Believing Horoscopes

Posted: September 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve never been much for horoscopes…. Well believing them anyway.

While I can admit I am pretty much your stereotypical hard headed passionate (… Maybe that’s why I compete??) Aries, and do read my horoscope in the paper during my morning java moose coffee binge I never really put much thought into it.


But maybe today I might just choose to believe it… If only for positive vibes?

Aries: September 28
“you’ll be in an optimistic mood. Whatever occurs, you will find something positive in it. Happiness depends on your ability to interpret events in the most empowering way”

Well then….

After my workout this morning I’m doing my favorite thing ever and showering at the gym… I’ll pull on my (lucky??) lululemon wunderunder crops and a sweater and hit the road for what may be my last trip to Moncton for a bit.

… Or it may be the trip that initiates a move and a big career change

Overly dramatic much? … Expect nothing less from me. It’s inevitable.

Professionally… And personally… A lot of things could change come 8:30 tonight. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, that I’m totally confident in this potential new role, but I know that if I got over my fears of stepping on stage then I should treat this no differently.

Fluff up my hair, lip goop, a big smile and faking more confidence for 5 hours than this overly shy person has probably ever had in her life. How hard can it be?


I think part of me feels that now that I’m back home… That I need to be who I was before I left.


All I need to do is remind myself of everything that has changed in the eight years since I left…. And all that I have become. Trust my gut, be myself and kill this.

… How hard can that really be?!

(/self peptalk)

  1. Kristin says:

    You can do it! I don’t choose to believe in horoscopes too much either but if you are anything like the typical Aries you are stubborn, outgoing and firey (-is that a word?).

    We Aries girls rock!! 😉

  2. I’m the same as you – reading my horoscope but not much for believing in it. If I was in your shoes though I would definitely believe today’s horoscope for those positive vibes.

    Best of luck with today’s adventure(s)! Hopefully you’ll have some awesome news to share on your blog after today.

  3. Lisa says:

    Kill it babe! You got this. =)

  4. No worries Bec! You got it girl!

  5. Ann says:

    Good Luck! It’s after 8:30! My hubby reads my horoscope to me!

  6. Lisa says:

    oh an Aries huh?! Aries and Sags (me) are great matches. No wonder I love oyu so much.

  7. Tiff says:

    And the outcome??? 🙂

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