Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last night while I was packing up I was putting the last few pairs of shoes into boxes for the move.

While a lot of *junk* I had lying around for sentimental reasons got tossed, these shoes did not…. okay yes, I still frequently wear and love them, but each pair has a funny and/or interesting story and I thought I would share… as a shoes-day flashback of sorts.

“I Finally Have Disposable Income Shoes”

july 27 005 When I first graduated and began looking for jobs in the fashion industry well… the harsh reality of what your starting salary was going to be was a little… shocking.

I was okay with making minimum wage in a strange way, I learned more in those scrappy jobs than I did in a year of school, I gained a lot of contacts, a lot of knowledge and it really set me up for a good career.

… but buy me pretty things those jobs did not do.

I was still in my party girl phase and always managed to leave the house with 5$ in my purse and come home seriously tipsy with change left over. While I had some of the best times in Montreal at that time, it was also a struggle to pay bills, go on vacation and have any real grown up fun.

Eventually I switched jobs, and then switched again. Each time getting substantial pay increases. When I started at the company I’m at now I finally had actual money left over at the end of the month.

…. And the office for Michael Kors next door. While their sample sale is closed to the public I always managed to sweet talk my way in and these red patent leather wedges were my first “omg, I can buy these and not panic about my phone bill!” purchase. Oddly comfortable, fun and totally not the color of shoe I ever thought I would buy, but I love them!

“I’m Over Served and These Shoes are FUN”

july 27 007

Two summer’s ago the BFF Elisa came to visit me in Montreal.

The trip was spent gossiping, drinking girlie drinks and shopping.

cleaning … and swiffer-vac-ing my dining room while curling her hair. Elisa is a great multitasker for the record.


Clearly we’ve been friends far too long.

ANYWAY… this was Elisa’s last full day in Montreal downtown shopping. It was hot and sticky and around dinner time we ducked into my favorite bar for a 5-7. (Happy hour for the non-Quebecois).

Well it started to pour rain, so we stayed a bit longer than we intended and when the rain finally let up and we headed out onto the street to make our way to the metro we spotted the Aldo outlet.

What better thing is there to do after saving SO much money on beer at happy hour? Shoe shop!

Those ridiculously bright yellow sling backs were my purchase. Every time I wear them I can’t help but giggle at some of the crazy things that have happened when I’m with Elisa.

… I sense trouble starting ohhhh… about this weekend.

And there is my very first Tuesday Shoesday… Hope you don’t mind me stealing Shanna!

Do your favorite shoes have a story?!

  1. Allie says:

    This is such a cute post! I love how clothes have so much meaning 🙂

  2. I’m obviously going to love a post titled Shoes Shoes Shoes!

    Both pairs you show are super cute too!

    I had these purple snake pointy toe pumps that I just loved and got so much use out of. I always had good luck with the boys when I wore them..ha!

  3. Ann says:

    Fun, FUN! I love the shoe stories. I wear flip-flops any day weather permits (I live in Florida, so it permits most of the time). While I can’t walk in heels, I admire those who do….I look forward to your next shoe pictures and story…

  4. Ahhh shoes. What’s not to love?!
    Both are super cute!!!

  5. The nude heels will become your faves. I have a few pairs in that color & they make my legs look way longer than they are in real life. I call them my cheaters!

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