Unemployment Special

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s been a busy busy day!

My alarm went off…. at 5:45 (aka 4:45 in my old time zone!).

august 2 022

After a quick meal two was made, I ate my breakfast, grabbed my gym bag and computer and slumped myself in the car while mom drove us into her work. After dropping her off I headed off to my favorite place in the whole wide world!

august 2 023

I got myself a jumbo cocomochonut and settled in to do some work. I finished off macros, worked on the blog about, and started on my resume. I got quite a bit done for only having just over an hour to work.

august 2 024

Just after 8 I grabbed a second cup of coffee and headed back over to the hospital to drive mom to her course she was teaching. While waiting for her to finish (…. in the middle of nowhere) I finally changed my phone number.

Let me just say that when my area code changed from the 514 to the 506 it was a bit of a shock. It’s like… everything is FINAL now. Yes, I know that it was final the moment we unpacked the truck, but this was like… AH!

august 2 028

Since that was a very quick and easy thing to do (I was honestly shocked there was no hidden surprises!) i went for a walk around the area. It was such a calm, peaceful, cool morning.

august 2 027

There was a lot of fog and mist going on, but it was nice to just chill out and relax for a bit.

While we drove back to the hospital, I chowed down on cold egg whites and oats and then headed across town to my new gym!

I got what I like to call the “unemployment special”.

  • No joining fees (normally 120$)
  • August is free
  • Free book (…. garbage, but free!)

This is the gym I normally go to on vacation… but after signing up and walking into the actual gym I was greeted with an amazing sight!

New cardio equipment! FOUR stepmills, arc trainers, upright bikes, spin bikes… omg OVERLOAD!

Then I got into the weight room and new cable stations, benches, free weights.


Chalk it up to finally getting back into a routine or that new gym love but my workouts have been killing it this week. Cardio, legs, back, shoulders, biceps are all fried. It feels so so good.

I really feel like I’m back in my groove, I have my macros from Joe, I have my plan in place and can’t wait to kill this offseason. I already feel debloated and like I’m back to normal. Haven’t stepped on the scale in almost two weeks, but I’m okay with it. I’ll be hopping on for a checkin Saturday, but otherwise, I’m a-ok not knowing!

I’m still doing my old prep split… I’m looking into different plans and ideas and THINK I have my new workouts ready to go, but I’ll be starting fresh Monday when I get back from my mini road trip this weekend!

Tonight I’m going to a meeting that is a little out of my comfort zone and a big part of my “old city life”… but I’m excited and ready to branch out and start my new life.

How is your week going?!
Do you get excited for a new gym?

  1. Allie says:

    Yay Becca! Your coffee sounds so good 🙂 yay for Javamoose! I am glad you are loving the gym as well!

  2. HA we are so living the same life right now my friend =)

    You sound so positive!!

  3. How about we both win the lottery or stumble upon ridiculous amounts of money and never have to worry about financial issues ever again! Sounds like a plan to me 🙂

  4. nikkionlunch says:

    Niceeeee. You seem like you’re having a blast in your new digs so far.

    I don’t use a gym at the moment, but I do get excited for new running partners or new places to run.. so… that’s the same, right?

  5. AntosDoesLife says:

    YAY! I was so excited when my gym put in new treadmills with individual TV’s…as well as new spin bikes. Awesome!

  6. If I would join a gym I would definitely be excited about it! Right now I’m relying on working out from home, and in September when school starts up I’ll be taking a gym class so then I’ll be using the “gym” at school, or working out outside as directed by my professor haha.

    Glad things are working out for you with your big move!

  7. marlopnwgirl says:

    Yeah coffee.. yummy!!! I want to try JavaMoose!! Mini road trip?

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