WIAW: Post Competition Edition

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Welcome to the post competition/first Wednesday of offseason WIAW!

I’m pretty sure my love of mexican food is pretty obvious. My solution for pretty much all food is “tex mex seasoning and more hot sauce” so it should come as zero surprise to anyone that I’ve been having mexican food… with CHEESE.

Last night’s dinner was… you could say.. inspired by my outfit for the day.

wiaw 001Oh yes, the working girl’s muumuu. I’m still not feeling so hot in the stomach after my food poisoning so I feel about 6 months preggo with my belly. Enter the mexican style maxi dress. Hello comfy clothes (… that cost 6$!)

When I got out of the metro after a very long tough day at work I saw the SAQ… aka the booze store… and it was like there was no thought needed.

wiaw 002Yes please! Becca needs a glass of wine.

(… dont worry, it was confirmed if I had twitter open it’s not drinking alone.)

After that I got to work on dinner.

capclassic 075Peppers and onions on the stove… Zucchini in the oven… maple pepper chipotle top sirloin strips in the foreman.

capclassic 076… and these on my mind. My dad and brother both work for Frito Lay and dad had mentioned they had new Tostitos coming out… I searched high and low and FINALLY found them.

You can’t see the fine print, but they’re made with NINE WHOLE GRAINS.

That makes them healthy. Duh.

Once everything was ready I plopped some of the chips on a cookie sheet, topped them with the steak and some shredded montery jack cheese and popped them in the oven to melt the cheese.

Slid them onto a plate, topped with the roasted zucchini, the pile of peppers and onions, some smokey chipotle salsa and um yeah… devoured it.

wiaw 003

   Don’t forget the star of dinner!

wiaw 004 Oh yes… my wine glasses are all packed. I was SURE I had left two out, but alas, a mason jar worked just fine.

Sadly the maritimer in me was highly shamed when I drank maybe a 1/4 of that and had to stop because I was feeling pretttttttty warm and fuzzy inside. *le sigh*

That’s what I get for not drinking for the better part of a year and a half.

Yesterday was totally NOT the same thing for dinner.

capclassic 081Ummm I used fajita seasoning and ate it as a salad.

And just had a few chips on the side. Restraint… I oddly possess it. Who knew?!

capclassic 082I’d like to say I’m classy and actually eat with my food on that cute little wooden patio table but it’s time to confess. I like to put my feet up.

capclassic 083  

This means I’m pretty far from my plate and even more likely to spill all over myself. Not pretty. Enter my solution.

capclassic 085Oh yes… What little boob action I have is used to hold up my plate. Class. I have it.

Since I had salad for dinner… and come on, who really craves salad after eating excess amounts of salad post competition (obviously me, but that’s not the point).. I decided it was time to get to baking.

I decided to take Jessica’s recipe for giant rainbow cookies and um… pump it full of steroids.

capclassic 086First I copied out the recipe….

capclassic 087On the back of my peak week plan… how wrong is that?!

Then I got to mixing and melting and… eating cookie dough.

And then the recipe calls for adding 1 cup of  mini M&M’s. But no.. that just wouldn’t do would it? no no no. Never.

capclassic 088Enter a bag of chocolate covered pretzels and a bag of butterscotch cups (those things are AMAZING BTW)

capclassic 089I used about 1/2C of the butterscotch chips and half the bag of pretzels. Measuring was a little too much for me to focus on.

capclassic 090I plopped the dough on and baked baked baked.

They weren’t flattening out at all… so halfway through I smooshed them down (and slightly flattened the other batches that went in) and voila!

capclassic 091You have really ugly, but really tasty cookies! They were more crumbly than chewy… but maybe it was the humidity? Either way, between me and my co workers they are long gone.

Zero complaints from anyone (…. and 6 requests for the recipe. Just sayin!)

I can say from personal experience they are REALLY good with plain old vanilla Hagen Daaz and a ton of sprinkles.

Try it… you won’t regret it!

My eats have otherwise been pretty much normal, breakfast I have a little bit of a splurge with my multigrain st viateur bagels and a couple slices of turkey bacon (Presidents  choice brand is TEN times better than butterball for you canadian’s out there!)

wiaw 005I totally get weird eating this, cutting off turkey bacon and egg pieces to top my bagel with…. and then dipping it in sugar free maple syrup.

