Time to Just Say It

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

I never wanted to say it.

I never thought I’d have to say it.

… but here I am saying it.

I’m struggling

Going from living alone and being in prep to living with my parents with cookies, chips and well, a lot of junk just laying around?

… Not as easy as i thought it was going to be.

camping 038 Seriously, who ever thought to take peanut butter ice cream, add caramel AND cookie dough?


I was doing really well last week… Macros done, plan made, and then…. temptation.

I’ve been having tons of veggies, and eating really well all day… then 8pm rolls around.


It’s so stupid, workouts are amazing, cardio is amazing… why am I allowing myself to get so off track?

I know it hasn’t been long since my show, but I DO need to get rid of the extras and get on a plan. Yes, I’m bulking, but no, that doesn’t mean I feel the urge to gain 20 lbs of fat either.

So here I am, saying it…. admitting it… declaring it.

I’m struggling and it stops here and now.

Monday-Saturday I’m going to eat my planned macros, avoid the junk and get in all my workouts.

Saturday morning I will finally step on the scale. For the first time since my show. It’s time to face the music.

Saturday night I’m going out for dinner and a night out with the girls. I will have my cheat meal, I will enjoy myself and then get right back to it Sunday morning.

That’s it, that’s all.

Here goes nothing.

  1. You can do it! We’re all here supporting you!

    When 8pm rolls around can you have snacks already prepared you can grab instead of giving into temptation?

    Sometimes if I am really snacky for no reason, I will brush, floss and mouthwash. After going through all that, I wont snack because I wont want to ruin my clean mouth!

  2. Tenecia says:

    Struggling is normal!!! You can do this!!!


  3. Lisa says:

    You’ve had a lot of change all at once. Don’t be too hard on yourself–you know what’s going on and how to find your groove—and you are doing something about it. Kudos to you!

  4. Ann says:

    I agree with Lisa (previous poster) you have gone through a lot of change all at once. Good for you for realizing SO quickly that you’re struggling! I am going thru that right now…not gaining, but no losing either…just maintaining. I don’t mind, but I’d like to pull some more weight off first! I’m proud of you. Enjoy your cheat meal….

  5. Dotsie says:

    I definitely feel your pain. I’ve been off plan since the fire and then my dog’s death. We just need to get our heads back on tight!

  6. Struggling is totally normal! I’m struggling too & I don’t have the excuse of a recent show 😉
    What helped me was honestly just saying, Okay FUCK IT and letting go of the reins and the control and saying, Allrighty I’ll have a (A! as in one) cookie/whatever if I want it, REALLY enjoy it, and not freak out because I know they’ll still be there tomorrow.

  7. Cut yourself a break!! One of the most stressful things to do in life is move. It will all balance itself out in the end. The important thing is that you realize that you are eating unhealthy and it could spiral.

  8. Jess says:

    Struggling is a part of life!! Allow yourself some treats and don’t quit the ice cream cold turkey 😉 but you can do this!!!

  9. Lisa says:

    You know this is normal post show. However, you’ve had a lot more going on which doesn’t help. Stress, good and bad, and changes are always tough. Temptations which you normally wouldn’t have around too. Just know you’re not alone sweetie. I’m struggling too with new found food freedom 😦 hang in there. We are all here to support you, never judge.

  10. We’re all here supporting you Becca!! You can do this!

    Admitting you’re struggling is half the battle right? 😉

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