Workout, Writing and Weekends

Posted: September 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yeah, it’s Three Things Thursday and I’m sticking to it!

1. Today was the leg day I normally dread. Like full on dread. Get annoyed, upset, quit.

Not so much today. My hair was soaked in sweat, my legs were shaking, I was D-O-N-E physically well before I was done mentally. FINALLY

Could it be? Am I really… BACK? Back to me, back on, back to what made me so happy for so long?

nov11 022 

I fully admit it’s been an emotional week but this workout, this day, this is when it fully turns around and I think I’m going to cry just KNOWING that I’m feeling good again.

  • Squats Pyramid sets
  • Stiff leg deadlifts pyramid sets
  • Split squats 4 X 6
  • Leg press pyramid sets
  • Standing calf raises 3 X 20

Um yeah. Done. Finito. Over.

Twenty minutes of incline walking rounded it out… oh and stretching. lots and lots of stretching.

2. Time to stop fighting ME. I’m a morning person. I do my best work… in the morning. With everything. At night I’m a bum. I want to sit on my butt in my sweats on the couch and not move a muscle.

So this morning I was back to my “usual schedule”… but I decided to revise my routine a little bit. After dropping mom off at work, I took advantage of free parking until 8am uptown and hit JavaMoose. I got a “mega” sized coffee, plopped myself in a comfy cosy chair with my little beat up notebook and got to scribbling.

aug 23 088

I plotted out two blog posts for myself, a guest blog (stayed tuned for that sunday!), as well as a list of possible topics/ideas. Ummm… I haven’t had that much brain activity in forever, and it all took place in less than an HOUR. Shocking.

Around 8 I  grabbed a coffee refill and headed off to Walmart. Mom wanted me to print out the photos of the new baby and since I was going, I had tossed my USB in my bag and printed out some photos from my show too. I never take the time to print my pictures so that was nice. I definitely want to print the ones from my other shows and make a scrap book/photo album. It’s a nice keepsake!

aug 23 089

Very productive morning. I think this is a new routine I may fully embrace. I really just… loved writing. It allowed me to get everything out and on paper, which seemed to be a bit easier than on the computer for whatever reason.

3. The long weekend is a coming! Yes, I’m unemployed and every weekend is a long weekend, but I’ve still been “working”.. you know… at becoming employed. Which means yes, I am going to “celebrate” the long weekend.

Friday night I’m meeting Elisa for a glass of wine before we go to a mutual friend’s boyfriend’s show uptown. I’m driving, so my one glass of one will keep me mucho happy while not killing my diet like 176387 beer and shots would.

I’m also planning on either a beach day… or trying stand up paddle boarding. Rockwood park here has rentals of a lot of bikes/kayaks/etc etc and last week added paddle boarding. It’s not super expensive so it’ll be a fun time doing something I’ve always wanted to try.

Oh.. and I have the house to myself. What trouble can I get into?! baking? cooking?! what to do… what to do?!

camping 045

Do you have any big weekend plans?!

Have you ever tried paddle boarding?

  1. No big weekend plans, but I am excited for a three day weekend!!! I’ve never paddle boarded before but I’m sure it will be super fun!!!

    You leg day looked killer! I bet your happy its over! : )

  2. I’m glad you’re getting back to you! Want to help me become a morning person? I too want to sit around in my sweats at night and not move a muscle but sadly I don’t get up early enough to get my sh*t done in the morning. Doesn’t lead to a productive day if you know what I mean.

    Weekend plans include deep cleaning my room and rearranging it. I need something “new”. My parents and I will be venturing into town for some grocery shopping and I found out yesterday I need a financial calculator for one of my classes. There will probably also be some homework thrown in there since it’s due the first day of class 😦

  3. its le birthday weekend….so there will be SOME drinking on hand but I will try to keep it to a minimum.

    Have a great time in the Kitchen and on the beach

  4. I think I am better in the morning unless I have a great day then i am better in the evening!! HA HA HA!! Weekend is busy! Fundraising workshop on Saturday with the MS Society, then a 3 hour drive to York, UK to volunteer at the Spartan race! By the way I feel terrible as I forgot to congratulate you and the whole family on the new arrival!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  5. I do not 😦 Have to catch up on homework, blog reading and blog writing!!

    Bee tee dubs. If you are feeling super inspired you could ALWAYS write a guest post for me 😉 JUST sayin. haha. But seriously… 🙂

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