Total Confession Thursday

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have not had oatmeal since show day.

capclassic 007 … I should have had it yesterday, but someone stole it.

… I should have had it today but it’s so hot I had rice cakes instead.

… but really it’s because I’m out of large flake oats and I’m a huge snob. Plain old rolled oats aren’t doing it for me.

Every time I run, this is how I feel:

runningIt feel so unnatural and weird.

… and like people are staring.

Every single time I compete I forget utensils.

capclassic 066That in my hand is a fork I got from a corner store on my way to the bus station. They charge 5 cents, the guy gave it to me for free for explaining why I was so… tan.

 I had such a raging headache today from skipping coffee that I ran out at lunch to buy one… making myself late for a meeting that was (unknown to me) rescheduled…. and I was so not feeling it that I actually talked my way out of going at all.

christmas 006… I really wish it had some kick to it though… if you know what I mean.

dec7 001Quitting your job during the busiest time of year… when everything is a train wreck… is a little stressful.

fanI really feel like this every night when I leave the office. It’s no pretty.

… only six more days… six more days.

It really annoys me that the ONE single time I suggest a restaurant for my team to go out for lunch.. you know, my going away dinner, everyone has issues.


… Except Nicole. She’s on team Becca since we both want the mac and cheese at this restaurant. Delish!

… and she’s the coworker who has actually been in the know about the situation for months now.

Tonight I’m having my first “moving away” dinner… with my ex-boyfriend’s mom.

glassesSay what?!

This is the family I spent the better part of three years with. I was pretty much adopted in as one of their own, even when we were broken up for a bit.

We’re going to one of the restaurants we always used to go to for long drawn out Friday night family dinners and I’m excited to catch up and get one last chit chat in before I go.

I fully intend to indulge for the next ten days until the move

july 21 001… but only when it involves social situations and only if I WANT to.

During the day, when I have no plans, whatever I’m going to stick to my plan. But I’m choosing to enjoy my last week in the city and not stress over food, a beer, grabbing some fro yo with a friend before I move.

Sure I may keep up a bit more cardio to counter act it, but I’m not going to allow myself to feel guilty for saying goodbye to my old life in whatever way I choose to.

What’s your confession for the day?!

  1. First off, I wish I looked like your gravatar. People always get weird with goodbyes. At least you have your mac & cheese homegirl! I eat almost the same thing every day too, but when you indulge (like that crazy rainbow icecream bonanza) Um, do me the favor of taking lots of photos so I can live vicariously through you 🙂

  2. Jess says:

    My confession is that I went to the gym around 7-8 hours ago..still haven’t showered…but I DID wash my face 😀 I know, gross…..

  3. Allie says:

    My confession: I don’t think I like smoothies lately. Crazy.

  4. Ann says:

    You are very busy. I’m an open book – no confessions…although I did go see Harry Potter today!

  5. Dotsie says:

    My confession of the week is… I think about getting back on track and then I buy something stupid: Monday it was cookies, Wednesday it was too much Mexican food, and today-Skittles…then fro yo with too many candy toppings!

    I’ve made up my mind that tomorrow is the day I go back to my routine of workout, work, hang out! Since it’s Friday 🙂 workout will be a spin class. My road bike burned 😦 will get a new one eventually.

  6. Oh Becca I luuuurve you!! You are so real 😀

    I am with ya on the stress with quitting the job thang. I feel bad because my employer has been SO SO good to me and their daughter is getting married this weekend but…I have to leave. I can’t stay here just for that job.

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