly mobile baby. What do you do for macros in “maintenance”?? What do you recommend for people who don’t want to lose a bit of weight but don’t need to be ya know in front of people in a bikini.

    • ihearteggs says:

      Oh, the egg had NOTHING to do with the coffee… ahaha I had a cup of iced coffee, just coffee, ice, cream, splenda and then I had a whole egg that I cooked over easy on the side! Oops! sorry!!! As for macros… my coach gives them to me. SO I dont actually calculate then, just put my meals with their macors into an excel which automatically tallies it for me. Maintenece Is just slowly backing out of my diet macros until I hit a certain meaintence weight I”m comfy at.

  5. kdbaker05 says:

    Eh, I’ve never had anyone tell me what to eat although sometimes I think it would be nice. Maybe that’s just because I spend soooo much of my time making plans for other people that when I get to myself I’d rather not think.

  6. Ann says:

    Nine days out! You are SO close and I’m very excited for you! I would like to be able to eat anything and everything, but my doctor would pop a vein! I like that she requires me to eat healthy and as long as my weight is going down and my blood tests are good – I’m free to choose! Plus, if I can’t cook a variety….and cook often…..I’m not happy!

  7. Cait's Plate says:

    I think as soon as I’m told what to eat I automatically DON’T want it! Haha. I definitely need to just work with what I want/crave 🙂

  8. I think I would be similar to you. I cannot handle people telling me what to do and if I had that I would probably most certainly fail. 9 days away and you are going to rock it. PS: Instead of going to PB&co we are going to the TLC cake boss bakery. 😉

  9. sglgirl says:

    Wouldn’t Fibre One be more beneficial to you than the sugar in the Chocolate Cheerios?

  10. Lisa says:

    YAY for all the positivity and feeling great!

  11. Tiff says:

    Just reading this post made me excited! Wow – so close!

    I don’t like following a set plan either. I like to take it, twist it, and make it my own. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta grab the Cheerios!

  12. allieksmith says:

    I HATE being told what to eat! But like you, I tend to eat much of the same foods for some meals (like breakfast .. lol!) When I peaked in swimming a few years ago, my coach made us eat super clean and all I could think about was CHEESE. Haha 🙂

  13. I so wish I had room for an I-choose-my-meals-but-tend-to-stick-to-a-few-old-faithfuls diet. I can’t, because my husband would SHOOT me if I tried making him eat the same thing every day. So, of course, I have to mix things up. But I’d totally prefer routine.

    Woo hoo! 9 days out! I’m so excited for you!!! Can’t wait to see how you do!

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  15. […] days out from that show I wrote a post about why I love macros when it comes to prep […]

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