WIAW…. Frat Boy Edition

Posted: July 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

So far we’ve had:

Now it’s time for WIAW…. Frat Boy Edition!

Why frat boy you ask? Ummm… Does this explain it?

july 25 009

Using old yogurt containers as tupperwear…

july 27 004No furniture except for a beat upold futon inherited from my parents far too long ago… 

july 28 004And now… sleeping on a mattress on the floor because my bed is being torn apart.

All I need is some slightly molding takeout containers and a tray of jello shots in the fridge and I’d be all set!

So it only seems fitting that my desperate attempt to clean out my fridge and cupboards is making me eat like a frat boy.

july 25 002There was cheap takeout pizza and wine in an old mug…

july 27 010Breakfast all week has been an egg and a few whites, an English muffin and turkey bacon.

… well until today when I ran out of turkey bacon. *tear*

july 28 006… so I added in a cup of so of watermelon… that really wasn’t all that good.

july 28 001Since I have zero desire for hot oats (… since I’m out of my large flake), I thought I’d give soaked oats a try. My usual portion of oats, a small squeeze of sugar free maple syrup and about 1/2c of unsweetened chocolate almond milk.

Meh. I really just do.not.like. regular oats. I’m a snob.

What do I like however? Finding these in the back of my freezer!

july 28 005  

I’ve been enjoying one of these with my morning peanut butter greek yogurt… that I snazzed up (.. did I really just say snazzed?!) with a tbsp of unsweetened coconut. This rocked my socks.

.. and now… for what has become my favorite bedtime meal this week… but is seriously so random and so gross sounding…

july 28 003Watermelon chunks… july 28 002  Two small onions cooked up with some Jamaican jerk seasoning (the only spice left in my cupboard for some reason) and 4 egg whites with a slice of fat free swiss and a wedge of laughing cow… oh, and sprinkled with  garlic salt.

Please don’t judge me, but my love of eggs, my love of cheese, my love of onions and of course EVERYONE’S love for fresh melon just does it for me here.


I DID however repeat my cookies from last week, but with white chocolate chips and fudge melts. I had a few, undocumented, then brought half to work to get rid of them and the rest are in my freezer for road trip snacks Friday! They are DELISH!

My meals are looking pretty similar for the rest of the week with the exception of lunch today, we’re going out for my “goodbye dinner”. Meh.

I’d rather have my eggs.

What’s the weirdest/most frat boy thing you’ve eaten this week?

  1. My husband and I totally had pizza for dinner on Monday night. . . on the couch – frat boy style!

  2. Amy says:

    yummm looks like a great day! i actually haven’t been too frat boyish lately. im trying to concentrate on eating more veggies which is brutal haha. last week i did have some sausage…that was frat boy-esque and pretty damn good!

  3. Meg says:

    No shame in eating like a frat boy, living like one either.

    Eggs are just perfect. The perfect food.

  4. Ann says:

    As long as you don’t SMELL like a frat boy!

    I love eggs and my husband does, too. I think he’d eat them every day. I understand completely what you mean about your good bye dinner….sometimes you just WANT to stay in your comfort zone….it’s comfy there!

    Enjoy the dinner, tho…and eat eggs for dessert when you get home!

  5. Allie says:

    Great frat eats lol!!! Love it 🙂 before I go on vacations I end up eating any thing left in the cupboards and fridge ;p

  6. Haha – love it! Reminds me of college. ::reminiscent sigh::

    The oddest thing I’ve had recently is probably just my broccoli slaw, teriyaki, canned tuna wrap. Not all that odd, but no one else in the office would be eating it – that’s for dang sure!

  7. Christy says:

    Watermelon chunks are so good. I am loving watermelon right now.

  8. ahahaha! I use random old food containers for tupperware and had a futon until about a year ago that was my younger brother’s… sick!

  9. BAHAHA you are my favorite. I save all my chobani yogurt containers FYI.

  10. bahahaha! everyone has got to live like frat boy once in their life! I did it too! no furniture, nothing on the walls, and only 2 dollar store dishes to my name! hehe

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