Riddle Me This

Posted: July 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

While I don’t feel the urge to get into WHY this is happening, but instead of a full week next week, I now have Friday off.

This was my original plan, but delaying giving my notice prevented me from taking the Friday off…. But circumstances change and workplaces change and I can happily say I’m 95% sure I only have four days of work next week.


I’m kind of sort of really over having to listen to the “awww you’re moving to New Brunswick… are you actually happy about that?” comments. Like really people? Ugh.

In other news… For anyone who follows me on Twitter (and you should!), or if you read my post about my run yesterday you’ll know how much I was whining about the heat. It was hot yesterday. Like REALLY hot.


Sometimes I think my total lack of tolerance for heat makes me extra whiney and cranky but I can now officially say it was justified!

Yesterday was officially the HOTTEST DAY EVER (… on record) in Montreal.

It was so hot (47 degrees including humidity when I left the office) I actually planned to meet up for dinner at a mall so I could buy a less sweaty outfit before going to dinner. How’s THAT for gross?

Oh.. and today? I gave up… officially gave up.

july 21That’s right folks… my hair is not actually straight and I’m sick of pretending like it is only to want to yank it out by the end of the day because the humidity just makes it go poof! 

So today I gave in and decided to try going au natural… and it actually worked. It’s really hit or miss whether it looks good or like a hot mess. I got lucky. For once.

… which brings me to my next point. See that tank top I’m wearing? It’s fitted.

Today is the first time I have felt un-bloated enough to wear anything other than a giant muumuu or super loose tank top.

Okay, that seems about right. I mean, it’s been almost a week post show/food poisoning, I’m back to the gym, I’ ran yesterday, I’m eating well.

Except for you know.. the glass of sangria last night… and the small ceasar salad… the cannelloni and oh… “sharing”… aka me dominating a chunk of caramel carrot cheesecake.

(… Yes, that cake was as epic as it sounds. Trust me)

I slept like garbage. I went to bed at 12:14… AM. It was disgustingly hot in my apartment and I expected to wake up bloated, with stomach issues and feeling like garbage.

While I didn’t feel show day lean… it was the first day I felt like I was well on my way back to normal.

Huh? Is this my body’s way of saying “feed me nothing but Italian food and cheesecake from Calories!”?! … Sadly I highly doubt it. But I happy regardless that I don’t feel like a hot mess this morning.

Oh the riddles life throws at me.

What’s the biggest splurge meal you’ve had lately?!

… Cheesecake? Yay or nay?

  1. Dude, embrace the curly hair. Own it. Make it yours. I did that 8 years ago and haven’t looked back. No straight hair for this wild woman. Check out naturallycurly.com and join the revolution.

  2. Ann says:

    Becca – your hair is BEAUTIFUL! I love it! I’m sorry it’s so hot. It’s hot here in Florida, but we pretty much air condition the entire state…. please stay cool and hydrated!

    My biggest indulgence meal? Popcorn! A big movie popcorn yesterday watching Harry Potter! (it’s also my favorite food!)

  3. Your hair is so cute! I haven’t been straightening mine either because it won’t stay straight! So instead I’ve been rocking the messy bun 😉 it’s faster and cooler than straightening my hair!

    Hmm biggest indulgence… I had a whole lot of tortilla chips on Wednesday night. YUM!

  4. I love your hair!!!!
    That cheesecake sounds amazing!!!

  5. Lauren says:

    Your hair is awesome! I would kill for volume like that. I say keep rocking that style 🙂

    Biggest splurge lately…hmmm. Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream topped with extra cookie dough. It was after a 35 mile bike ride though so I’d say I earned it 🙂

  6. So am I!!
    Thanks 🙂

  7. My hair does the saaaaame thing! I decided for the rest of the summer i’m leaving it curly. No more heating up my bathroom to a scorching zillion degrees only to have poofy hair a few hours later! no maam!


  8. You’re going to have to give me a list of good eats in MTL and where can I get this caramel carrot cake?

    Yesterday I had the most amazing burger! i have been splurging on food but hitting the gym too.

    as for hair…well mine is long and curly and wavy…i give up I let it do its own thing 🙂

  9. My biggest splurge food is pretzels. I regretably bought 2 bags of these last weekend and consumed 1 whole bag in 1 day. Stupid.

    I have been swollen and paying for it weight wise every since.

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