You Want Controversy?!

Posted: July 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve seen this 7 links post around the blog-o-sphere forever now and kept thinking “why does no one love me enough to tag me?!?!”

… and then today… It happened! Someone loves me! They really really love me!

Ok, so I think everyone else has been tagged, so it was probably a pity tag from the lovely Katie at Running for Cupcakes.

Your most beautiful post

I’m going to be a sap here and say my mom blog… but follow it up with my mom AND dad blog.

mom and dadEver since I was able to open up to my mom and explain that I’m not happy they have both been there for me 100% of the way through my moving process. My dad is leaving at 6:30 tomorrow morning from Saint John to drive here, we’ll load the truck tomorrow night… just him and I… and then leave first thing Friday morning.


… and knowing my mom will be waiting on the front porch with a giant hug when we pull in tomorrow night is double amazing.

(… does anyone have a kleenex please?!)

Your most popular post

I’m going to stick with newish posts and go with my post on winning and personal goals was a big one… but my biggest hit wise… yeah, easily my fourth show recap.

P7120030.. which I guess kind of goes hand in hand, so it works!

Your most controversial post

I am going to chose to go against the grain here… Almost every 7 links post I have seen says “I don’t have controversial blog posts”…. well, maybe I’m a badass who shoot off her mouth too much, but I will easily say it was my post on why I love macros.

july 7 008 The emails/tweets/comments I got for eating a whole NINE GRAMS of sugar a week out from my show was intense.

I think I’ve been pretty up front and honest about my struggles with mega restrictive diets and my past eating issues, so this is what works… FOR ME. I wanted them, I ate them. And you know what? Even eating them almost daily since my show I’m still only about half way through the box.

Ummm hello, ALLOWING myself to have that big old 27g serving in my greek yogurt means I don’t binge and eat the entire box… in 4 minutes and 27 seconds. If that brings up controversy then so be it!

Your most helpful post

Again, easy. My show day packing list!

While everyone knows the obvious things, shoes, suit, makeup… I know if I hadn’t found this list as a first time competitor I would have been LOST.

Come on, logic states pack a suit, not dixie cups to pee in people!

june 27 006

A post whose success surprised you

My post on who I want to be was surprisingly popular. It’s a huge misconception that being a figure competitor makes you shallow and “only want to look good in a bikini”… um… let’s be honest, that’s a huge plus, but in life, that’s one of the things that’s pretty low on my must be list.

randoms 005… I’d personally rather be crazy than just plain old hot in a bikini. 

A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

My post on food guilt is one I think is worth a read if you’re a new reader/missed it the first time around. It does go hand in hand with my why I love macros post, but I don’t think I could have written that post without admitting I used to feel bad for how I choose to live.

feb 28 003

The post that you are most proud of

Probably my post on the defining moments that changed my life around. i went from disordered eating and over exercising to truly loving working out, resting and eating veggies and healthy food.

feb 2 003 Since I’m 99% sure every other blogger has already been tagged, I’m simply going to say check out my friend Michelle’s new blog Sushi, Sparkles and Sweat and send her some new blogger lovin!

…. and I apologize in advance if I’m not commenting/around as much until early next week, if you hadn’t heard I’m kind of leaving my career, packing up my life and moving 1000 miles east… It’s going to be busy!

I still love you all! I promise!!!

  1. a pity tag. . srsly?! ummm no! 🙂

  2. I haven’t been tagged, so don’t feel TOOOO bad.

    loved these links and i read every single one of your posts.

  3. allieksmith says:

    This is cute! I loved reading all of those posts 🙂

  4. Ann says:

    Congratulations on getting tagged! I hope your move goes smoothly and we’ll see you when you get settled!

  5. Jess says:

    Love these “seven things” posts!! Ahhh, controversy! hate it sometimes 😉

  6. Well no one loves me enough to tag me, or I would have tagged you long ago. 😉

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