WIAW: Pork, Pancakes and Oats

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ahhh… to have variety in my food life again! Eating through 3oz baggies of frozen chicken, blah regular oats and dozens of eggs in my fridge with nothing tasty to pair them with last week got old…. fast.

Now, to be honest there is a bit of food overload with tons of options, a big full up kitchen to work with, a bbq, tons of ideas and people to cook for and eat with. While I’m enjoying it, I’m clearly a bit over stimulated, but it’s all good, I’m enjoying it!

Which means it’s timeeeeeeee!


Friday’s blog post on my move last Friday I mentioned my first ever jar of overnight oats!

photo I wish I could say I had a simple recipe to follow, but umm.. I have trouble following recipes, and was cleaning out the last bits of food in my house.

The basics:

  • Almost empty natural crunchy PB jar (… probably about 3tbsp leftover)
  • 40 g oats (large flake would have been better)
  • a couple big spoonfuls of plain 0% greek yogurt (about 1/4-1/2cup)
  • unsweetened chocolate almond breeze (probably about a cup)
  • a tablespoonful of unsweetened coconut
  • 1 packet splenda

Nothing fancy, I would have preferred one more packet of splenda (I love sweet!) but otherwise it was pretttttttty good. Banana would have been tasty too, but it was a good start that didn’t scar me from OIAJ.

Sunday afternoon my mom, sister in law Gillian, nephew Griffin and I piled into the car and headed out to Quispamsis to try out the new Smoking Pig BBQ.

august 2 002

True story, this caboose looking takeout place used to actually  be located in a McDonald’s parking lot… and is a real train caboose… where I have attended, and had… many childhood birthday parties at. That’s a flashback for you.

To the right of that photo you see what I can only assume is the smoker…

august 2 008

The menu was short, to the point and totally drool worthy.

august 2 003 (Isn’t the phone number badass? 847-PORC)

Gillian and my mom settled on pulled pork sandwiches with sweet coleslaw for mom and sweet potato salad for Gillian.

august 2 004

I went with the pulled chicken sandwich and sweet potato salad… and totally dominated the sweet slaw that came with Griffin’s sandwich.

august 2 005

Ummm…. this smelled amazing. And looked amazing.

But… I admit I was a little disappointed to see the plain, white, Ben’s style hamburger bun. That’s it?! Kind of bland and was a little sad to see this.

august 2 006

So I did what I always do when a piece of bread looks like a total waste of carbs to me… I ditched it and ate my chicken with a fork.

I’d much rather dominate the sweet potato salad and coleslaw instead. The chicken, sweet bbq sauce and sides were amazing. I loved it all.

Being the little vulture that I am I swiped a few bites of mom’s pulled pork and it was pretty delicious too! This definitely got the crockpot recipe section of my brain functioning again.

I’ll for sure go back to Smoking Pig… but will be hoping they spiced things up with a bit more of a grown up bun. A girl can dream right?

Since I’m back on the healthy eating bandwagon this week I am eating the usuals…

august 2 014

Finding a half a bag of large flake oats left over from my March vacation made my day Saturday morning. Until I find bread I like here (ughhhh) maple cinnamon banana oats are my go to breakfast.

… and turning those oats into strawberry pancakes?! Best.idea.ever.

august 2 021

Check Out the blog yesterday for that tasty recipe!!

How do you feel about bread and rolls in restaurants? Will you eat anything or are you picky like me?

  1. If I’m hungry, I’ll eat any bread, but that bun is very meh so I’d pass it up too. Love me some BBQ sauce!

  2. Christy says:

    Oh my gosh, that looks so good. I’m picky about bread. It has to be super good or ‘worth it’ for me to eat it.

  3. I’m SO picky about bread! It must be thick and hearty or it does not pass the lips 😉

  4. Ohhh i totally agree if the roll looks blah and boring, ditch it for better eats 🙂
    And is it me or does food taste better in a caboose? LOL

  5. allieksmith says:

    I really like Kaiser buns .. even if they are white bread haha. Great eats.. take out is the bomb!

  6. the bread has got to be qualtiy seedy bread!! im a bit picky!! loveeee all da oats!

  7. Sometimes I go a little crazy when there’s too much variety. I guess that’s why I eat the same thing for breakfast/lunch/snack all week. Then I change it up the next week to make sure nothing gets tooooo boring.

    The bbq sounds great – I’m a pulled pork kinda’ girl, for sure.

  8. Ann says:

    Looks delicious! Being a Southern Girl here in the US – I appreciate good BBQ! My husbands hometown has a caboose restaurant that makes one thing and one thing only…hot dogs! …and the best hot dog I’ve ever had. They are custom made, so you can’t get them anywhere else.

  9. Yessss. I have never tried oats like that but perhaps I will. Im terrible at following recipes too. I just kinda do my own jive ha.

  10. I guess I’m kind of picky when it comes to bread but I would have eaten that bun with the chicken haha.

  11. That sweet potato salad looks absolutely fab! I’m now sitting at work craving some!

    As far as bread/rolls in resturants go, I tend to skip them unless it is a good quality crusty bread, then I might indulge. But I usually go with a glass of wine over the bread! : ) You gotta pick and choose what you really want!

  12. Jess says:

    SO picky about my bread, too! not a fan of white buns/bread..not worth it at alllll! Not even tasty in my opinion, either 🙂

    that chicken looks DELICIOUS!!

  13. A bad bun can totally ruin a perfectly good sandwich! I’m a big fan of housemade hearty rolls.

  14. katie says:

    i hate when my bread is PLAIN!! i like fancy bread so much better 🙂 im about to go check out your wonderful pancake recipe!

  15. bahahaha your captions!

    hello ghetto iphone pic. nice to meet ya! ❤

    happy WIAW doll

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