Deconstruction and Race Running?!

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

First off…. Yesterday was my first 100% back on plan day and to be totally honest it felt A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

I really really needed that, even just mentally to get back on track. I wanted to cheat before bed but it was out of boredom, not out of hunger/need/whatever, so I said NO and went to bed.

After work I headed right to the gym. It was my first leg day in two weeks exactly and um… I probably shouldn’t have gone so heavy, but yeah, it felt really good.

The whole workout in my head I’m saying “this is going to hurt, take it slow to start”… yeah right. I did pyramid sets for squats and deadlifts, then supersetted leg extensions with hamstring curls. Pain. Lots of pain.

I hopped on the upright bike and knocked out 20 minutes of HIIT afterwards. It felt so good to be all sweaty and gross… very mentally healthy and all that crap!

…. and then playtime was over.

I headed home and it was time to get to work. My first victim? The dining room set.

july 27 001 My dad bought me this fancy adjustable screwdriver set because it’s not “safe” for me to have power tools.

Lame. Mega lame.

The table was a piece of cake, remove eight screws and it was done and over with…. my next challenge on the other hand…

july 27 002(bonus points if you can see captain lazy cat refusing to help in the photo)

I think the worst part of this was laying it down to take it apart. It’s heavy and I was afraid of dropping it on a finger/hand/foot/Fritz. In the end I just did it and it really wasn’t that bad, so woohoo!

Removed the screws holding it together, stacked the long pieces, put the smaller shelf pieces in reusable shopping bags, zipped up the ziploc baggie with the pieces and done and done.

july 27 004If my home didn’t feel empty before… now it REALLY does.

Tonight my mission is to deconstruct my bed and pack the last bit of clothes, just leaving out enough for the next three days.

Dad will be here Thursday around dinner time, the plan is to load up the trailer and just keep the futon/mattress to sleep on then get up bright and early Friday and be back in Saint John by 6 or 7pm.



Everything is really starting to hit me. As of Thursday I’m… unemployed.

For the first time since I was like 15 or 16. (… with the exception of my one year of intensive design school which was worse than work lol)

I’m looking to find a (cheap) 5k to train for at the end of August/sometime in September just to give myself a small goal/bit of purpose while I go through this transition. Nothing crazy, but I really feel like I need… SOMETHING in my life.

… if that makes sense.

I know I have tons of opportunities available to me, lots of family time coming up and lots of new and exciting adventures, but I really think I’m going to need something just for me. Yes I’ll be going to the gym and doing my thing, but I think a short and sweet 5k race would be something to at least keep my cardio up for.

But we shall see!

(… for someone who hates running I sure seem to be interested in it. Wtf?!)

What’s your preferred race distance?

  1. Rachel says:

    I’m training for my first half marathon right now. Farthest I’ve gone is 6 miles thus far… it’s funny too cause I used to loathe running but now I’m starting to really enjoy it and the feeling I get when I’m done and can collapse on my bed at home.

    Good luck with the 5k!

  2. Ann says:

    Wow – it’s almost here! Spotted kitty…so cute! Good luck with the book case and congratulations on getting back on track!

    I don’t run – unless the phone is ringing – but I love to walk my puppy….

    Whatever race you participate in, I know you’ll do great!

  3. Allie says:

    Yay for running! I think training for a race is a good idea to have something to look forward to 🙂 my favorite race distance is the half marathon !

  4. marlopnwgirl says:

    Wohooo! Things are moving along so nicely!! Packing up the truck is gonna be a breeze.. only a few major items to move then BAM on the road!! Im so giddy for you!

  5. Me + power tools isn’t a good idea either 🙂

  6. Jess says:

    I bet you’d love a race to train for–i like having a goal, too. but lifting is amazing by itself too 😉

  7. Christy says:

    Wooo! I love when people enter races and start running.

  8. Haha, I know that “morning after the first leg day after a break”…it hurts so good! I can definitely see how training for a 5k would be a nice goal to work toward and give you focus, but I’m no runner so all I’ve not got much to say besides good luck!

  9. I am so excited for you! My favorite race distance (well, the only one I’ve ever run) is the 10K. I feel like it’s long enough that you are allowed to run slow, but short enough that you don’t have to properly train for it to prevent injury (you still have to train to actually do well, but clearly I don’t care about that part).

  10. That sounds like such a good idea. I think I understand-after cross country season I feel like I have nothing to do and need to train for something else so that I don’t become lazy ha. My favorite distance is a half marathon but 5ks are so much fun!

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