Epic Birthday Cake

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yes… it was epic.

camping 067

All weekend I was camping with my mom (… and dad joined us after his fishing tournament Saturday) up in Fredericton.

camping 017 I’ll be doing a full up recap of foods, activites and fun from the weekend. I was mildly attacked by a bear…

camping 022

… and don’t worry, I felt as much like a douchebag as I looked camping in a button down and aviators.

Today is all about the cake… and accompanying birthday celebration.

As I mentioned, Friday was the wonderful Gillian’s Birthday!

Because Thursday is rugby night for my brother and we were out of town all weekend, we went with the birthday dinner on the usual Sunday night dinner night. I have been waiting for my first “real” Sunday night family dinner.

… it felt good, it felt REALLY good. I’ve always hated calling home Sunday nights to hear how “everyone” was over for dinner. Umm… Was I not part of the family? Honestly I never really felt like it. It was like I was the girl who just popped in from time to time for short vacations then ran back to her life in the city.

Well not anymore!

On the way home from Fredericton we stopped in at the grocery store and I grabbed everything I needed.

camping 039

… okay, not everything I needed. See that carton of eggs? Two eggs. I needed four. Fantastic.

I whipped up the brownie

camping 041

I tossed this in the oven, set the timer, told mom I should be back but to check it if i wasn’t and hightailed it back to the grocery store. I was back with plenty of time to spare and got to work on the cake layer.

camping 042

After the brownie was done, I got VERY lucky that it really just slid out of the pan. I poured the cake batter in the same 8” cake pan and plopped that in the oven.

camping 052

I poured the leftover batter in a muffin tin to toss in after… no need to waste right!

Since I’m not in prep I had to you know.. .

camping 045 Then it was time to make the middle layer! …. Eggless cookie dough!

camping 055 Making this layer involved sending mom to the store… her tub of flour which she thought was half full… was certain not…. and certainly not edible anymore!

It’s time’s like these living 5 minutes from a major grocery store comes in really handy!

While the cakes were cooling on the rack, it was time to start the frosting.

camping 054

I used this frosting recipe and it was really strange to me… but i liked the “beat the crap out of it” instruction so how could I NOT try it?!

camping 058After whisking flour and whole milk on the stove until it was crazy thick, I tossed it in an ice bath to speed up the cooling. (It was getting late!)

Just having to reach in and take the plug out of the sink when it was cool was enough for me. I don’t know how you crazy runners actually SUBMERGE your entire lower body into one of those bad boys.

No thank you. I’ll live in ignorant, excessively sore, bliss before that ever happens!

camping 063 Clearly a taste test was needed!

Don’t worry, I was nice and shared. I mean, two beaters for two people right?!

camping 064

Not only is the frosting his favorite part, he obviously is as clean of an eater as his fantastic Aunt.

Finally it was time to get to assembling.

camping 066

Brownie layer, eggless cookie dough, then funfetti on top, with a big pile of the fluffiest frosting ever on top.

(FYI: I totally stole the recipe from Cookies and Cups Pudgy Cake.)

I don’t remember ever frosting a cake, but hey, how hard could it be right?! I slathered it on, evened it out and bam. Cake DONE.

camping 070Mom and my nephew plopped some candles in after dinner and did a rousing Happy Birthday duet to Gillian.

camping 072 

Everything was going by pretty fast so excuse my not so hot photos…. but have you ever tried to tell a 2 1/2 year old to wait for cake?

… and by 2 1/2 year old I mean my soon to be 30 year old brother.

So the candles were blown out and the cake was promptly chopped up.

camping 073 … and the end result.

camping 074Yeah. Totally worth having on my high day. DELISH.

I have to say not only being AT a family dinner but being able to help set the table, make the dessert and take part was really amazing. Nothing huge happens, there are no pressing discussions, no huge dramatic outbursts, just a nice calm (.. okay loud…) tasty dinner that kind of rocked my socks.

…. okay, introducing Gillian and my brother to Toddlers and Tiaras after dinner was pretty great too.

Do you have family dinners? Fan? … or not?

Toddlers and Tiaras? Love it or hate it?!

  1. Ann says:

    Love the cake! I’m not a cookie dough person, but SO many people are and that was such a clever way to make it! I read the frosting recipe – who knew?! Love, LOVE the birthday post!

    I am a fan of family dinners. Since I’m the family cook, I get to cook for everyone! As for Toddlers and Tiaras – I’ve never watched it!

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your move back home…

  2. That IS Epic! Wow! I would love to sink my teeth into it right now…yum — gimme! Do you think it ships well? Ya know, in case you want to send me a piece?

  3. Wow that IS an epic cake!!! Now I am seriously craving cookie dough. Mmmm.

    I think Toddlers and Tiaras is SO disturbing, but it makes me feel better about my parenting. Bwahahaha.

  4. That is indeed an epic cake… cookie dough= a magical tasting food 🙂
    That show is so disturbing and yet I find myself watching it!

  5. will you come to michigan in a few weeks and make this for my birthday?! Dang, this looks awesome!!!!

    We have sunday family dinners too, love them!

  6. Oh my god. Holy nomtastic. I’m hiring you as my personal cook. Forever. HA.

    I love toddlers and tiaras mostly because it is hilarious. I could never imagine putting my child through that. My best friend was a pageant girl in middle/high school and needless to say I went to almost every one of them and behind the scenes they are straight off USS cray cray.

  7. I KNEW IT WAS FUNFETTI 🙂 Max thought it was lemon poppyseed. Pfft.

  8. allieksmith says:

    Aww I’m so happy for you! You got to eat family dinner and have your family watch Toddlers in tiaras! Sounds perfect to me 😉

    Your cake looks super great! Oh my yummm

  9. I love family dinners but since all of our family lives in other states, we typcially only get a few family dinners year. : (

    Your cake turned out so great! It is so pretty with the three layers and I love the ice cream on the cake as well. It totally goes with cake!

  10. Amy @ countrystrong21 says:

    OMG that cake truely is epic! I’d love to have a piece right about now…want to mail me one? 😉

    My parents and I usually eat dinner together every night. My brother doesn’t get to if he’s at work, or he decides to go out before we eat. Starting next month I won’t be able to eat dinner at home until I get home from my night class, boo!

    I’ve seen that show and think it’s crazy but I’m not dissin’ the show haha.

  11. That cake looks INCREDIBLE! And we almost always dont have enough eggs. Isn’t it frustrating?

  12. marlopnwgirl says:

    Wow that cake looks awesome!! Griffin is getting SO BIG!!!! And he looks so much like his mom! Goodness!! What an adorable lil guy!! No WONDER you wanted to be home so much more. Hes so freaking cute!! Darn.. now i want a niece or nephew!

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