Makes You Wonder

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

As sad as it is to say it like this… The drugs finally did amy winehouse in.

Ok, it’s still being called “unexplained”, but really? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t of old age.

She was 27.

The same age as me and while she was partying her life away my biggest worry last night was not consuming this entire thing:


Instead of waking up at noon and nursing another hangover I was up bright and early. I had breakfast, packed up my “office stuff” and headed off to ikea to pick up a few things for Gillian.


While I’m excited to see that rug in my new nieces room when she’s born (… Yes!! I’ll be home for that!), Amy was pushing her family away and refusing help.

It really makes you wonder how two women born in the same year could have such different outcomes.

Ok, enough of that. It’s time to go shower, get ready and head out. Tonight is my night of fun, boating, a few beers and a goodbye to a very good friend.

Have a great weekend everyone!

  1. Ann says:

    I was very sad to hear about such a young woman throwing her life away with both hands….I’m glad you’ve decided to embrace your life!

  2. The Amy Winehouse thing seriously bums me out. She was so gifted, and I absolutely loved her music. She just couldn’t pull it together.

  3. lovetotrain says:

    so sad what happened to her. i’m also 27 and i can’t believe i’m the same age as she was… she looked a million years older. just so so sad.

  4. It is seriously crazy about Amy Winehouse. So young and so much talent. Just so sad to lose a person to something so stupid.

  5. sglgirl says:

    Remember it is not “goodbye”, it is an “I will see you later”, even if it takes you two years to get to that later. Goodbye is meant for walking away and knowing that you will probably never keep in touch.

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