Return of Fake Food

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

… Also known as “hello old friend”

While I welcomed back my routine earlier today last night i got to welcome back an old friend into my life.

Back in February you may recall I started to… hoard… a certain product…

(FYI: When you googled “becel spray butter discontinued” I’m the fourth site to pop up… and it’s also one of my biggest search terms… Sad. So Sad)

Well since the parentals were in the States I asked them to pick me up a bottle.

A) the bottles are not 50% BIGGER

B) they bought me TWO

ring 013

Yes, I just rolled out of bed

No, I am not wearing make up

Yes, I know how scary this photo is.

Don’t judge.

I busted it out this morning… a bit of SB and cinnamon on a toasted whole wheat english muffin with a little sugar free maple syrup for dipping. Perfection.

ring 016

I know a lot of people are against the whole… “fake foods” stuff… but for me, having a bit of spray butter, sugar free syrup, etc keeps me happy, keeps me on my diet and well… to be honest while yes, once upon a time I abused these things now it’s more of a treat/occassional use item rather than “I will die if I don’t have it”

… which is kind of how I felt when I ran out of my stash of spray butter during prep.

It’s the little things people.

But on the other end of the spectrum I’m sitting here eating a… giant bowl of roasted zucchini.

ring 018 

Life is all about balance. That’s the beauty of off season. I get more macros, therefore more options to change things up and experiment. I’d like to think that once I start prep again (… that’s a whole other post, we all knew retirement wasn’t going to last) I’ll be more adventurous… but deep down I know my routine and habits will kick in again.

Regardless… I’m enjoying the real… and the not so real foods this offseason and hopefully it gives me the results I’m working my behind off for. I’ve had several people in the last week ask if I’m a bodybuilder/compete because of my workouts which makes me pretty thrilled… but I guess when you’re using the entire plate stack for high rope pulls you get noticed?!

How do you feel about fake foods? Ok in moderation? Can’t live without? No way?

  1. I pretty much try to avoid fake foods, but there are some I have no willpower against. I just ask, is this better than the alternative? If the answer is yes, then it stays. If the answer is no, it goes.

    And by “alternative” I don’t mean a life of nothing but salads with vinegar. I mean eating an entire box of Oreos.

  2. Amy says:

    Speaking of fake food. I bought Isagenix protein shake in the mail and when I got it it has fructose as the 3rd ingredient. I’m thinking of mailing it back. I don’t usually do anything with added sugars. I know a few fitness models and competitors indorse Isagenix. What are your thoughts on the fructose in it? I hate to derail my weight training by adding junk to my body.

  3. Louise says:

    I used to love the fake spray butter until i found out they contain some pretty bad chemicals that are on the epa watch list of toxins soon to be banned. Nothing is worth cancer. All real stuff for me from now on.

  4. Sable says:

    I LOVE Walden Farms pancake syrup. Love it. Also the blueberry version. Regardless of macros/whatever — I prefer it. I *hate* the sugar buzz feeling when I use real syrup.

  5. Ann says:

    I like some fake foods, too. If it satisfies and keeps you from going crazy – I’m not here to judge. The spray butter is awesome!

  6. Everything in moderation!!! Except for wine. Right?

    I can’t do the fake stuff – it triggers something for me and then I end up regretting it, but to each their own 🙂 A little bit or anything never hurt – it’s when you go overboard that you have to check yourself!

  7. Queen of fake food right hurr. I eat a lot of fake food…but fake crab or “krab” as it’s called is my favorite bahaha… I have to have sugar free syrup because of being prediabetic…but honestly I like it better anyways…regular syrup is way to sweet.

  8. Lisa says:

    Um, yea, I’m back to some fake foods too. You know, it’s about what is easy for you and what you enjoy. I find it impossible to eat so clean all the time. Like I said, having that fake food occasionally will not hurt you and if it makes you more sane (like it does for me!) then why not? Good for you!

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