Rain, Rain…

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Uncategorized


camping 080

Seriously Mother Nature… ENOUGH!!!

While things had been looking good weather wise at the start of my “vacation”

august 2 012 It’s been more foggy, rainy and just gross ever since. Thankfully the weekend was nice for camping but during the week?

Yeah… Kind of sort of gross.

And cold. It’s currently 15 degrees.

… If you remember it was about 45 when I left Montreal. You do the math.


So much for trading my pasty white office glow in for the bronzed goddess look. Instead of laying on the beach… I spent the day laying on the couch.

camping 077

Fritz got off his perch (aka the kitchen chair) to come join me on the couch for the afternoon. When I got up to get my stuff together for the gym he decided he needed to create a makeshift couch cover. In my apartment he always snoozed underneath the cover on my futon.

…. Yes, he’s “special”

Today where did he go?

camping 078

Yes, I had to lift the blanket to snap this. Lazy.

Once dad got home from work I borrowed his truck and headed off to the gym.

camping 079

Obviously I made a pit stop on my way. Seriously, I don’t think Java Moose can make a bad flavor. I first tried  Jamaican butter rum fudge at the insistence of the guy working at the mall location a week ago. I was hesitant, but fudge in the name? why not? It was delicious.

I don’t like rum.

Whatever. It was the flavor of the day at the one I stopped at today so yes… I had more.

I’m beginning to think even the Irish Cream flavor I avoid at all costs may be worth a shot. I mean the rum fudge AND vanilla buttercream were surprise loves for me. Hmmm….


I killed legs. This is my simple, basic, heavy killer leg day.

A boat load of heavy squats and stiff legged deadlifts, leg press and finished them off with leg extensions and seated hamstring curls.

After that mess of pain I power walked for 15 minutes just to stretch everything out and get them moving. I’m a little afraid of the pain I will be in tomorrow.

…. In the best possible way!

And yes… today is day THREE of right on my macros. What what?!

How’s the weather where you are?! Rain? Or do you have sun to share?!

  1. Ann says:

    I’m not a rainy weather girl. I want sunshine all the time! Today was lovely – sunny and warm. The usual mid-90’s of Florida in August!

  2. klh says:

    Bummer…hope your weather straightens up! Ugh, I hate the day after leg workouts!

    Katie : )

  3. Today was heavy leg day for me toooooo! Except I split quads and calves from hamstrings thank GOD. Anytime I try doing quads + hammies + calves together two of the three get shorted. Idk what it is!

  4. Girl, I feel you on the rain. I feel like Orlando is the new Seattle.

    And I hate rum too — I don’t even think I could try that coffee!! I do like Irish Cream though 🙂 Sign me up!

  5. Sorry about your rain!!! I hope the sun shines for you soon 🙂

    It’s been sunny, but way cooler and no humidity today = perfect!

  6. edebock says:

    Here on Saipan it’s hot, hot, hot and incredibly humid! It’s rainy season right now so when it rains, it really rains! It’s like someone turned on a tap but it usually doesn’t last very long and in between, we’re enjoying glorious sunshine. I’m afraid that we’re going to freeze when we get home to Alberta!

  7. Congrats on 3 days of being on your macros!! Keep up the awesome work.

    The weather here is decent. It’s only getting up into the 70’s here and there is no humidity, or very little. Tuesday night was horrible. A group of us were all thinking we should have been wearing winter jackets not flip flops and sweatshirts. Yeah, it got dang cold that night haha.

    Hope the weather turns around where you are!

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