Well Then…

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yesterday was both a totally horrible day that had me fighting back tears on several occasions…. And a totally great day where I laughed my butt off and just felt really happy.

Funny how that works eh?

I also spoke French at one point. Whoa, scary!

… Anyway, I’m still out of sorts… And out of town. Just finishing up an awesome totally non-hungover hangover breakfast and knocking out one last chance before I hit the highway home.

Hopefully I can share the bad… And the good… Very soon.

But until then, check this out. The oniony pan fries came later but yeah. Cheat meal rocked.

  1. Ann says:

    I hope you had more moments of laughter than tears….

  2. allieksmith says:

    I have days like that VERY often!

  3. sglgirl says:

    I had a bad day too….finding out your ex is already dating someone is not easy

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