You Can’t Pick Them

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

I like to think we all have one of those family members that well…  know how to make you feel like a giant bag of… fail.

… Or that’s what I tell myself to feel better.

I know she loves me… but after a morning with her, well… Fail.





Moved back home

Too skinny

Too fat

Yup. Giant bag of fail right here.

It just sucks knowing no matter what I do, how much I do, how much I change nothing will ever be good enough to make her happy.

You know those people who tell you that things will be totally different and perfect once you “get skinny” well apparently that was supposed to happen to me, you know, lose weight, suddenly get the boy, get the job, have “the life”.

Newsflash, being “skinny” doesn’t give you the perfect life… and well, perfect or not, I kind of like my life right now. Sure things aren’t all sunshine and roses, but it’s my life.

…  but still… hearing that stuff for a few hours today just makes me want to sit down and have a ginormous pity party… table for one.

Needless to say I certainly earned my glass of wine tonight. 10X over.

Oh… and fantastic news.

aug 23 That’s right, my butt is SORE. Like mega sore.

Maybe it’s getting bigger… in the right away, not the expanding way.

Here’s hoping anyway.

Today should be an off cardio day but I think I may hop on the treadmill here at the house for 20 minutes to perk my mood up.

Happy Friday everyone!

… Please tell me I’m not alone with a cranky family member?!

  1. Dude, I have a well-paying job and 3 degrees from a well-regarded higher education institution. My mom is disappointed in me because I am not an artist/musician. It’s not your fault that your mom projects her ambitions onto you, and it’s inappropriate.

    That doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. Suckfest all around.

  2. You are not alone at all! I can totally relate and can think of someone like that, a friend.. I think they put others down to make themselves feel better! Cheer up girly!

  3. Ouch that had to hurt! You are an amazing woman no matter what your current “status” is. I hope despite the fact that she’s family you can let these things roll off your shoulder because ultimately being any of those things doesn’t make you a failure.

  4. edebock says:

    Kjirsten’s right… someone who treats you that way has issues of her own. As long as you like your life right now, don’t let her negativity get you down. I know it’s hard but life’s not about pleasing other people. And yes, most of us have family members who drive us crazy in one way or another.

  5. Not alone, for sure… But it’s not my mother, and I don’t speak to her all that often.

    I’m sure they see it as trying to help you get better but… Really, as has been said here, it’s not about them, it’s always about YOU.

    Stick with it, do it for you, not for her. It’s tough not to listen, but you’ll be better for it 🙂

  6. Liz says:

    Becca, you are amazing! You have accomplished so much in your life at an age where a lot of people have not accomplished anything and are miserable. You had the strength to admit you were not happy where you were before moving back home, and that is greater than anything anyone tells you to the contrary!

    Seriously, do NOT let anyone dictate your mood–you’re (obviously!) a strong person! And I hate to say this (because I know it was the last thing I wanted to hear when I didn’t have much going for me), but everything WILL work out in its own time 🙂


  7. I’m sorry, and you are most definitely not alone!
    I had a family member tell me she doesn’t understand why I don’t go back to work (because all my $$$ would go to daycare costs) and then said she could never give up her lifestyle. I told her our lifestyle may be different than hers, but I wouldn’t change it for anything!!!
    Have a drink for me too while you’re at it 😉

  8. Lisa says:

    I looooove when the booty gets sore like that.

  9. Ann says:

    I’m sorry you’re getting a hard time. My opinion is – as long as YOU are happy….all is well!

  10. Oh I have that person too. My post on Friday? Was written just for that person. I won’t get into the nitty gritty here but if you need to vent my friend? Email me, I will give you my # and we can text and commiserate. I am DEAD serious.

    You are awesome, and you’re at a wonderful place in your life. There are doors just waiting to swing open for you in all the right places, I KNOW it. And you are beautiful and an inspiration to SO many people.

  11. runningperspective says:

    girl I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND. its like no matter what you do….regardless of how everyone else sees it…she still is able to find the wrong.
    in the end i realize maybe its her own insecurities or feelings of failure and somehow taking them out on me makes them ok. i guess its true we really cant pick who our family is..but we can pick how we decide to take the negativity and turn it around. but its tough girl and i can totally relateeeeeeee!

  12. Don’t let family members (or anyone!) let you feel bad about yourself! They are probably just not happy with their own life, and want to make you miserable, too! Don’t let them!

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