Wrench in My Plans

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

…. Ever have one of those days?

Sure I used to have them all of the time when I was… you know… employed.

I guess I always thought when I quit my job time would be endless, plans would be flawless and everything would just click.

Yes, I’ll wait while you all stop laughing.

Today was just one of those days.

There is road work going down on the road to the city. Normal delays are like 2-3 minutes. Today I was stuck so long i actually turned the car off and considered running into visit Gillian since I was parked right outside.


Thankfully Javamoose in Lancaster mall had caramel nut crunch coffee.


I finally got to the gym, put on my sneaks and did two sets of pullups to warm up for my workout when I noticed a text on my phone. Mom was already in Sussex. Two hours earlier than I was expecting her to text. I called and yup, she was 45 minutes away.

Grab my stuff, change back out of my sneaks and walk out of the gym. UGH.

Picked up mom, ran a bunch of errands. Costco no longer sells my plain greek yogurt apparently…. and the KitchenAid 150$ food processor on sale for 40$? Yeah… All gone.

Could nothing go my way?

Now I’m back home, just finished some tuna, rice cakes and broccoli slaw and I’m ready to head out to try the gym thing again. I feel like I’ve done so  much today… but got absolutely nothing accomplished. Go figure.

And just because everyone needs a laugh sometimes. I leave you with he who has become known as “the agitator” in the house.

camping 051 Look mom! I can touch my tongue to my nose!!!

…. Seriously so happy he has settled in so easily. It’s insane.

So while nothing seems to be going my way, Fritz is still “special”, I will still go to the gym… oh and… yeah, still totally on my macros for the day!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I finally bought 8 cups of JavaMoose… this chick’s got a free one coming her way and fully intends to get it tonight!

How is YOUR day going?

  1. allieksmith says:

    Aww Becca that sounds frustrating! Honestly.. Props to you because I would have never made the 2nd trip back to the gym lol!

  2. kathleen says:

    It’s a shock leaving your old life. I left a finance job I loved in boston. Got married and moved to a 6k person town in pennsylvania. Ha. Total shock. all I did was run because I didn’t know how else to entertain myself. Anyway, there’s an adjustment period. A time where you still feel as if you are on vacation and then kind of a mourning for your old life every once and a while.

    My day is ok. Got grocery shopping done. You make javamoose sound fabulous…. wish I could try some!

  3. No I would have never made it back the second time. You are seriously a champion. I also love that photo of your cat. Can I steal him?

  4. Ann says:

    Days like that drive me nuts! You check nothing off your list….but it’s go, go GO!

  5. LOL Fritz is so cute!!!! hahaha.

    I TOTALLY FEEL YA!!! Ahhhh. Neither one of us has started work yet (we both start tomorrow…we’re so coordinated 😉 lol) and yet it’s like, HOW do I have no time to get ANYTHING done?! I hate it — I STILL feel just as rushed and time-crunched as when I was working 2 jobs and going to school. WHAT gives?

  6. I’ll bring Griffin over and he can fix that cat up real nice! Incoming over zealous hugs!

  7. Dotsie says:

    Awww Fritz is awesome and adorable!

    Sorry your day was craptastic! But it’s almost over. My day was craptastic, too. We won’t even get into it 🙂

    Hope tonight and tomorrow are wayyyy better!!

  8. Jess says:

    So sorry you are having one of “those” days 😦 I hope your week gets better ASAP!!

  9. Look at it this way, it can always be worse and you know it will get better 🙂 Fritz is tongue-tastic! Hahah! If my macros are in check, then I feel like the queen for the day!

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