Meet My New Bff

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Lots of randomness going on.

Was a busy busy weekend, lots of meal prepping, posing, cardio, groceries, errands, girl-i-fying myself. You know. The fun stuff.

Starting today I’m carrying around my new BFF.

july 9 006Normally I carry a 1.5L water bottle with me. It’s big enough that I’m not CONSTANTLY refilling it, but small enough to fit in most of my (oversized) purses.

But during peak week my sodium and water are not manipulated… but kept at a constant level all week long. On an average day I drink about 8-9L of water.

Um yeah… I pee a lot.

(.. but it’s okay, none of my clothes fit so I can just haul my shorts off, it makes it speedier… excuse the TMI)

Regardless this is too much water this week… and it’s hot out, like really hot. Which makes me want to drink MORE water. So carrying this gallon jug is a pain, but it keeps me from OD-ing on water.

Also a constant this week?

july 9 008Stripper shoes! Since my training and cardio is scaled back I’ll be packing them daily for 20-30 minutes of posing before heading off to work.

This is done in the weight room…

july 9 007Um yes… I got stares.

And no… I did not care.

Sadly this is also a fact of life:

july 9 009Mmmm Zeller’s brand unscented body lotion. HOT.

Yeah.. it was 99 cents on sale though. Score!

While hitting up the mall by my house yesterday I went down an isle I don’t normally go down to buy hair dye… that’s when I spotted a store I didn’t know existed.

july 9 002Yeah.. my desire to be lazy and not dye my hair but buy myself a wig was so strong it wasn’t even funny. But I resisted. Be proud!

… and while I was running my butt off and prepping meals, you can bet your butt that you know who was being a HUGE help.

july 9 005Seriously. Life is ROUGH being a cat.

Terribly rough.

Happy Monday everyone!

How was your weekend?

Are you a scented body lotion/wash/spray type person?

…. this week of no pretty smells other than my body spray annoys meeeee. (but not enough to risk turning green) 

  1. i need that bottle of water after my cozumel trip!

  2. allieksmith says:

    Happy Monday Becca! Hope your leg workout was good 😉

    I love how confident you are… rock them heels in the weight room!!!
    I would have totally bought a wig haha.. i’m supa lazy with my hair!

  3. My PT always carries around a gallon jug of water with him. So, what’s the menu this week? My other PT would always eat boiled chicken 5x a day before a competition. And she said she’d have a few prunes to stay regular. LOL

    • ihearteggs says:

      OMG no… never ever would I eat that ahahahah I had french toast last night! Lol my meals stay pretty much exactly the same, only my carbs go up and down depending on how I look!

      • Oh, I thought you said you had a special meal plan the week before a show or something like that? Oh, btw…right now I am eating my salad with mustard as dressing thanks to you. It’s delish!

  4. Stipper heels in the weight room — yeah I would have stared, but I also think it’s bad@ss 😉

    My weekend was great. So productive!

  5. I am SO GLAD re. that ^ comment that you are not doing the boiled/grilled chicken 5x a day thing! When Max was prepping he did it that way and to this day the smell of chicken makes me nauseous hahaha.

    • ihearteggs says:

      lol NO WAY… I have one chicken meal everyday, mostly eggs, some whey and greek yogurt. Nothing is different. Even show day the one day Joe gives me my meals it’s all food my body is used to.

  6. I sometime use scented body sprays but it depends if I’m trying to impress someone I guess. I feel awkward especially since half my life is spent at the gym smelling like Juicy while getting my cardio on bahaha.

    I’m going to dye my hair at the end of the summer once it is done bleaching out from the sun.

  7. I love pretty smells but am horribly allergic to some of them, so I am mostly fragrance free. BORING SNORING!!!

  8. AntosDoesLife says:

    Hahah your cat kills me! And holy water woman…I am lucky if I make it to 16 ounces a day! I’m not really a lotion person to begin with so I can’t comment!

  9. Ann says:

    Hey Becca! That’s some bottle of water. Since I started being healthy, I now drink 6-8 regular sized bottles of water a day. Stripper shoes…you are SO funny! They are a bit stripper-ish…

    Glad you decided to forego the wig, they never turn out right….and your cat is a hoot! Thanks for another great post and I’m glad you scored a great bottle of lotion.

    I’m an occasional scented lotion person, but I use regular soap and body spray (coconut – I should just wear sunscreen).

  10. 8-9 L? OMG girl I Woudl be LIVING in the bathroom haha Im pretty much there every 20 minute as it is 🙂

    I love that you can eat a lot you regular meals, eggs greek yogurt etc. I miss that! Thought I do get my one egg meal in the am which I absolutely demolish : )

    I am a body wash person. and uhoh I have been using perfume…i probably should scale it out now! dont want to turn green either : )

  11. Klh says:

    Nice gym shoes ; ). That’s awesome about the water…I have such a hard time properly water fueling especially after workouts. I mean I know how important it is but for whatever reason I just don’t carry the water around! As for fragrances, I do like scented body wash but not really lotion! Weird!

    Katie : )

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