Bagels Complete Me

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yesterday was not so great…

Do you know what rocks about post show? Having some delicious eats!

Do you know what sucks post show? Having that delicious burger give you food poisoning.


Yes, that was at 11:30 post show waiting for my bus to pull out of Ottawa. It tasted delicious but I felt a bit… Off.. By the time I got home. I ignored it and went to bed.

After I showered I had a couple small handfuls of pretzels and a slice of toast with nutella then headed out for a walk and to grab groceries.

Within two hours I was home. On the couch. Wishing I could rip my stomach out or at least (excuse tmi) be sick so maybe I’d feel better.

Alas… I did not. I ate nothing else all day and barely moved.


Today I woke up HUNGRY. I tested my stomach out with an egg, an English muffin and some watermelon


Heaven. I felt ok, so I showered, bummed around a bit and headed for Montreal with only one thing on my mind.

St viateur bagel cafe on mont royal. When you walk into the cafe you’re greeted by the amazing smell of fresh bagels, straight from the in house brick oven.


If you haven’t heard of mtl bagels you’re missing out. It’s like NYC pizza. Something about the water makes them amazinggggg.

I missed the breakfast menu but whatever. I settled on a multigrain bagel with turkey, Swiss and bacon, pressed with fruit salad.


These bagels are the massive dough bombs you buy at the grocery store, they’re small, dense and chewy and ummm… To die for!?

Mega bonus points for the mayo automatically on the side too!


I finished every last bite. I felt satisfied, full but not even close to stuffed. Perfection!

… And I’d be totally lying if I said I didn’t splurge on half a dozen multigrain bagels and then turkey bacon and some cheese to make my own this week. Yum.

The rest of my day was spent like so many lazy days of my past. Wandering mont royal, st Denis and downtown montreal. Window shopping, people watching and not rushing to make it to the gym or wondering about my next meal.

I really enjoyed it…. And I picked up the fixings for a very tasty dinner tonight! Can’t wait!

Happy Monday! See you in the morning with a show recap!

  1. Ann says:

    I’m SO sorry you got food poisoning…I’m glad you’re better now and the bagel – YUM! Even your splurges are nutritious! I hope you’re feeling better and I look forward to your recap!

  2. Can’t wait for the recap!

    How horrible to get sick from that burger. Man, that blows! But I’m glad you’ve recovered and can eat some amazing carbs — love fresh bagels…mmmmm

  3. I’ve only had one Montreal bagel and it was absolutely outstanding. Can’t wait to get back to Montreal someday!!!

  4. Jess says:

    I can’t believe you got sick–that’s horrible 😦

    that bagel looks BEYOND carby deliciousness 😀

  5. OOoooof sorry your post-show splurge betrayed you! 😦 Ouch. Can’t wait for the recap!!!!!!

  6. allieksmith says:

    Happy Monday! That breakfast looks SOOOO good and I’m so sorry you had food poisoning from the burger ughhh!

    Can’t wait for your recap 😀

  7. Boooo for food poisoning. How rude. I’m hoping you post 1000 photos of the carebear trampstamp with chinese writing bahaha.

  8. OH no:( glad you are feeling better!

  9. Lisa says:

    Oh that really stinks, I’m glad you’re feeling better though! That bagel looks SO good! You sound content. That’s great!

  10. Christy says:

    Ohhh no. That sucks.
    But the bagel… I love bagels.

  11. marlopnwgirl says:

    nummy! That bagel DOES look delish!

  12. Rachel says:

    Looks delish 🙂

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