Packing Up, Moving On

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

I wanted to go to the gym yesterday.

I wanted to go for a bagel breakfast yesterday.

I wanted to wander the city yesterday.

Instead… I packed.

…. and packed some more.

… then I cleaned.

…. then I packed some more.

While yes, I HAVE been packing for weeks all the stuff I don’t need/use on a daily basis, winter clothes, waffle maker, extra towels, etc etc

But now it’s like, EVERYTHING needs to go. I’m down to the bare minimum.

july 25 009Um yes. I’m using all my old washed out greek yogurt containers for tupperwear this week. Use them, toss them. Crazy smart idea if I do say so myself!

The 4 plates, mug and utensils I’m using now are old/chipped/done, so once moving day comes, they get tossed in a garbage bag and dropped down the garbage chute.

Even though the temperatures are FINALLY more reasonable, I know I’m not going to need a jacket this week so the remainder of stuff in my coat closet is gone.

july 25 008 … and my bedroom closet?

july 25 007 

One maxi dress and my bridesmaid’s dress from my brother’s wedding.

Clearly not really what I’m wearing to work this week… so what AM I wearing to work you ask?

Basically I had my laundry bag full of my clothes from last week I washed. My logical thinking is if I wore it last week then it’s perfectly fine stuff I’ll want to wear this week and can just toss in a gym bag when the week is over. Easy and done with.

My home is looking very… un-home-like.

july 25 006The boxes are piling up in the bedroom.

july 25 004… and in my dining room.

My project for tonight is a big one…

july 25 005Deconstructing this bookcase. The story behind the BUILDING of this bookcase is one that shows how stubborn I am and is riddled with severely bruised shins and a sobbing breakdown where I finally admitted “I need help”.

It wasn’t pretty folks.

This was a huge day… the plans were made and moving day is 95% fully scheduled for Friday. Providing I do have the day off, I will be packed up and back in the Maritimes by Friday night.

I know I was planning on moving this weekend, but for some reason FRIDAY seems so much more real and close than Saturday/Sunday. It was a bit emotional for me, to be completely honest.

Once 7pm rolled around I had zero desire to cook. My house was a heat bomb, I was tired, I was in a funk, so I decided to end my life in this apartment most likely the same way I started out there 6 years ago.

july 25 002… a piece of 99 cent metro pizza (the most amazing pizza IN THE WORLD) eaten off the paper plate it came on with a mug full of cheap wine.

… and then a mini McFlurry and a Tim Hortons cookie… drenched in sprinkles.

july 25 003

(because I had to use up the sprinkles!)

After two cheat meals this weekend I’m feeling kind of blah, so I am fully back on a meal plan and back in the gym today… I want to get back into a routine before the move, and I’m hoping this bloating subsides. (… I will state I AM only up 6 pounds so the damage isn’t bad!)

So please bare with me this week as I may be all over the place with sentimental moving posts, diet posts, workout posts, who knows what posts.

But be warned now, there will be a “the day Fritz put on his harness” post that will be hilarious and possibly end with me blogging from the ER

july 25 001 He was so calm and laid back yesterday through all my packing he has no idea what’s to come. I didn’t want to stress him out with the harness fitting yesterday, I figured a few more days of chilling would be good for the little bugger.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Do you find moving hard/nostalgic? Or am I just crazy?

  1. LOL are you sure you’re not at my apartment taking pics? 😉 that’s what we’re doing too. Old GY containers and plastic plates…and our bedside ‘table’ is now a broken down cardboard box that couldn’t hold anything haha. I can’t wait for the carpet cleaners to get here today just to see the looks on their faces….

    Our cat actually didn’t care too much about the harness once we got it on. When we were putting it on…holy macaroni…you’d think we were trying to kill her…but once we got it fastened she just rolled over once to scratch her back and then chilled. Very anti-climactic. Until of course she LITERALLY scratched the vet tech’s face when we brought her to get her rabies shot. I was really glad that was the last time we had to see that vet…. haha

    • ihearteggs says:

      I think if I’m feeling good I’m going to deconstuct the diing room set tonight too… and just eat off my patio table ahaha CLASS!! You give me hope for Fritz in a harness too! …. and thankfully he ONLY has back claws (and I keep them trimmed super short), so I”m expectnig a few bites, but nothing major…. knock on wood!

  2. allieksmith says:

    I have never had to move yet but I’ve been away from home for longer periods of time and I do get totally emotional when I have to pack up!

    P.S. That Mcflurry… YUM!!!

  3. Good luck with the move Becca – -this is so exciting! And yes moving can bring a lot of nostalgia, but also super excitement for what’s to come.

  4. I am a sap to begin with – but yes, I get super nostagic. When we moved away from the first house we bought I cried even though I hated so many things about the damn house and I was SO ready to leave. Now I look back fondly, but I don’t miss it!

    Good luck with your move!

    Oh – and I took your advice yesterday and just threw so much CRAP away. Even stuff I thought I would be attached to for sentimental reasons. It was oddly fullfilling.

  5. I guess it depends on why you’re moving–it can either be great or horrible! You are doin grea tthought it looks like!

  6. I love moving! It’s weird, but a new place always reinvigorates me somehow. A new home makes everything else feel new. But that last look at an empty place as your walking out for the last time is kinda sad.

  7. marlopnwgirl says:

    Cant wait for fritz on the harness.. Oh man.. hes gonna freak!!

  8. Ann says:

    Hi Beca! You have been busy! Its hard to leave a place…. I usually look for the adventure of moving forward rather than looking back. When you open your laptop, or plug in your computer, you will find that all of your cyber friends have moved with you!

  9. Lisa says:

    Ah, so excited for new beginings for you! I do feel for you though, we moved like 7 times in 5 years. I hate it. Can’t wait to hear how the week goes for ya!!

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