I Won! I Won!

Posted: September 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

… the Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated by Amy  for the versatile blogger award… umm… forever ago. I’m a little slow on well, everything at the moment but hey, I’m doing it NOW, doesn’t that count for something?!

… anything?!

So thank you thank you Amy! You’re too sweet!

Here are the rules…

  • Thank the award giver and link them back in your post (done! see above)
  • Tell readers seven things about you
  • Give the award to newly discovered bloggers (up to 15)
  • Contact the bloggers and let them know they were nominated.

7 Things About Me

  1. I am random. Completely and totally random. I love it and will never ever change. I will up and go away for the weekend with no notice, last minute plans are the love of my life. I couldn’t imagine not jumping on some of the insane things I’ve done or been involved in simply because it was last minute.

pics 005

  1. … but I am also and extreme planner. When it comes to prep I am all business, meals, workouts, cardio. It’s all planned, executed and ready to go when I am. The perk of having everything so well planned out is that I can indulge in my randomness by just grabbed premade meals and such and running out the door.

Classic 037

  1. While I come across as the crazy cat lady, and yes, we do have our “moments”, Fritz and I are essentially roommates. He does his thing, I do mine and all is well in the world. He’s not super snuggly and neither am I… but he definitely somehow just *knows* when I do need a cuddle and is right there to be with me. No complaints.

vacay 033

  1. My master plan is to transition into the health field, I have made no secret about that. Unfortunately the job situation isn’t what I was hoping it would be… and I knew I would need to take classes so in the meantime I am looking into other options because well… Becca’s got bills to pay.

july 27 001

  1. Today I ate a grapefruit. I used to eat grapefruit every.single.day. Why? Because it was a “safe food” according to my then coach. I thought I loved grapefruit. I cut it open, sprinkled a little splenda and dug in… and you know what? it was okay… but it definitely was NOT how amazing I remember it tasting. I think it was the first grapefruit I have eaten in over two years and honestly, probably won’t be making them a staple anytime soon.


  1. On my bucket list is a triathalon. Yes. I said it. And that’s all I’m saying. But who knows where I may end up with that one.

july 2 003

  1. This weekend the parentals are out of town camping. I love my family but oh I am so looking forward to my own little bubble for a few days. It’s going to be amazing… even if I do nothing. Nothing at all.

beach view

And I tag…. EVERYONE! Tell me something random about You!

  1. Tenecia says:

    I hate eggs…absolutely despise them…don’t hate me!!!


  2. Kerryne says:

    I am terrified TERRIFIED of water, mainly open water… yet I am a certified scuba diver. I won’t admit how long it took me to achieve that certification, but I will say I did it all in the name of love and every stinking panic attack was worth it. I will never do it again though 😉

  3. You can definitely do a triathlon. A sprint is super short – 750m swim, 18mi bike, 5k run. 5k! That’s nothing for you

  4. Wahh. I think if you trained for a tri you would be so fantastic. Seriously! I’m pretty random too. I love my cat and I own a pet donkey. That’s all I got for ya.

  5. Ann says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! I’m very happy for you and the award is well deserved! I have been following your blog for a while and enjoy a daily “slice” of your life!

    My random thing? If I had 75 guests at my house for Thanksgiving, no one would have to use a paper plate…..but there would be no room to sit down!

    (…I think I have too many dishes!)

  6. I am scared of letting down the people I love and falling in love again!!! Oh and meat on the bone freaks me out!

  7. Don’t feel bad about taking “forever” to post this, it took me 2 weeks to post from the time I was nominated lol.

    Something random….something random…ummm…crap I used all of my random things about me for my own award post. Oh wait, I start school on Tuesday, how’s that for random?

    I love my time alone away from my parents. I’m looking forward to moving out on my own after school is finished just so I can do what I want when I want and buy and make the food I want when I want it. Oh and so I can fill my house with candles, I absolutely LOVE candles!

  8. Klh says:

    Can totally relate…I’m super random yet love to plan : ). With your dedication to training, I think you’d do wonderful in a triathlon! Enjoy your quiet time this wknd.

    Katie : )

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