Welcome Back Routine!

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

With the return of the parentals late last night so returns my life of routine today… FINALLY.

Last week I was all over the place, staying up til 12 or 1 am, sleeping like garbage, going to the gym whenever, spending days on the road for job search purposes. It was a little crazy.

… and I think we all know I don’t DO crazy very well. Hello, creature of habit here.

So this morning the alarm went off at 5:45… I cooked my breakfast, brushed my  teeth and headed out with mom. After dropping her off at the hospital I stopped at the corner store and grabbed the paper and headed to my favorite place everrrrrrrrrr.

sept 003

After reading the paper, finishing up the Sudoku and crossword puzzle (geek a la max) I hit the road for the grocery store. Rice cakes for $1?! Yes please! I also lucked out and broccoli slaw was half price. Sure the sell by date is in 4 days… but yeah, two bags won’t last that long around here. I don’t know what it is, but that stuff is like crack to me right now.

My guess is because zucchini is way too pricey and out of my budget right now.


… Hopefully that will change soon… at least the lack of money thing.

Then it was off to the gym as usual. With my new routine in place.

ring 005

I know it’s a combination of factors… job prospects, caffeine, chocolate… but yeah, my mind frame is so there now. My workouts have been amazing and I’m really happy to be back.

Yes… How many times in the last two months have I said I’m “back”? Don’t even get me started… but for real, something seems to have clicked. I fully admit when things aren’t going well in the rest of my life the gym suffers. Without a job for so long has really worn me down and made it hard to focus on anything but that fact.

In all honesty I was beginning to feel like a big giant epic fail.

Not fun. Not fun at all.

… and I know it’s not true. I knew it would be hard… but I’ve never had any issues finding a job and this just wore me down. But alas things are looking way up and well, tomorrow WILL be a good day.

I’ve even been enjoying cardio.

Yeah, who am I?!

At dinner Sunday night Gillian mentioned running a half marathon…. let’s be honest, that is one race I definitely will not be partaking in… but to be fit enough to do it if i wanted to… which I don’t… is a whole other story.

It’s a little added motivation. Well that and my booty…. but that’s another story for another day.

My phone is on the fritz (… ha ha) so even with the photos I’ve taken… I can’t upload them because my phone just won’t turn on. Fantastic.

sept 020

So they’ll have to wait for another day…. hopefully!

Do you find your training goes better when everything else in your life is in line?

  1. I swear technology issues are like contagious. EVERYONE I know is having phone or computer issues right now.

  2. It’s such a feeling to just feel mentally pulled together. Life suddenly seems to make more sense, and everything seems more bearable.

  3. I’m glad you are together and ready to go! Morning routines always begin with coffee in my books and I can’t wait to hear more of your adventures. Enjoy cardio that way we can be running best frienzzz.

  4. Tiff says:

    I feel for you. When I was between jobs, it was awful. I was so depressed! It’s a lot harder on you than people think. But hey, at least I had time for some killer workouts.

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