Once Upon a Time…

Posted: August 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

… In a land far far away.

You know… Montreal.

vacay 032I worked in the fashion industry.

Yeah, I talk like this was ten years ago. My last day was a week ago. Oh well.

While the last three years of my career in fashion I was working for a smaller, “family” company that didn’t involve fashion shows and the parties… Although I did still attend on my own time.

old port Have you ever walked on chipped, seriously old cobble stones in 5 inch stilettos?

No?! What!?

… I don’t recommend it.

Back in the day I worked in a more public company.


There was parties and fashion shows, drinking shots at 10 am with the president of the company on stressful days… It was a very go go go industry and well, I had a boat load of fun.


Even though I was no longer with the big name company when I went to NYC, I still got excited to be in Bryant park, the location of NY Fashion Week… Even if I was in sweats.


But eventually… It got old.

There was always someone looking to take your job… willing to work more hours on less money just to get their foot in the door. The late nights, champagne and drawn out parties got old and the healthier I wanted to be, the less this fit my lifestyle.

(Could you imagine being in prep with your boss pouring vodka in your mouth straight from the bottle?!)

That’s when I moved on to a smaller company that (… once upon a time.. .) was a very different and happy place to work. But eventually I just had enough of the industry, I no longer loved my job and what I was doing, so alas, here I am in Saint John making my life change.

So why was I slipping on my first pair of non-clear plastic 5inch heels in what seems like forever last night?

august 2 I attended a meeting at the Shadow Lawn Inn (…where I once took fine dining and etiquette lessons back in the day, true story) for New Brunswick Fashion Week.

Say what?! I moved a week ago to get OUT of the industry and here I am in a meeting, knowing all the answers to the trivia questions and wanting to say “ummm… that’s so not how it works” but keeping my (big) mouth shut for once.

I want to say I walked out of the meeting with zero intentions of participating, attending, anything… but it was kind of the opposite. After the meeting I didn’t stay to socialize mostly because… I was shocked. I was shocked that I had ideas running through my head and things I wanted to suggest. I just LEFT my job, why am I getting excited by it? It was really… unsettling.

While no, I don’t think I made a mistake by leaving my career in Montreal, but I’m beginning to think maybe that doesn’t mean I have to totally shut the door on that part of my life. Yes, I want to make changes, and I am, but I don’t think it’s going to be as easy as I thought it was going to be to just walk away from the last eight years of my life.

Hmm… go figure.

Have you ever made a huge career change and ended up finding it harder to leave behind that you expected?

Heels? Yay or nay?

I love my heels… but still live in my flip flops!

  1. Wow. Your hair looks so good long too. I have never made a big career change but major change yes. I am also in love with heels. I would live my life in them if possible.

  2. Heather says:

    It’s absolutely not easy to quit old parts of your life, even if you thought you hated them. When I left the corporate world (I majored in English and Women’s Studies with a focus on writing) to become a trainer, I said, ‘NO WAY will I ever sit at a desk again.’ Welll…. now I’m in management for the studio I train and teach at, and I do spend some hours at a desk answering emails and working on our marketing. But the environment is SO not what my 9to5s were, and that makes all the difference! Maybe you just needed a complete change of scenery to realize which parts of your old industry you DO love.

    And I’m with you on the heels! I LIVE in flip flops and gym shoes, but when the weekend rolls around, give me heels and nothing less than 3 (ok, fine, 4) inches!

  3. I have yet to start my career so I’ve never made a huge change. I find it’s hard to leave behind a lot of things in my life when I make a change; WordPress to Blogger, *trying* to give up Mountain Dew….I miss those things I’m used to and wonder if I’m making the right choice. Hopefully this doesn’t happen with my career otherwise I think I’m in trouble.

    I’m in between on the heels thing. One of my reasons for wanting to lose weight is to feel comfortable in “girly” clothes, which would mean more outfits to wear heels with! I have some but don’t wear them a whole lot, one pair hurts my little toes. How do you deal with “breaking in” new heels? When they hurt my feet it makes me not want to wear them. 😦

  4. allieksmith says:

    Great post Becca! It was cool to learn about your past AND now your future 🙂

  5. very interesting hearing about your then and now “once upon a time”!
    great post!LOVE the heels btw!
    i have made a huge career change,albeit some dont consider what im doing now as a “real job”…
    and my situation was different-
    first change was from an exercise manager in a gym setting to an exercise phys in a physical therapy setting-best change ever!!!! really found my nitch!
    and then…..
    i went from an exercise phys working in orthopedic rehab,working on my phd- to being at home with my children.
    do i regret my choice?
    not at all.
    do i want to go backto work?
    YES! after my youngest is in school-im going to finish my Phd in physical therapy!
    even though i left my job when my husband got transfered out of state and i was in the position that i can be at home,i still havent lost sight of “me”
    im still planning to go into a field of work that i LOVE…

    SO even though you have left your fashion industry job,it will always be a part of you,and probably deep down,it is still a passion. and maybe you needed to step away from it to realize that yes,its still part of you,but you can still have a career you enjoy,and still keep fashion as your passion,except this time you can enjoy it in non pressure environments!
    wow.sorry about the novel i just wrote ya!
    hope youhave a great rest of the week!

  6. Sometimes you need to let it go in order to find it again and what made you love it in the first place : )

    and Yay to the heels I love them but wear them at work and walk everywhere else in flats or flip flops.

  7. I was going to say what she said ^^ haha. I’m a nay to heels though. Way too clumsy.

  8. Ann says:

    Becca – no matter what I say….you gotta do what feels right. I’m a flip-flop girl, but the heels look fab.

  9. kathleen says:

    Yes I have walked in ndeleon cobblestone. The city is called Boston and that’s what all the sidewalks are made of. I did know a good shoe repair guy there though. I used to do heels but now I am a flip flop and sneaker person. Maybe if I went out more?

  10. kathleen says:

    That was supposed to say “in heels on cobblestone”. I want to blame the phone but it’s probably my big thumbs.

  11. bakebooks says:

    What a great post. It’s crazy how life can lead us to different places…and back again…

    Meh. Do you miss Montreal the city?? I haven’t been there yet. I live a couple of hours from there…and desperately need a weekend away! Can’t decide if I want to go there or Toronto though…or maybe just to wine country and a little inn somewhere to read?

    Everyone says MO is the best place for shopping though! BUT I’m not a huge shopper anyways…uh, due to lack of money of course 😉

    And NO you never have to shut doors on anything!! It’s never to late to “reinvent” the wheel! At least I hope so…

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