Oh how I’ve missed my maple syrup!

I’m pretty much back on a meal plan as of today… although my meals WILL be a bit different since I am now beginning “operation eat through my freezer/fridge/cupboards”. But variety is the spice of life right?!

What’s the best thing you ate this week!?

Mexican food?! Yay? Nay?! What’s your favorite!?!

…. anyone else a total wine lover?!

  1. nicki says:

    I had homemade pizza topped with homemade pizza sauce (tons of tomatoes in our garden!), onions, zucchini, more tomatoes (all from our garden!), and crab (that we caught ourselves…I live in Maryland). Perfectly complete with a bottle of Cab. Yumm…and yes, I’m totally a wine lover.

  2. Genie says:

    I drink a ridiculous amount of wine. No bueno. LOL!

  3. Look at that plate of chips!!!! Man that looks delicious. You are so motivated in the kitchen. I simply can’t spend that amount of time preparing food. Unless I can get earplugs that block out the baby’s shrieking if I’m not paying attention to him.

  4. Lisa says:

    I have that recipie printed and waiting for post comp, I cannot wait to try those cookies!! So glad they got a thumbs up.And thanks, now I’m craving nachos. =)

    • ihearteggs says:

      It’s an amazing cookie base… and SO easy to work it whatever you want to add. … it felt really weird tossing the egg white and not the yolk though! ahahah

  5. Finally your food is making me drool 😉

    I love Mexi food, just had a FAB burrito last night, that I’m already craving again, dangit.

    Cookies look delish — butterscotch anything rocks!

  6. Alina says:

    I love Mexican food so much – recently it’s been my favorite cuisine. I seriously need to get me a $6 mumu dress.

  7. Pam says:

    Your Mexican food looks AMAZING!!! I love, love, love it. But we never make it at home. That’s because we’re regulars at La Gran Fiesta down the street from our house. They know our order as soon as we walk in :). We go about once a week. For real. They can make all that stuff way better than I can. And they have the best quacamole I’ve ever tasted. Very chunky, just how I like it.

    You look SO CUTE in your dress! Seriously cute!

  8. Ann says:

    That was some dinner…I liked how you held your plate, too! I love Mexican food!

    Today (being Wednesday) hubby and I split a panini I made that I’m going to blog about…it was SO good! It was on a ciabatta roll with prosciutto, monterey jack, dried plums, basil and a bit of mustard. Pressed til it was seriously crispy-crunchy…a delight! We also split a giant dill pickle.

    Breakfast was 1 cup whole grain cereal with 1/2 cup milk. Dinner is going to be a spinach, quesadilla with sliced tomatoes (he’s having chicken with his). I’m planning on blogging that, too!

    GREAT pics…you looked lovely in a dress!

  9. hhaahaha you should see the strange ways we are currently eating since all our furniture is gone! lol.

    Those cookies look A M A Z I N G. Heeeeeello food porn 😀

  10. Amy @ countrystrong21 says:

    Um yes please to Mexi food! I actually found out this morning that next week Tuesday my department at work is going to El Tequila Salsa for dinner and drinks as one of our peeps is transferring to another department August 1st. All I have been thinking since is “nom nom nom!” HAHA!

    Definitely not drinking alone if Twitter is open 🙂 I considered my puppy being asleep next to me as not drinking alone this past Saturday night…Twitter wasn’t an option with no cell phone reception.

  11. marlopnwgirl says:

    Love the dress.. 6 bucks? Score! Ive been kinda big into maxi dresses lately.. I feel girly in them.. and they are so easy.. Nachos look delish! And so do the cookies.. Yum yum!

  12. Christy says:

    Sweet tattoo on your foot.

  13. allieksmith says:

    Yay Becca can now eat whatever she wants!!! WOOOOO!!! Everything looks great.. especially those cookies 🙂

  14. haha you were drinking with me on twitter =) so neither of us was going wine-o alone ❤ Happy post competition cheesy mexican WIAW goodness! hehe!

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